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Ragini was still quite heartbroken from the text, but she managed to compose herself once she reached home and replied -“This is not twilight Lakshya ! You are in no way Bella and we are not Jacob and Edward okay ? Make a choice ! Just choose Swara ! Let our friendship remain the way it is !” Lakshya’s reply annoyed her -“But I can’t do that yaar ! I want you too !” Ragini had lost it by now, she just replied-“Do whatever the hell you want to ,okay ? Whatever it is I don’t care ! Because I am in a relationship with Karan now !!” Yup ! That’s right Karan proposed to Ragini when she was crying. Ragini didn’t say yes, but she didn’t say no either. She actually just gave him a nervous smile. So, basically they are supposed to be in a relationship, but they are actually not.

As long as Aditi lives, she won’t let Ragini do such stupid things. She basically had to push Karan away from Ragini. Because, Karan was being too ‘chipku’. He’s not wrong in his place, according to him, she is his girlfriend. He even blew tons of flying kisses to her in tuition. Ragini and Lakshya decided to forget the conversation they had, for the sake of their friendship. Ragini told Lakshya about stuff Karan did. Lakshya was actually visibly jealous, but he just teased her. Lakshya would literally blow kisses to Ragini during class trying to embarrass her. Little did he know that she was blushing every time he did that . Ragini was still insecure because of Swara ,but she simply blamed herself. It was on Ragini’s birthday, that all her insecurities vanished. Swara, Piya and Tara bought her a cake and planned a whole surprise in class. Aditya bought her a watch and he threatened her to take it. Aditya was the one who was there for her and he basically knew everything about the Karan stunt. Infact, one thing that she hadn’t told Lakshya was that, Aditya would pick her up from tuition, to avoid any more such encounters with Karan and she was eternally grateful. Lakshya had been really annoyed when Aditya had gifted her a watch and Ragini had accepted it with a broad smile on her face. He was possessive about her, as her best friend at the very least. Ragini looked over at Lakshya as her eyes shone, with expectations for a really nice gift. But she got nothing. She had been really disheartened. She had expected him to atleast cook something for her, but he hadn’t done that either. But she just smiled at him.

Swara had written Ragini a letter in which she told Ragini that Lakshya and she would make a wonderful couple and they should try things out. Ragini’s insecurities vanished immediately and she felt guilty because she was jealous of her best friend.The whole day, she just thought about Lakshya. She kept wondering if he would even wish her. Yes, he hadn’t even wished her. The whole day passed by and he didn’t send her even a single message wishing her. It was just their normal texting. Ragini thought that Lakshya just treated her that way because he was her meanie,hater(Yes,those were her pet names for him , his pet names for her were saandh,paglu- not pagli but paglu and whenever Ragini hold him hater, he would often call her lover). But then when Swara’s birthday came along,what a big deal he had made out of it which was actually a holiday. He bought her a keychain , a really beautiful one which had a scroll inside that read-Shona. The thing is Lakshya often said that he would call his girlfriend, the girl he loved shona. So, when he gifted Swara that pendant, only Ragini knew what he meant and it broke her heart. Aditi protected her as always, because Aditi’s gift to Ragini on her birthday had been a realisation. She made Ragini realise her feelings. She compared Lakshya and Karan, and made Ragini realise that the reason she didn’t want to be with Karan though she liked him a little, was that she was in love with Lakshya. Ragini had mentally thanked Karan. Because if it was not for him – and ofcourse Aditi she would have never realised how she felt about Lakshya. But she kept her feelings hidden from Lakshya, Swara and everyone else.

Swara on the other hand, who had a ‘crush’ on Manav, had decided to propose to him. Lakshya and Swara drifted apart during this span of time. Ragini always tried to be the peacemaker but nothing worked out. Supposedly, Swara had proposed to Manav and he had rejected her. Ragini was unable to console her. During the time that Lakshya and Swara had drifted apart, Lakshya and Ragini had many special moments and almost confessed to each other. Both of them had a flirting WAR going on- which was basically flirting with the person you suspect may like you, while trying not to get caught falling for that person like crazy. Ragini even told Swara about all this,in an attempt to console and comfort her. But when nothing worked out, Ragini thought that maybe if Lakshya and Swara would talk to each other, things would be back to normal. So, she gave Lakshya Swara’s no., because Swara was finally given a phone.

Ragini didn’t notice the change in Lakshya’s behaviour at first. After a couple weeks, she started to notice all the changes she had initially ignored. Lakshya would reply instantly when Ragini sent him a message. But now, she got the reply either the next day or so late that she saw it only when she checked her phone the next day. And sometimes the replies were so short that Ragini felt disheartened. Their preboard examinations had started by now. It was before the first preboard exam on a Sunday, when Swara texted Ragini.
S- I have something important to tell you Ragu
R-Sure Shoru, Bol na ! Ur fine ?
S- Never been better……. actually me and Lakshya were texting all night and …. basically we had lot of deep talks
R- Okay ! Toh Bol !! Kya hua ?( R( in her mind)- why am I having a bad feeling about this ….. why do I feel like ……)
S- Nahi actually it’s something you have been telling me all along
R- What is it !! Bol na ! (Ragini was almost about to type – ” Don’t tell me you guys finally realised that you both are in love with each other” her heart ached when she even typed it half way)
S- Nahi re ! Lucky will tell you !!
R-Ugghh !! Itna suspense fine …
And as if instantly Ragini received a message from Lucky who claimed that he couldn’t live without texting her even for a few hours, but actually hadn’t texted her for almost 4 days.
He sent her screenshots of his convo with Swara and said- ” I think Shona would have already given u a briefing !! Thoughts ?”

As Ragini went through the images that Lakshya sent, she knew what was coming . Why did her intuition have to be right ? She kept reading the last screenshot again and again and kept looking at it for long , there were a few tears that fell on her phone and she failed to notice all of it until her phone vibrated in her hand. It was obviously Lakshya . She didn’t reply , but she wiped her tears and her phone and read the screenshot one last time.
S- I can’t believe both of us are up this late and crying…. but I’m happy we are friends again ! Best friends !
L- I need to tell you something Shona !! Don’t get angry okay
S- Bol Lucky !!
L- I love you Shona …. a lot
S- Me tooo ….. I love you a lot Lakshya ….. I didn’t tell you before but I loved you from the time we became friends itself …
L – What ? Why didn’t you tell me ….. I’m sooo happy Shona !! Now we are officially boyfriend and girlfriend
S- Yessss …. I’m sooo happy Lakshya
Ragini smiled sadly and looked at Lakshya’s message – ” Oy …. Kuch Bol na ….. I hope it’s not weird that ur best friends are dating ?”

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  1. Jayanti

    mittu…in the middle segment I really felt that raglak will confess…but the end was really unexpected..feeling soooo sad for ragini…..but the part was amazing…every feeling expressed so beautifully..next part soon…well done

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear !! ??

  2. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend feeling bad for ragini so much

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear !

  3. Really really really hate Lakshya.What a jerk.He just broke Ragini’s heart again and again but didn’t let her go.Hate swara also.And why Ragini thanking Aditi?What is the point of being thankful for realising that she is in love with Laksh when he has always said he loves swara & Ragini will always come after her for him.Why she is letting herself being his 2nd option?He doesn’t even find her beautiful & he even told her that.Ugh.She should be strong and move on.She should go out with Karan coz she likes him & she is Karan’s priority,not option.Btw it was superb but I am a Raglak fan only so won’t be able to see them with other people but Ragini should move on from him.Why she would want to be with a guy who thinks she is not beautiful.Even if he comes back to her she ll always be his 2nd option.

    1. Mittu

      I totally get what you are saying …. but Ragini is sooo naive and sooo in love with Lakshya, that she is willing to be in pain just so that he will be happy …..

  4. Lovely7

    Omg felling bad for ragini, heart Breaking part

    1. Mittu

      Ragini will be fine slowly dear !! Don’t worry !

  5. Really am feeling bad for ragini. Please by someone who loves her so much and she have to move on with him

    1. Mittu

      Ragini will soon be fine dear !! She’s a survivor and she is stronger than she thinks…..

  6. who r playing karan aditi aditya tara and piya

    1. Mittu

      I don’t really know , I actually didn’t think about it yet ?

  7. Naz_Temish

    Again my poor ragoooo…..????

    1. Mittu

      Ragu will be fine soon dear ….. hopefully I guess ? ?

  8. Nymisha281

    Awesome….when wil Ragu get happiness yarr?…poor ragu

    1. Mittu

      Thanks dear !! Ragu is probably gonna get happiness in some other form of love …. but she will be happy soon

  9. Wat ??? this is not fair

    1. Mittu

      Sorry for the twist

  10. Akshitha

    Feeling sad 4 ragu…dnt sprt raglak yaarrr

    1. Mittu

      In the end I don’t know if raglak will be together thought dear….. but ragu will get over the pain slowly ….

  11. Aswathy

    laksh doesn’t deserve ragu…she should get someone better who will not take her for granted

    1. Mittu

      I agree actually …. thanks for commenting Aswathy !

  12. Sreevijayan

    Poor ragini..heartbreaking ..awesme. update dear…..

    1. Mittu

      Thank you so much !

  13. Dharani

    awesome… again he broke her heart…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you so much !

  14. Asra

    awesome dear…but shona screen shot omg it’s unexpected….feeling bad for my poor ragu….whn did she get happiness in her life…waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear !!

  15. Kriti249

    Awesome…i just hate this laksh. He broke ragini’s heart. Now I’m just thinking what’s next. I think it’s going to be ragsan Now as you said in the last part that ragsan fans don’t be disheartened.
    Post nxt one soon

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear ! Lakshya is a mean mean guy !! Meanie as Ragini would call him ….. but I don’t really know about the pairs yet !

  16. IQRA222

    superb epsiode mittu

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much dear !!!

  17. feeling very very very bad for rag this part is heart brokering

    1. Mittu

      Ragini is going to face lot of heartbreak and pain…. but she will make it alright in the end

  18. Bela

    This story just took a turn similar to my own love story(or lack thereof). I am now almost on the verge of crying as I recall all those moments when I had to go through the SAME pain. I really think Ragini needs someone. Like, someone who she can share anything with and who doesn’t expect anything from her. This is the best coping mechanism. When you fall in a pit, you need a hand to pull you out and surprisingly, it isn’t your bffs who are able to do that. It is someone who knows you not and so, judges you not.

    Anyways, an awesome part??

    1. Mittu

      Bela it’s because of your comment that I finally have the courage to admit that this story is inspired by my love story- or rather my sob story. So I totally get how you feel. And to be honest, the coping mechanism you suggested is what made me happy..! Anyway !! Thank you soo much !! I’m really glad you like it !! ??

      1. Bela

        Damn…….Same same scenario. So hurting isn’t it?
        Lots of love???

      2. Mittu

        To be honest ! Hurts like hell ! But it gets better I guess !
        Loads of love ????

  19. Heartbreaking Part…..

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