Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 4

The first time she saw HIM, she felt like she was looking at Lakshya. He was busy teasing his friend, with a broad smile on his face.” Moti, Saandh ! Tujhe boyfriend kaha se mil gaya ?” Ragini smiled to herself as she recollected the moment Lakshya had made the same statement. Ragini was basically a geek for The Flash and she had a huge crush on the main character since his Glee days. Something about his ‘bad boy’ character on the show had attracted her. That’s why when she had a crush on the school’s so called bad boy- Lakshya she wasn’t really that shocked. Obviously when she saw The Flash, she was really happy and excited. She basically told Swara that her boyfriend was a lead in a really super awesome show. That was when Lakshya had made the same exact statement which was made by HIM. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard his friend whining-“Karaaannnnnn !”(How many of you thought it would be Sanskaar ? Comment below guys ! But Ragsan fans don’t be disappointed is all I’m gonna say?). After Lakshya, Karan was the first guy that Ragini had ever been attracted to. Aditi had known Ragini for 6 years. She could easily tell that Ragini probably liked Karan. She was still not aware that Ragini was probably hopelessly in love with Lakshya. Karan acted as a catalyst in making her realise her true feelings for Lakshya. But in a way, he made things worse because if she hadn’t realised that she loved him, she wouldn’t have been heartbroken when THAT happened.

During the last few days of the holidays, Ragini discovered something . Lakshya , yes , her best friend Lakshya , was an amazing cook . He would send her pictures of all the snacks he would cook and promised to make something special for her when school reopened. Soon, it was their first day back in school. 10th graders , wow ! Swara and Ragini literally crushed each other. As soon as they saw each other they spread their arms and hugged each other. Aww, soo cute. Lakshya looked at them with a puppy face and came and stood behind them with his arms held out . Ragini rolled her eyes and punched him in the stomach. Swara and Lakshya were shocked and in pain. But the second part only implied to Lakshya. Ragini just gave them a ‘what are you looking at’ expression. At that moment, her coach in confidence Aditi came and hugged her from the back. Swara’s expression changed. Lakshya did not like that his best friend was sad because of some random chick. Though he and Swara didn’t text non stop like him and Ragini , it was clear that Swara was much more important to him. Ragini would end up being the middle monkey as she wanted to ensure that Aditi was comfortable but at the same time she couldn’t leave Swara, Tara and Piya . Tara and Piya were understanding as they knew Aditi too, but Swara was clearly not in favour of them being friends. She probably didn’t like the new Ragini. And because Swara was upset, Lakshya would fight with Ragini often . It wasn’t their normal cute fight . It was serious. Ragini would even end up crying most of the time. This was the time when Karan was her shoulder to cry on. Karan and Ragini were both really good students and they were good friends now, maybe even more than friends. Lakshya still couldn’t live without texting Ragini , so he would text her even if they were in the middle of a fight. It is said that a guy can’t be just friends with a girl he considers pretty. To change the relationship between the two, atleast one of them has to take one step forward. That day, in tuition Karan was one step closer to Ragini. They were sitting together when all of a sudden, Karan held Ragini’s hand. Ragini felt tended and her heart was basically in her mouth. But then she looked into his eyes and she couldn’t peel her eyes away from his. She immediately freed her hand and looked away when her phone vibrated. Obviously it was Lakshya’s message -“Kya kar rahi hai ?”

She didn’t know what came over her, but her reply definitely made her best friend jealous-” Yaar, Lucky ….. I think I like him ….. I think I like Karan.” He had read her message but didn’t reply for a long time. For the first time, she didn’t bother to text again either. She felt that this was the only way she could stop herself from falling in love with him , little did she know , she already loved him.

Aditi had been noticing all the changes in Ragini’s behaviour. She decided to talk to her about it in school. The next day in school, Lakshya and Swara were sitting with pouty faces because they had a huge fight. As soon as Lakshya saw Ragini enter the class, he ran to her with a box in his hand and smiled at her and said -” Ye le, for you . Your favourite Paneer. And ya only for you okay ! No one else. Not even Swara, I mean she anyway hates paneer but still. She made fun of me when I said that I cook. So, please .” Ragini just nodded and went to her desk. During lunch, she opened the box given by Lakshya and before she could take the first bite, Swara came and took the first bite. For the first time ever, Ragini felt completely insecure about Swara and Lakshya. She had felt insecure before, but she didn’t know that such a small thing would make her soo insecure. In her opinion, this was the first meal Lakshya had ever cooked for her and she wanted to relish it. But she didn’t really get to eat lot of it. She felt sad that she her something special was taken from her. But that was just the beginning .

Aditi was now sure that Ragini was in love with Lakshya. She had to make Ragini realise that before she did something stupid. But she had to ensure that Ragini would not be heartbroken. So she grabbed Ragini’s phone and texted Lakshya-“What do I really mean to you ?”. Lakshya’s reply came instantly-” You are my jaan yaar, kya hua?” Aditi was still not convinced she typed-“How important am I to you ?” Before she could read his reply, Ragini took her phone, the message crushed Ragini’s heart .”You are the most important person to me, after Swara.” Ragini just couldn’t digest the fact that she was his second choice. She didn’t want to be with someone who didn’t prioritise her, but it wasn’t her ego that was hurt this time. It was her feelings. She was heartbroken but managed to text -” Abbey buddhu, just tell na second important person.” But his reply left her confused -” Yaar, that’s the thing, though Swara is more important to me, I still care about you na … the thing is … I love you, both of you .”

Ragini wanted to be sure that it was in fact -love . So she replied -” Haan yaar, we luv u too na ! You are our best friend .” His reply showed that he was irritated because she was playing dumb-” Nahi Ragini ! Not like that !! I mean like – love ❤️! ” She felt happy for some unknown reason. But then she wanted to know why did her really love them . What did he even love about both of them ? After reading his reply her tears wouldn’t stop flowing. His message pierced a giant hole in her heart-” I love you for your heart , because you understand me and Swara because she is beautiful .” She felt her soul escape her body a little. Did that mean that she was ugly ? Did he prioritise Swara because she was beautiful ? So, all this time he thought that Ragini was ugly ? She stood there crying outside tuition. She didn’t even realise when Karan came and hugged her from the back . He said, “Don’t cry gorgeous,I don’t like it . Your cute little nose becomes red. And I don’t like seeing your beautiful eyes become all chottu chottu.” Ragini stood there without any movement . Why did her heart still ache ? One of the hottest guys called her beautiful …. then why did she feel like ripping her face off ?

Kahani Dosti aur Ishq ki will be updated soon too !! Sooo what did you guys think ? Don’t kill me okay ? This is how the story is supposed to turn out , in fact even more heartbreaking things MAY happen …….. but please don’t kill me

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  1. Wow i love it interesting yaar

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear !

    1. Mittu

      Thank you !

  2. Berdilla

    Superb but feeling sad for ragini dear friend

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much dear !

  3. Jayanti

    I thought that he is sanskar…honest answer haan…..awesome part but feeling really sad for ragini…..next part soon soon soon….bye and take care dear

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much dear !

  4. Akshata

    it is really interesting, though i am feeling bad for ragini, waiting for the next, update soon

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear !

  5. Bela

    I read all the remaining shots in one go. And dude…….Awesome! I am feeling really bad for Ragini, like really really bad.???

    Laksh, I don’t understand him. I would want Ragsan now. Because obviously, Ragini deserves someone who really understands when she is hurt and when she is happy.??

    1. Mittu

      I know right ?
      Guys can actually be really dumb and unpredictable and this Lakshya is one of them ??
      Thank you sooo much Bela ….. I’m really glad that you like it

  6. IQRA222

    awesome epsiode mittu di
    and didu even ithought it was sanky and who is playing karan
    feeling bad for ragu
    this lucky na i will kill him he made our ragu cry i didu punish him severely okay
    and also i dont like the way this karan likes our ragu he he
    waiting for the next part

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear sissy!!? I don’t really know who would be playing Karan !! This Karan is kind of a bad boy !! Sooo suggest someone please ! And don’t worry Lakshya will be punished for hurting ragu repeatedly !

  7. Naz_Temish

    Poor ragini….but thumps up for heartbreaks coz it makes the relationship much much stronger

    1. Mittu

      Thanks dear !! Even I believe the same !!

  8. If raglak are the pairs, then laksh should suffer like ragini. If not then no problem. This shot is amazing dear

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear ! As for the pairs …… I just don’t know that yet ….

  9. Shreya Shetty

    Shoutout to the Dc fan in the house?? Sorry for being too dramatic ?? And the bad boy Sebastian Smythe was actually so damn attractive. And Barry Allen is ??

    Truly speaking, even I thought that ‘him’ was going to be Sanskar. But now it is more worse. I am just going to be berserk thinking about the future shots. One step more closer to the heartbreak. I don’t know if ragini’s heartbreak is more painful or my to be heartbreak will be more painful. ?? This LAKSHYA bhi na. Can’t he see that my Ragini is so pretty ?? I won’t kill you if there will be more heartbreaks but I will definitely kill you if the pair will be anything but Raglak ( waise don’t worry. I don’t even know your address. And on top of that, since India is a democratic country and you have the right to choose, I can do nothing ??) but again I hope that pair will be raglak. Post the next shot soon. Will be waiting ? ?

    1. Mittu

      Aaahhh !!! Dc fans !! Sebastian Smythe was just …… ?? and Barry Allen is even more attractive !! ❤❤
      As far as the pairs are concerned …. I don’t really know yet …. but I will keep your threat in mind ???

  10. Asra

    awesome dear…feeling bad for ragini…again one heartbreak….uff thz laksh no one can understand him….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear !! Lakshya is dumb only !! ?

  11. Lovely7

    Feeling bad for ragini

    1. Mittu

      Ragini still has more heartbreak to come dear …. but she’s a survivor and she will be fine ….

  12. Nymisha281

    Awesome part….i thought Him would be sanskar….poor ragu

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear !!

  13. Dharani

    awesome… i thought it is sanskar… felling really bad for ragini

    1. Mittu

      Thank you !!

  14. Amazing

    1. Mittu

      Thank you !!

  15. Kriti249

    I loved it….this story keeps me glued to my seat till I finish. Honestly telling you I’m not interested in both ragsan and raglak. I have always been a Swasan fan but what to do?! Your story is so awesome that I can’t stop myself from reading it.

    Post nxt one soon

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear !!! It really means a lot to.me that you are reading this story despite being a Swasan fan !! Sorry for the late reply though !

  16. Awesome… Poor Ragu…. This Laksh bhi naa… I also thought it was Sanskar…
    The pair should be Raglak only ??

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