Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 3

Ragini was still quite shaken up by the fact that her first crush’s , first crush is her best friend. But she didn’t let Swara find out as she had promised Lakshya . He thought that it would make their friendship awkward . And it did . Not his and Swara’s but, his and Ragini’s friendship had become quite awkward . But Ragini didn’t want to lose her first male best friend, so she shoved her feelings aside. But, it was as if Lakshya just couldn’t let her get over her crush on him . That day, Ragini was leaving for dance class and the two of them were texting. He had just told her that she was the first person he could openly share his feelings with and was thanking her for tolerating him. And Ragini’s reply to that made him smile. “Abbey ooo, nautanki mat kar okay ! Don’t get all senti now. I know you are lucky, Lucky to have an awesome best friend like me. But it’s okay. You don’t need to worry, I’ll make you suffer by telling you all stupid stories , because you make me suffer by giving me all useless metaphors and teasing me.”Yes, Lakshya had stupid metaphors about life.
Ragini was standing outside her dance class when she saw a dog . Both Lakshya and Ragini were deathly afraid of dogs . Lakshya more than Ragini . So, as soon as she said that there was a dog there ,Lakshya started screaming like a crazy person . Ragini almost dropped her phone. It seemed like even the dog could hear the screams, because the dog tilted it’s head and stared at Ragini with a -‘Aww you poor girl’ look. Now Ragini who actually loves dogs but is terrified of a dog bite, forgot her fears and kneeled down and started playing with the dog. Lakshya still kept yelling and screaming and when Ragini told him that the dog isn’t going to bite him, because it is not near him, Lakshya gave her a reply which caused her to facepalm herself several times. “Just because you are not in central city,doesn’t mean that flashpoint will not affect you.” Ragini rolled her eyes and said-“Remind me again, why did I even suggest that you should watch the Flash ?” She could almost hear the smirk in his voice, “Because you wanted to prove it to me that your driver doesn’t look like Barry Allen , but you failed .”
Ragini turned red and screamed so loudly that the dog ran away-“My driver uncle is super slow and he does not at all, look like Barry Allen ! You Crofroligodra” – Crofroligodra was the ‘cool’ name that Swara and Ragini had come up with. Crocodile-Frog-Lizard-Goat-Dragon. Little did they know that it wasn’t that cool . But the important lesson here was that Lakshya’s metaphors were basically rip offs of Ragini’s favourite show and they were annoying and stupid .
Flashback ends
Ragini was convinced that now Lakshya would have been amused by her reply and would tease her . So, she started to think of a good comeback when her phone pinged. It was obviously Lakshya – his message read -“Luv u yaar !” Ragini’s heart started pounding in her chest . She didn’t know what to say. She finally decided on an appropriate reply -” I know yaar ! I’m really awesome and loveable !” . His reply left her shocked -“Arreyyy yaar ! Luv u too toh Bol de mereko !! I’m you’re best friend yaar ! You don’t even like me kya ? Swara ne toh mujhe luv u more text kiya ! And you !! You can’t even text luv u too ! Duffer !” Ragini realised that it wasn’t ‘love’ and it was ‘luv’. ‘Luv’ could mean being in love with the person or loving your best friend , just like how Swara and Ragini said Love you to each other. She consoled herself and texted -” Fine you idiot !! And by the way your grammar is all messed up okay !! It’s not you’re best friend but your best friend and by the way – Luv u 3 !!” By the end of the academic year, Ragini and Lakshya knew almost everything about each other. Even during the holidays, Lakshya and Ragini would text everyday . Ragini had decided to join a tuition, because it was a crucial year. So, she told Lakshya that she wouldn’t be texting him as much once she joined the tuition. Lakshya was pretty bummed about it . So they decide to send each other atleast 100 texts a day during the summer holidays.
The following week was gonna be Lakshya’s birthday and Swara hadn’t really planned anything for him. Ragini had decided to call him up at twelve. She tried, but failed miserably, because she was unable to stay up late. She woke up to the sight of 6 messages from Lakshya . When she read them, she was touched. His messages were really sweet and almost made her tear up . ” Jaan ! What do I say yaar …. it’s about to be my birthday in a few hours and for the first time, I’m happy because I’m not celebrating it with my guy friends. Normally I would be pretty bummed. But, I don’t think I could go the whole day without texting you . I’m really glad that you and Swara are my best friends . Please be my best friends forever okay ? Luv u both yaar !” Ragini smiled and then replied -” Pehli baat toh yeh Lucky, I’m sorry I didn’t wish at twelve okay !! Happy birthday !! And you idiot ! You are not supposed to be sending me heart felt messages ! It’s my job to do so ! But because you got that covered ! My gift for you is ….. that I’m going to let you tease me and I’m not gonna be mean to you ! You can be the meanie you are and I won’t complain okay?” Ragini tried her best to give Lakshya the best birthday possible . But she didn’t realise that she would ruin it with just one sentence . Lakshya had called her up and invited her to his birthday party next week.Ragini told him she couldn’t make it, because her dadi ma would not allow her to come out . Lakshya was extremely pissed and hung up without saying a word. Just when Ragini was about to call back . He called her and said in a very angry tone -” Luv u ! Ab jaldi luv u too Bol aur phone kaat ! I don’t wanna talk to you !”. Ragini couldn’t help but smile at his childish behaviour. She did as told and texted him an apology. But , he was really mad . But Ragini managed to convince him as usual, with her puppy face.
It was time for Ragini to join her tuition. She was really stressed because she didn’t really know anyone else. But there she met her ex best friend Aditi. The thing is she and Aditi never really had a ‘breakup’ kind off thing. They just ended up drifting apart. And Aditi told her that she was going to be not just her tuition mate but her classmate as well . So Ragini was pretty happy . It was then, that she met HIM.

Sooooo next shot is here already !! I hope you guys like it though …. I hope it’s not dragging or anything !

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  1. Shazi.Rajpoot

    Such a fab update and a really good story! I was revising for my exams but this gave me a good break 😀 Thank u for this story :* Hope it turns out to be RagLak 😀

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much !! All the best for your exams !! ?

  2. Berdilla

    superb dear friend

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      Thank youuu !

  3. Naz_Temish

    Yes I know there should be a HIM….Interesting Interesting ??????

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  4. Awesome

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  6. Shreya Shetty

    Now I know there is a ‘The Flash’ fan right here in TU. When I read that line I was actually very happy. Just because there is a swaragini fan who maybe loves The Flash.

    And about the shot… It was awesome. Lakshya’s metaphors are just too much. Ragini is so damn sweet. Their messages, Lakshya’s childish behaviour and ragini’s gift was so cute??. But, being a raglak fan, now I know that I am going to suffer a heartbreak because I am pretty much sure that ‘him’ is not going to be someone else but LAKSHYA. Hope my prediction will be wrong and it turns out to be raglak being together. And that the flash reference was ??. Eager to read the forthcoming shots.
    Will be waiting ??

    P.S. WestAllen?? SnowBarry??

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu sooo much dear !!!
      Most of my friends often give me strange looks when I talk about the Flash !! I’m sooo glad that there are Swaragini fans who love The Flash just like me !!
      I really love WestAllen ….. but I feel like SnowBarry has great potential because both the couples are cute !!

  7. Dharani

    awesome… interesting

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  8. Who will be that “him”. Waiting for next part

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      Aahhh …. there’s always a need for a him ??

  9. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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    Awesome…i loved it
    Post nxt one soon

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  11. Nymisha281

    Awesome… Waiting for HIM to come….and don’t break raglak bonding

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  14. Superb… The last msg is really Cute…
    Now only I read the previous parts they were Awesome…

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