Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 28

“Wow !”- Sanskaar looked at Ragini in awe, but even before he could complete his sentence, Ragini chimed as she sang the lyrics of ‘fantastic baby’.
“Fantastic baby ! Dance dance dance danceeeee !”- Obviously, Priya has to ruin the moment even more, by taking Ragini along with her to introduce her to some guests.
“You-but, wait, why, Raguuuuu ! Dad ! Why did your wife take my best friend away from me ?”- Sanskaar whined.

Sanskaar was glaring at Ragini and pouting like a baby, while he kept mumbling-“Look at her, hanging out with Bhai and Bhabhi. She doesn’t even care about me. What happened to the whole-‘my best friend will be taken away from me’ and all that jazz ? I’m the one who has to suffer. My best friend was taken away from me. This is not fair. Completely unacceptable.”

Sanskaar just groaned when he saw Lakshya and his family enter Maheshwari mansion. He just narrowed his eyes at Lakshya and continued his rant-“And now this Pottyface is here. Nobody asked him to come here. Ugh, why does my dad have to be a rich and famous businessman. I can’t talk to my best friend and now this playboy is here and he’s gonna annoy me. I hate my life.” And then he saw Ragini who was basically looking like an angel, walking towards him with a smile on her face. He just smiled and thought to himself-“I take that back, I love my life. Thank you universe.”

Ragini just smiled at her best friend, but then her smile turned upside down and she began to frown when she saw Lakshya. She just hooked her arm around Sanskaar’s hand and dragged him away. It was now Ragini’s turn to rant and mumble random words. Sanskaar held back a smile and said-“I was rudely interrupted earlier, but I just wanted to say, that you look amazing tonight Ragu. I just didn’t have any words to express how beautiful you look, so I’m gonna put it like this, my heart fluttered like crazy.”

Ragini’s eyes grew wide and her rant came to a screeching halt. She looked away as her cheeks turned a bright red. She bit her lip in order to contain her heart beat and tried not to squeal. Sanskaar didn’t realise that he had that affect on her. He thought that his best friend was mad at him, whereas he should’ve been mad at her for ditching him. He just made her look at him and at that moment, they both felt like time had stopped. Sanskaar already knew that at this rate, he is gonna fall for her, very very hard. Ragini gulped and tried to think of a way to tell Sanskaar that she liked him. Because, when she wasn’t with him, even if it was for just half an hour or so, she realised that she had to confess. She had made the mistake of hiding her feelings once and she wasn’t gonna do it again. She realised that if she kept her feelings hidden, someone could swoop in and she wouldn’t have a chance. They didn’t realise that they were practically staring into each other’s souls, until Lakshya harshly grabbed Ragini so that they could have a little ‘chat’.

Sanskaar just groaned and tried not to punch Lakshya in the face. Ragini just looked at him and that look in her eyes was all he needed to calm down. He just sighed because Ragini was clearly trying to stop him from making a scene and ruining the party. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something that would calm him down and it was obviously Ragini. He smiled when he thought about the night he and Ragini had become friends. And his smile widened as he thought about all the memories they made together in such a short span of time. He decided to go to the roof, that is where Lakshya had taken Ragini. He kept thinking about the time before he moved into the apartment, back then, when he had sent Ragini a friend request on Facebook and crossed his fingers and prayed that she would accept it. Things had changed so much.

He was really scared to contact her back then and would send her memes and weird messages that were kind of like insults but were meant to make her smile. And he succeeded, every single time. Ofcourse, he was worried that Ragini would think he was a cyber bully and prayed that she wouldn’t report him. She was his first crush and he wanted her to be his first love as well. She is his best friend, The girl he liked and was slowly falling for and he had decided to confess, before it was too late.

Sanskaar just stood there and looked at the scene in front of him. Lakshya was asking Ragini for a second chance. This was his…. 10th second chance, I suppose ? Ragini had given him enough second chances and at this point she had lost count. Ragini felt like Lakshya was her boyfriend whom she had caught cheating on her for the nth time. She giggled because she found this scenario funny and Lakshya look at her confused. He looked really scary with that look on his face, as if he was obsessed with her.
“Ragini, please, give me one last chance. I love you Ragini. Please. Just one last chance. I won’t let you down this time.”

Both Sanskaar and Ragini scoffed in unison when Lakshya said these words and Sanskaar giggled when he saw Ragini’s reaction. He was worried that Ragini was going to give Lakshya another chance and that he was too late. But, Ragini’s reaction clearly showed that she didn’t like Lakshya. Ragini just sighed and said-” Look Lakshya, I loved you. Past tense. Not anymore. I cannot give you a second chance, I have already given you ‘n’ number of second chances. I have lost count of the number of chances I have given you. Just pick any natural number greater than 9 and boom. That’s the number of chances I have given you. And besides, I like someone else.”

Sanskaar’s heart shattered when Ragini said that she liked someone else. It was too late, that’s all that he could think of. And it hurt that his best friend didn’t bother to share her feelings with him. Ragini just bit her lip and smiled as she thought of Sanskaar, while Sanskaar went back to eavesdropping when Ragini started speaking again. “I think it’s some kind of best friend thing, when it comes to me. First, you and now Sanky. But, things are different with Sanky and I would be grateful to you if you stayed out of our life. I like my best friend. Not you.”

Sanskaar tried to process what he had just heard. The girl he likes, likes him back. He was so lost partying and celebrating the fact that Ragini likes him, that he didn’t realise when Lakshya left. Ragini stared at the night sky and tried to gain the courage to confess to her best friend.

That night, their relationship changed. They weren’t best friends anymore and they began dating.

Years later
“Dad, that’s literally the worst way of confessing. It’s just so simple.” The girl said as she frowned and gave her father a look of disapproval.
“Hey ! I loved it. And we both confessed. And it was all warm and bright and fuzzy, so, it was perfect.”- Ragini said while defending her husband.
“Thank you my dear,wifey.” He smiled at his wife and they stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, until their daughter chimed-“Ugh, get a room already !”
“Gladly !”- He winked at her and Ragini left the room after kissing her daughter’s forehead.
“Dad ?”- The girl said in a serious tone.
“Hmmm…”- He just smiled at her.

“Thanks for raising me as your own, though I’m not your daughter. I’m really grateful to–”
The man just flicked her forehead and said-“You are OUR daughter. Don’t say such things. I love you.”
“I love you Dad.”- the girl said and hugged the man, while Ragini was peeking from the door, with a proud smile and tears in her eyes.
” This is why I love you so much,Sanskaar Maheshwari.”

So, I know that the end of the previous shot was a little- um, misleading. But, I just wanna clear things up. This is gonna be RAGSAN and not Raglak. At no point is this story gonna be raglak now, and as much as I love raglak, Ragini and Lakshya are not gonna wind up together at any point in the story.

I have sem ends coming up and I should really stop now. So, I’ll be back after sem ends(or before if my brain just overflows with ideas)
Thanks a lot for the support. Loads of love.??

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