Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 27

Priya smacked the back of Sanskaar’s head and went into the room to wake her up. Ragini smiled at Priya and said-“I’m feeling much better now Aunty. I should get ready for the party now.”
Priya smiled and nodded, but then immediately stopped Ragini and said-“I thought I was your mother, Ragu.”
“Sorry,Mumma.”- Ragini smiled at Priya and Priya hugged her- crushed her to be more precise.
“Ahem. As much as I love watching my two favourite gals bond and be all senti, we need to get ready. Because, honestly Ragu, you look like a dead fish right now.”- Sanskaar butted in, and ruined their sweet moment.
“Sanskaar Maheshwari ! How dare you insult my daughter ?”- Ram arrived all of a sudden as if he had been summoned, with a pink slipper and was ready to hit his son.
“Wtf dad ? She’s mom’s daughter ! Not your daughter !”- Sanskaar said, clearly annoyed, that his parents were adopting his best friend and he was just worried that she was just a few steps away from becoming his sibling and he was not down with that idea.

” She’s my wife, so…. her daughter is my daughter–” Ram chimed while he gave Sanskaar an expression that said-‘could you be any more obvious right now’
“Unlessss…….”- Sanskaar butted in, in an attempt to get back at his dad.
“Dad, please don’t listen to Sanky, he’s just trying to change the topic and escape because he called me a dead fish.”- Ragini stopped her best friend from doing something really stupid. But, she didn’t realise that she had made them tear up because she had practically accepted them as her parents.
“Raguuu ! They’re crying now ! Why do you have to be such a good daughter, now they’re all like we have a daughter. Look at what you’ve done.”- Sanskaar said in an attempt to lighten the mood.

Ragini smirked and Sanskaar sighed. He walked right into that one. Ragini just said in a very serious tone-“Look what you made me do-”
“No stop. Don’t sing the whole song now. Please.”-Sanskaar pleaded.
“Hey, don’t tell our daughter what to do.”- Ram said while pointing his finger at Sanky in a threatening kind of way. But, that simply made Sanky think if he was adopted and his best friend was actually Ram’s daughter, because there was a lot of resemblance. Ram literally looked like a 5 year old, just like Ragini did when she would try to threaten someone. But, he immediately snapped out of it and spoke,”Yeah, yeah. Whatever. But, FYI guys, Ragu and I will never be siblings.”

“Preach.Now go get dressed you curly French fry of a human being.”- Ragini said while she gave Sanky a disgusted expression.
“Right back at you, dead fish.”- Sanskaar said as he booped her nose and walked away.
“What just happened ?” -Ram and Priya who were senti just sometime back had snapped out of it. They were confused at the moment. Are they just best friends or do they like each other ? Sigh, we’ll probably never know they thought to themselves. Little did they know, that they would witness their confession, though accidentally of course, the very same day.

One year later
“Ragini, you should forgive me now, you know ?”
Ragini just rolled her eyes at Lakshya and walked away, while Lakshya kept following her around like a lost puppy. “Ragini, please. Please baby. Forgive me. Our marriage is in a month. Please don’t do this to me love. Please. I love you so much and I can’t see you getting mad at me or walking away from me. Please.”
Ragini just sobbed and tried to push him away,while Lakshya hugged her tight, afraid to let go,while he kept apologising.

Surprised ? Shocked ?
I’m pretty sure I gave you guys a big shock in the previous shot itself and made you think that Imma end this soon. But, it was just me trying to do this weird thing where there are bits of the present and then a bit of the future. Like in this shot. So, it’s not ending. Now atleast. False alarm, I guess ? Heheheh, oops ? I know this one is short, but I wanted to make up for giving you guys a shock.
Thanks a lot guys, your comments and support mean a lot to me.
Lots of love ??

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