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Ragini and Sanskaar were happily stuffing food in their faces, while watching a kdrama on Ragini’s phone. At this point, Ragini was able to understand most of the phrases without subtitles. So, she was busy repeating the dialogues(as she already knew them because she was practically ‘revising’ these episodes), kind of showing off, while Sanskaar was finding it hard to read the subtitles and concentrate on food at the same time. Seeing her best friend struggle, she started feeding him, while he paid attention to the screen. Lakshya on the other hand was stuck with the chipkus. He was really trying to escape them and at the same time was fed up of watching Ragini feed Sanskaar. He thought of something and said-“Why don’t you guys go and sit with that guy- uh what’s his name again ?” Head of the chipkus spoke, wrapping her arms around him-“Oh Sanskaar ? I mean, he’s hot, but not as hot and rich- uh I mean hot as you.” Ragini who heard what she said, laughed mentally and thought-“Girllll, you have no idea how rich Sanky is.” Lakshya raised his eyebrow when they said that he was hotter and spoke loudly-“Oh, so you are saying that you had to choose between me and him, you would choose me, right ? But I don’t believe you. Let’s get someone else’s opinion as well. *acting as if he was looking around* Oh look Ragini is with Sanskaar.

Let’s ask her.” Ragini who was busy trying to stuff food in both her and Sanskaar’s mouth, still mentally laughing about what the girls said, was startled when she saw the chipku gang hovering near their table. She immediately protected her French fries, indicating that they were hers and no one could eat them. When she saw that their gaze was fixed on Sanky, who was still concentrating on the phone screen, she wrapped her arms around him, indicating that he was hers as well and no one could steal him. Sanskaar raised an eyebrow at her, she indicated through her eyes that the chipkus were here. He scoffed and gently pushed her arms away. He interlaced the fingers, assuring her that he was only hers and looked at them and gave them the-‘what do you want’ look. The head of the chipkus spoke-“Ragini, who do you think is hotter ? Sanskaar or Lucky?” Ragini gave them a weird look as she thought to herself-” Wow. Lucky? Already? This playboy! How dare they compare that playboy to my poor innocent Sanky ?” Ragini scoffed and said with attitude-“Is this a trick question ? Obviously Sanky ! Sanky is hot and cute at the same time. While this Luck-Lakshya is just rich and has attitude. He doesn’t look hot to me from any angle.” Sanskaar looked at Ragini with wide eyes. She just called him, HOT ? His heart was dancing. Literally.

Lakshya on the other hand was hurt because of her reply, but then immediately smirked and said-“Oh, are you saying that you have bad taste ? I believe someone was or rather is madly in love with this arrogant, not hot, rich guy.” Ragini’s heart dropped. Did he have to go there ? She just stood up and walked out of the cafe. Lakshya smiled thinking she was probably shy and took it that as a confirmation of the fact that she loves him. Sanskaar on the other hand, knew Ragini like the back of his hand and immediately grabbed their things and ran out. He was hoping that he was wrong and Ragu was alright. But what he saw, crushed him. She was standing beside his bike, her face hurried in her palms. He knew that she was crying. She was trying to hold it in, she was trying to be strong, but she was infact broken. She may have become more confident, bold and what not. But she was still that kind, sensitive person at heart. He knew that something was off, from the time they met Aditi. He wouldn’t have found out, had it not been for his darling brother. He thanked his brother for arranging a ‘meeting’ of sorts with Aditi, without Ragini’s knowledge.

Flashback(before Lakshya moved in)
Sanskaar- Bhabhi. Thanks for meeting up with me. I’m gonna cut straight to the point.
Aditi- I wouldn’t have it any other way Sanky.
Sanskaar- Well, what did you tell Ragini that day when we met ? When you both were busy catching up and Bhai was-
Aditi- Was trying to get you to confess that you like Ragini as more than a friend ?
Sanskaar- Uh, How do-
Aditi- How do I know ? He told me. But that’s besides the point. How did you even notice that something was off with Ragini ?
Sanskaar- Well. You know how she was like tired and didn’t want to do the whole wedding prep ? I know her. And I know that she just loves such things. So it had to be something else that put her off. What was it ?
Aditi- Well, first of all I’m glad you noticed. This just confirms that you are the perfect guy for her. But, the thing is, what I told her is relating to-
Sanskaar- Lakshya & Swara.
Aditi- Wait. How do-
Sanskaar- How do I know ? I read her messages. She contacted Lakshya. Knowing her, she wouldn’t do it unless she had a valid reason. I didn’t go through her whole chat because I respect her privacy, but I do know that it was long freaking chat, with lot of bad grammar.
Aditi- Uh, ya. Lakshya is horrible at texting. He has horrible grammar.
Sanskaar- Useless nincompoop. He knows nothing, but wants my Ragu ! Idiot !
Aditi(chuckling)- So you did read their chat !
Sanskaar- Not all of it. Just a little. Towards the end. But I didn’t understand half of it because of his grammar and spellings.So….what happened that day ? What did you tell her that compelled her to contact him ?

Flashback mein flashback
Ragini- Aditi. I’m glad the guys let us talk alone. Because, there is something I need to tell you.
Aditi- Hmm ? Tell na ! Do you feel weird that I’m inviting Swara to my wedding ? If you do then I won’t invite her.
Ragini- Nahi nahi. The opposite actually. That way I can talk to her.Woh actually, a few months back, I got drunk and I kind of yelled at Swara and I feel really bad about it. No matter what, she was my best friend and I cherished our friendship. So, now that I know she will be coming to your wedding, I can apologise.
Aditi(angry)- She doesn’t deserve your apology Ragini.
Ragini- Nahi I was really mean Aditi. And I still consider her my friend and I’m pretty sure she’s pretty hurt because of the way I spoke to her, because she really considers me her-
Aditi- Enemy. Someone whose life she wants to ruin. She hated you and she hates you Ragini.
Ragini- What do you mean ?
Aditi- Ragini, she was the one who separated the rest of your friends from you. She lied to them, saying you hated them all and would always b*tch about them when you were with Swara. She tried separately me from you as well. But it didn’t work.And do you even know what she told everyone ?
Ragini(shocked, almost in tears)- Hm ?

Aditi- She said you were ‘hungry’ for guys. You only wanted a boyfriend and because you couldn’t have one, you tried stealing Lakshya from her. She said that despite being aware of the fact that both of them were in a relationship, you would constantly flirt with him. She also said that- that you tried to have, um- intercourse with him, at that age.
Ragini(teary eyes)- Me ? Really ? I-I was the one w-who stopped him from flirting with me. Weren’t they the ones who were dragging me around like a third wheel ? When did I ever do s-something like that ? People think I’m a characterless girl who tried to force a guy into sleeping with her.*she starts crying*
Aditi(hugging her tight)- Shhh. I didn’t tell you this to make you cry. I told you this so you would know their true colours. So that you would know what you really meant to them. So that you would know that they just weren’t worth it.
Ragini(wiping her tears, no emotion on her face)- We should go. We don’t wanna keep the guys waiting, do we ?
Flashback mein Flashback ends
Sanskaar(banging his fist on the table in anger)- I can’t believe this. Ragini still thought of them as her friends even after all that happened. And that Swara ! I swear I will kill her. How could she spread such roomies about my poor Ragu ? I’m glad you told me Bhabhi. Now all we need to do, is decode these texts and understand what the hell Lakshya had typed.

Aditi(widening her eyes)- You brought Ragini’s phone along ?
Sanskaar- Oh hell no. I just sent the screenshots to myself and then deleted them.
Aditi(grabbing his phone)- Oh. Well, don’t worry. I comprehend ‘Lakshya language’ very well. I will read it and give you the gist.
Sanskaar- Thank you. I couldn’t bear to read his Faltu English. I felt like I was gonna cry.
Aditi(shocked)- Well. You probably should. Lakshya, he-he confessed that he has feelings for Ragu.
Sanskaar(shook)- WHAT THE HELL ??!!
Aditi- So Ragini texted him saying that she needed to ask him something, while he completely ignored that and asked her if she has feelings for him, because he ‘thinks’ he does.
Aditi- First of all, stop screaming. Secondly, I am very proud of Ragu because she ignored what he said and asked him if she had ever flirted with him or crossed the boundary when he and Swara were dating.
Sanskaar- Good job my cutie pie. What did that jerk say ?
Aditi(widening her eyes)- Crap. Crap. Crap.

Sanskaar- Oh, you need to go ? The bathroom is there.
Aditi- Shut up Sanskaar ! Ugh ! This Lakshya just had to keep hurting Ragu’s feelings.
Sanskaar- What. Did. He. Say ?
Aditi- Apparently, his ‘Shona’ was trying to ensure that the three of them were friends forever, while Ragini changed and didn’t care about them and concentrated on ‘other guys’, an kept getting into ‘relationships’ and left them all alone.
Sanskaar- First of all, didn’t they break up ? Why does he still call her Shona ? Doesn’t he know that would have broken Ragu’s heart ? And also, Ragini has never been in a relationship. Like ever. She’s been brutally single for long and that a*shole.
Aditi- And that’s not all. He just had to bring up the same point again.
Sanskaar- What point ?
Aditi- ‘It’s all your fault’ point. Supposedly, they broke up because of Ragini.
Aditi(placing his phone down and looking at him)- Hm ?
Sanskaar(red eyes)- Tell Bhai to talk to mom and dad and tell them to appoint a really good lawyer to bail me out of jail.
Aditi- Sanskaar. Shut up.

Sanskaar- Bhabhi ! You know how sensitive Ragu is right ? She would have probably cried herself to sleep the night she read this message. She would have cursed herself for even existing.
Aditi- I know Sanskaar. But don’t take rash decisions. If Ragini hasn’t told us-
Sanskaar- Or Twinkle, considering the fact that Lakshya and Swara are still alive.
Aditi- As I was saying, if she hasn’t told us about it, she probably wants to forget and doesn’t want it to keep haunting her.
Sanskaar- Bhabhi. You know her. You know that she’s gonna keep blaming herself.
Aditi- She always has. But this time, there is something different. You are with her. Take care of her. Please.
Sanskaar(nodded, smiled weakly)- You don’t have to tell me. I’ll do that anyway. She’s my best friend and I care about her way too much to see her like that. Which is why, I won’t bring it up. I don’t want her to be sad. I want her to be happy. And though weirdly dramas and songs make her more happy than humans do, I will still try my best as a mere human to make her smile.
Flashback ends

Sanskaar went and hugged Ragini from behind. She didn’t resist, as if she was able to recognise his touch. After a few seconds, she pulled away slightly and turned around to hug him. He noticed that she wasn’t crying, but she did seem pretty sad. He just patted her back and assured her that he was always here with just that simple action. She smiled all of a sudden and looked at his face with a weird expression. He raised his eyebrow at her. This was her,’I just had an amazing idea’ face. She was gonna get him drunk, wasn’t she ? He just sighed and said-” If you are trying to say that we should get drunk-” He was cut off because Ragini kissed his cheek happily and nodded like a cute little kid. Sanskaar just gulped. He tried to move away, but she was clinging to him like a little baby. He just took deep breathes and said to himself-” Heart. Mind. All the other body parts. Calm down. It’s not that hot out here. Stop.”

Surprise surprise. Considering the fact that my updates had become irregular, this comes off as a huge surprise ?
I just have to say this, so that I don’t feel guilty for making one of my favourite characters evil-ish. Sorry Swara? But that’s just how the actual ‘Swara’ in my life was. Also, I have a confession to make. This wasn’t gonna be a Raglak ff. I had decided to make this a Ragsan ff from the very beginning, though I was confused, my heart was inclining more toward Ragsan. Which is actually quite surprising because I love Raglak more than I love Ragsan.But after writing Lakshya’s POV and reading comments, I was really debating. Still am, to be honest. The problem is, because this story is a little related to my own story, my conscience, ego and pride are not allowing me to make it raglak, because the ‘lakshya’ in my life is a huge jerkface. So, I’m really sorry if I am disappointing you guys. It’s just that as a person who has been through the same heartbreak as Ragini in this story, I feel like she deserves a second shot at happiness rather than that pain. I really wanna punish Lakshya in this story. Maybe after he has been punished my heart would allow me to make it raglak. But I really can’t promise anything. Thank you for your support and I sincerely apologise if I have hurt your feelings. Also, sorry for the super long author’s note. Loads of love??

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  1. Varshni

    Please yaar laksh is a perfect jerk so please don’t make raglak !!!! It’s a humble request !!!! Even my life is somewhat like that only !!! Struggling like ragu !!!

    1. Mittu

      I agree that Lakshya is a complete jerk in this story, very much like the jerkface in my story. I can totally relate to you. Thank you soo much for commenting??

    1. Mittu

      Thank you so much ?

  2. S yaar ragsan pls it will be nice.

    1. Mittu

      It’s definitely gonna be Ragsannn?

  3. ragsan s best don’t make raglak…and even I love raglak more than ragsan but in this story only sanky deserve ragini

    1. Mittu

      I agreee 100%
      Lakshya doesn’t deserve Ragini in this story. So it’s gonna be Ragsan?

  4. Amazing

    1. Mittu

      Thank you ?

  5. Amazing dr make it ragsan this is first time commenting here because of ur author note make it RAGSAN

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much ?
      It’s gonna be ragsan ?
      And I’m soo glad you commented ?

  6. Swara badly needs a punishment.lakshya too just dint make swa—–lak couple and friends too because they don’t Deserve it actually ragu is too good for them and please lakshya is hurting her so much yar n he should know that He Was Wrong Always. Ragu is si much hurt without her fault.show everyone true colour of swara. And don’t worry there are lots of ff where people shows either ragu or lakshya in bad shade.i really love ur ff I will be celebrating the day when you will update swara’s true colour because even u have such people who randomly spread wrong news about others without actually knowing the person.

    1. Mittu

      They don’t deserve Ragu’s friendship or love, that is something I completely agree with ! And as far as Swara is concerned, don’t worry, she will be punished and Lakshya as well ?
      Thank you sooo much ?

  7. Shrilatha

    Awesome love u for ragsan.you have described and justified perfectly

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear ! ?
      Loads of loveeee ?

  8. Amazing please make it ragsan only

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much ??
      And the pair is gonna be Ragsan onlyyy?

  9. Dharani


    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much ??

  10. Ragsan ? don’t think about changing the pair ?

    1. Mittu

      Definitely, Ragsan only?
      Thanks for commenting?

  11. AMkideewani

    Make it RagSan dear and awesome story, I love RagSan more than RagLak actually???

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much??
      It will be ragsan only now ?

      1. AMkideewani

        Thanks a lot dear for making it RagSan?????

  12. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot…i don’t want raglak yar…Sanky s perfect for ragu…plz make it ragsan….waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu sooo much dear?
      It’s gonna be Ragsannn onlyyy ??

  13. Asw

    Amazing story keep going ?

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuuu ??

  14. Sreevijayan

    I like both the couples..bt in dis sstory it has to be ragsan yaar..plssss…i cnt even imagine ragini ending wid laksh in dis ff…i wud rather prefer being single…

    1. Mittu

      I totally understand yaar
      And I think even I would prefer being single rather than choosing the jerkface in my story. ?

  15. Lahari

    Keep it ragsan dear..dnt change nd brk our heart..if u want to make raglak ,confirm before itself..im sry if i hurt u..

    1. Mittu

      It will definitely be Ragsan only now.??
      And don’t say sorry and all Akka(I hope I can call you akka),

  16. Bela

    Baahhhhh. I missed two of your updates. TWO!!!! 2!!!!!!

    First of all, both the updates were really awesome. Ragsan are so comfortable with each other, just like I am with my bed???. And Twinkle’s character is thoroughly adorable. ???

    In this update, friggin, EVERYTHING ABOUT SWARA AND LAKSHYA ANGERED ME. Swara turned out to be a real b*t*h while Lakshya turned out exactly how I knew he would. And since this is inspired by your own true tale, I would say ki Boys are so predictable, right? Even the Swalak in my life were EXACTLY the same. Life doesn’t differentiate.

    And I understand your reasons for Ragsan, but even if I didn’t, I could choose to read silently and digest it or stop reading. I have, since forever, stood for a writer’s right to express his or her own view, not get influenced by reader’s demands. Granted, we need to make our lovely readers happy but your independence as a writer shouldn’t get compromised. We aren’t CVs of a TV serial, we are writer’s of a story. Love this and love you.???

    1. Mittu

      I have a similar relationship with my bed. I imagined my relationship with my bed when I typed out these shots??

      It’s sooo annoying that boys are all sooo predictable? We have pretty similar fates I guess ? Life doesn’t differentiate at all, at least in our case?

      Thank you sooo much for being soo understanding and supportive ??
      Also, I missed a chapter of Sakhi Saiyaan and your poll and I just realised that now?? Stupid college??

  17. hello guys….. I just loved this update…. fantabulous and I totally agree with u….. It’s ragini’s story…. and seeing whatever happened with her in the past… raglak won’t be digestive to anyone….so whosoever deserves her more should be her true soulmate and in this case it obviously is sanskaar…. but whichever pair u choose I will keep on reading and commenting.
    Hats off to u for writing this story
    and though I have not been through anything like this but my suggestion is that someone somewhere is out there waiting for awesome people like you…. who deserve you more
    I am an ardent believer of destiny and trust me guys… if it’s not happy then it’s not the end.
    sorry for such a long comment and if someone is hurt….. am sorry dil se ❤❤

    and love you lots mittu

    1. Mittu

      First of all, thank youu soo much.?
      I’m soo glad that you liked my story?
      Thank you for being soooo supportive and your suggestion just??, it made my day. Thank you soo muchh❤
      Loads of loveee

  18. Plz make it a ragsan bcz acc 2 ur story laksh no wer desrve raginI even after a punishment…plz plz plz…ragsan r perfect 4 eo acc 2 der characters in ur story

    1. Mittu

      I agree, Lakshya is such a jerk?
      He doesn’t deserve Ragu.

  19. Awesome dear, loved this update very much. In this story Sanky deserves Ragu. Waiting for next part

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear ??

  20. Heyo ! Firstly just want to say that I love your story?? I love the way u write and the part about k dramas is so relatable cz my sister does this all day ? With regards to the pair, I think Lucky doesn’t deserve Ragu even after he has been punished. Sanky is d one for Ragu cz he cares for her too much? He knows Ragu inside out which Lucky was never able to. Considering d way Swalak have turned out in d story, I would never want d jerk Lucky to be with Ragu. Ragu needs our hero Sanky? who understands her, cares for her and is with her? Sanky’s character is such that I would be disappointed if Ragu chose Lucky even after all he has done with her. Nevertheless will continue to read ur story no matter what? But yeah crossing my fingers for Ragsan???
    And love d gadbad the Ragsan and Twinj group does. I love how u write abt everyday stuff??

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu so so soooo muchhh ??
      And I’m soo glad you can relate, your sister would probably annoy you just like how Ragu in this story does(soo me?)
      And it’s gonna be Ragsan?

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