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Twinkle smirked when she saw Lakshya entering the lift. She nudged her boyfriend, well practically pushed him, indicating that he should shut the power off. That would stop the lift and Lakshya would be stuck. Poor Kunj who was being tortured by his girlfriend, was actually very proud that she was an evil mastermind. Ragini and Sanskaar had always told him, that it’s not something to be proud of, but he didn’t seem to care. He smiled looking at her jumping around happily when she heard Lakshya screaming for help. Apparently, Kunj found this cute, rather than evil. Ragini and Sanskaar who were clueless about what their great best friends were doing, finally woke up. They immediately started rushing when they realised that they were gonna be late for college. They were pretty confused when they heard someone screaming for help, but they decided not to waste time and take the stairs. Ragini who was tired after running for two floors, sat on the floor and stared at Sanky with puppy eyes. He just rolled his eyes at her and picked her up and started rushing down the stairs, while Ragini screamed like a little kid, enjoying Sanky’s piggy back ride.As if on cue, the lift started working and Lakshya saw Ragini smiling as Sanskaar carried her. He felt angry, hurt, jealous, what not. He looked at her and thought to himself-“How could she do this to me ?” Sanskaar on the other hand, carried Ragini until they reached his bike. They left from there in a hurry, leaving Lakshya who was staring at them with red eyes, when he say Ragini wrap her hands around Sanskaar’s waist. She was humming as she placed her chin on his shoulder. Sanskaar was kind off surprised seeing her in such a good mood. For someone who had been in love with someone for far too long and was trying to move on, when her past wasn’t letting go, she seemed awfully cheerful, especially because he knew that she was hiding her pain. He was worried that his best friend had gotten drunk or something. He cursed Twinkle because he assumed that she would have been behind all of this, when he remembered something that had happened last night and gulped.
After tucking Ragini in bed, Sanskaar went back out to the living room, where Twinkle was sitting with a weird expression. It looked like she was planning something. That look always scared the living hell out of him. He tried to be brave and went and sat next to her.
Sanskaar- Penny for your thoughts ?
Twinkle(coming back to the real world)-Hmm ? Oh. That. It’s just that this Elsa was thinking about how she can protect her Anna.
Sanskaar- Well, for starters I would suggest that she doesn’t lock herself up in her room and make Anna roam around the castle like a Bhatakti aatma. That would be helpful and would save us a lot of time you know ?
Twinkle(glaring at him)- Really ?
Sanskaar- Well. You started it.
Twinkle- Uh, no. You started it. You always call us Elsa and Anna. I’m Elsa and Jaan is Anna.
Sanskaar- Okay. Fine. I give up. But that’s not the point.
Twinkle- Sanky. If Lakshya were to come back in Ragini’s life, what do you think she should do ?
Sanskaar- Uh, punch him ofcourse.
Twinkle- Haina ?! Even I think the same. But it’s just she has had feelings for him for such a long time, that she can’t get over him. It’s like she’s used to it. It’s kind of like a bad habit that she doesn’t want to let go off.
Sanskaar- Hmm.
Twinkle- What hmm ? If Lakshya is Hans in my Ragini-Anna’s life, I thought that you would be her Kristoff.
Sanskaar(shocked)- What ? Really ?
Twinkle- Yes. But now, when you give me such reactions, I feel like I will have to take my protective elder sister/mother attitude to a whole new level.
Sanskaar(gulping)- S-sorry. P-please don’t k-kill me .
Twinkle(scoffing)- I’m not gonna kill you, you fool. *smirking* But this just proves that you like her, in a romantic way.
Sanskaar(completely shook)- Uhh….
Twinkle(laughing)- Don’t worry. I want you guys to end up together too. And as for Lakshya, I have something very special in mind for him.*evil laugh*
Sanskaar- Um. Okay then. Goodnight ?
Twinkle(still lost in evil thoughts,murmuring)-And I will break his thumb and chop his other hand and-
Sanskaar(eyes widening as he heard her speak)- Uh… Well…. okay then… I’m gonna go now.
Flashback ends
Sanskaar realised why Twinkle was plotting so much only after he discovered that Lakshya was the new kid and their neighbour. He was worried that Twinkle would kill him when she would find out what he was hiding. As they reached college, he realised that Ragini was fast asleep. ‘Aww, this cute little baby’ he thought to himself. He woke her up and she realised that she had drooled all over his shoulder. She immediately apologised and started wiping his shirt,while he chuckled at her cuteness and caught her hand and dragged her to class. The day was going by as usual, except for Lakshya’s glares, whenever he saw Sanskaar and Ragini giggling and messing around. It was time for lunch and Sanskaar and Ragini decided to go to their favourite cafe to grab some snacks. Obviously, Lakshya followed them, and obviously the chipku girls of the class followed him. Ragini decided to go and warm up her seat, while Sanskaar went and placed their order. He didn’t even have to ask Ragini what she wanted, because he knew what she would say. Lakshya who noticed even this tiny detail, went and sat beside Ragini. He said to her in a mocking tone-“Wow, what a nice friend you have na, he didn’t even ask you what you want, he just wants to order his food. So sweet na ?” Ragini who would have actually ignored Lakshya, felt the need to smack his face when he insulted her best friend. She immediately turned to him and said-“He didn’t ask me what I want to order, Because he already knows. Unlike the so called best friends I had, he knows me very very very well and cares about me.” Lakshya who got pissed off, said-“What do you mean ? Were me and Shona nothing to you ?” Ragini felt like clapping when he said that. Wow, he still calls her Shona. Wow. Just. Wow. She turned to him and said with teary eyes-“You both were EVERYTHING to me. But sadly, none of it was reciprocated. And obviously that is my fault too right ?” Lakshya got pissed of when she said that. He raised his voice as he spoke-“Why do you keep saying that huh ? The last time we texted you said the same thing.” Before he could extract an answer out of Ragini, Sanskaar stepped in and told Lakshya to go to hell- in the most polite way possible. He saw that Ragini was feeling low and sighed. He was going to regret this, wasn’t he ? He said, hesitating-“Ragini, wanna listen to kpop ? Or do you wanna watch a drama on my phone ?” Ragini’s eyes shone and she looked at him giving him a really cute and innocent expression and said-“Can’t we do both ?” Sanskaar smiled and nodded, while Ragini happily clapped her hands, dragged her seat next to his, pulled out his phone from his pocket and made him wear one headphone, while she put on the other. She happily smiled and shook her head along with the beat. He just looked at her as she placed her head on his shoulder, still smiling and enjoying the music. He thought to himself-“How can someone go from sad to extremely happy in mere seconds. *sigh* Well that’s just my Ragu I guess.”

Yes, I know I’m super duper late.
Don’t kill me. Pleacheee. I had a whole different thing planned for the story, but there were certain-‘revelations’ in my own story, which caused me to change the storyline. I’m afraid I cannot give everyone what they want and I have decided to go with my gut. Because after the facts that I have come across, regarding my own story, it just didn’t feel right. I hope you guys will stick around until the next epi and see what I’m talking about. Thank you all for your support. Loads and loads of love. ?

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  1. I dont ever comment on any fan fiction…but I really am in love with your story and I really hope Ragini ends up with Sanskaar

  2. Yeah I know in next epi you are going to announce it as Rag—–San by making Laksh extreme negative so this is the end.I read this story even after I have decided to quit it 5-6 epis ago coz I loved it from beginning & in hope that may be Raglak ll unite again but after Ragini’s behavior towards Laksh today its clear that no point of hoping anything anymore.So this story finally ends here for me.Good bye & good luck ✋

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    Awwweeee…can ragsan get any mre cuter? Awesome update my dear….

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    I like both raglak and ragsan

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    Oh my I wanna pull ragu’ s cheeks for her cuteness and kiss twinkle on her cheeks for her care and pat Sanskar on his shoulders for his understanding and ruffle my hand on kunj’s hair for his innocence well he is Bali ka bakra what to do love all the four of them..love your story..no.matter how it turns up..I love it…..

  6. Asra

    awesome dear….ragu Sanky na both r cute….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

  7. Hi you can make pair on ur choice but just dont make swa—-lak as pair because they don’t deserve it. They used ragu as they needed her whenever. Mostly lakshya please he should know that his behaviour towards ragu was really very wrong n he should get punishment for that.i love ur ff.update soon.

  8. Awesome dear, loved it dear. Waiting for next part

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