Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 2

Ragini was still questioning Swara and Lakshya’s friendship .It was because Swara had a huge crush on a guy named Manav from their neighbouring section or that’s what she said . And Swara never really spoke to guys other than Aditya.Ragini had noticed that Swara had not been talking to Lakshya for a couple of days. Ragini didn’t want to bring it up, but when Piya brought up the topic, Swara burst into tears.That day Ragini realised why Swara was so close with Lakshya, or that’s what she thought. Swara’s childhood friend Nikhil, meant the world to her. Even when she moved, they remained in touch. But, not too long ago, he passed away . Swara said that Lakshya reminded her of Nikhil . She felt like Nikhil was the one who had sent Lakshya to be her best friend now. Ragini being an emotional fool, immediately felt bad for Swara and made a resolve to solve their problems. She asked Tara for his number and said she needed it cause her aunt had asked her for it. Her aunt was a teacher in school and so, that seemed like a pretty reasonable explanation. That evening , Ragini sat staring at his number on her cell phone. She didn’t have the guts to call him. Even during dance class, she lost her focus. So, she finally decided to call him. And that ended in disaster. She called him 17 times. Well, his phone was switched off, so that’s why she had to call so many times. Ragini wasn’t the kind of person to obsess over someone like this, so she felt really embarrassed. But she gave her heart quite a reasonable explanation for wanting to hear his voice. She said to herself , that she didn’t want Swara to starve anymore and that’s why she was doing this. It was partly true, but she had finally decided that she wanted to be friends with him. Ragini gave up after the 17th call and got back to dance practice. She tried to immerse herself in dance, because that was one of the things that could take her mind off him. Her dance teacher was worried about her because Ragini seemed to be stressing herself , so she asked Ragini to take a breath and rest for a while. Ragini thanked her a thousand times for that because Lakshya had called back . Not 17 times though . Just once. But seeing his name in her call log, made her heart bounce with joy and excitement. She immediately called back and apologised profusely for calling so many times and explained the situation. She didn’t give Lakshya even a moment to talk. In the end, Lakshya just said okay, I’ll talk to her tomorrow and cut the call. Ragini was quite disheartened and she was very embarrassed for her act. Her eyes welled up with tears because she felt that Lakshya would probably despise her for calling up so many times and then talking really rudely. She practically yelled at him and compelled him to make amends with her best friend. Little did she know that Lakshya was just amused by her. The next day as promised Lakshya made amends with Swara. Ragini felt the need to apologise again, and when she did Lakshya ignored her and walked away. That was when Ragini realised that the newspapers were right about the sun signs. Ragini was finally showing traits that proved she was a Leo. She felt deeply hurt, no not her heart . But her pride , her ego . Things she never had earlier. Ugh, Lakshya was awakening all such foreign feelings in her. This day marked the beginning of Lakshya and Ragini’s relationship as ‘enemies’.

Ragini wasn’t really a good ‘enemy’ for two reasons. One, she had a crush on him . Two, she was way too sweet and didn’t really do anything enemy like. Now, Lakshya on the other hand was an amazing ‘enemy’ for two major reasons. One, he loved teasing Ragini . He would often tease Swara by calling her ‘moti’, but he just loved teasing Ragini. He would often call her Jaanu. Why? You ask ? Her cousins would often comment on her profile pictures and would address her as jaanu, because that was her pet name. She looked just like her mother Janki, and so the whole family called her Jaanu. Lakshya who discovered this, didn’t leave a single chance to tease her in front of the whole class. Ragini would end up blushing like a tomato when he called her Jaanu and sometimes she would become ma kaali and stare at him with her huge eyes, but that didn’t seem to scare him either. Now this is the second reason why he was such a good enemy. Ragini would get irritated really easily and he didn’t really have to do anything enemy-ish. He just had to be his same old annoying self. The three of them -Swara, Ragini and Lakshya would often walk home together and the whole time Swara would have to zone those two out because of their fights. One day, Lakshya saw Ragini talking to her cousin who was in their school, and he asked Ragini to set them up . Ragini lost it . Lakshya asked Tara for help too and said that he was really serious this time . Every time they had this conversation, Ragini would simply role her eyes and say you are not her type. But the truth was Ragini didn’t like it when Lakshya tried to flirt with his cousin . This made Ragini even more cranky. This led to them fighting even more. Ragini came up with the cutest and useless threats which made Lakshya crack up all the time. The two of them didn’t realise that these fights were what actually made them true friends. But, it was that day, that their friendship had really blossomed. One simple text ,a really simple question, was the beginning of their relationship as best friends.

Ragini was in dance class when she got a message from Lakshya . It read-“Oye, which colour suits me the best ? Bol na …. Jaldi jaldi”
That one text marked the beginning of their never ending conversations.

They would basically text each other the whole day. Lakshya told her things he had never told anyone. Somehow, he could open up his heart to her. In fact she was the only girl that he would text non stop. He started calling her ‘Jaan’ because he felt that name suited her more than Jaanu. They would talk about random things and deep things . Literally everything . But the thing is Ragini had to keep her conversations with Lakshya a secret , because of her dadi ma. So she didn’t save his number. She didn’t need to actually . She knew his number by heart. One day they were playing 21 questions and asking each other all sorts of questions. One of the questions Ragini asked him was about his first crush . His reply left Ragini shocked. She felt her heart hurt a little every time she read that message . It read
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  1. Naz_Temish

    Owww ragini……The stages of their relationship is beautifully portrayed…..keep on going dear

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    Aww cute one

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    awesome dear….loved it alot….ohh laksh crush s swara….omg ragu going to feel for that…eagerly waiting for nxt one…
    whn u r going to update ur another ff….tkcr dear….

    1. Mittu

      Thanks dear !!

  4. Kriti249

    This is awesome!! I loved it and that sun sign thing is so funny. I don’t from where you get so amazing ideas. The best part the story is it’s so realtable and it’s a Teen story. Well I have a question, ragini is in which standard?

    1. Mittu

      Thanks dear !! ❤
      They have just started 10th !!

  5. Berdilla

    superb dear friend

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  6. Jayanti

    so cuteeee…..seriously…raglak relationship portrayed so beautifully……am waiting for the next part…update really soon

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      Thank you sooo much dear !!

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  9. Now Ragu is hurt, waiting for next part dear

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      Ragu is gonna be hurt for longgg longgg time ?
      I’m kind of mean ?

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  10. Chhaya

    Amazing…..But feel bad for ragu

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    awesome simply awesome
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