Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 15

Ragini was sitting on the floor as her tears kept streaming down her cheeks like a river.
Sanskaar-Ragini ….. Please stop crying yaar ! Pleaseee ?!
Ragini – How can you expect me to stop ? It’s just soo sad.
Sanskaar- It’s just an animated movie Ragini. Work of fiction.

Ragini looked at Sanskaar as she wiped her tears and said cutely- “So….. If it’s fiction,Stoick is not dead ! Yay ! Thank you Sanky !” and she hugged him happily. Sanskaar just sighed.
Ragini- You know Sanky, I didn’t really tell even Kunj about Lakshya. I mean, I never told Kunj that I loved Lakshya, I just said that he was my best friend. It was Twinkle who told him everything because I was really embarrassed to tell Kunj that I was hung up over someone who never really cared for me. I mean it’s really weird right ?! I’m kept going back to the guy who only hurt me. I never really told anyone except for Twinkle about everything that had happened. But somehow, today I feel like I can tell you everything.

Sanskaar- That’s probably because you are still under the influence of alcohol. You are completely talli. I don’t want you to tell me something that you wouldn’t want someone to know. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable once you are sober.
Ragini(cupped Sanskaar’s face with one hand and looked in to his eyes as tears formed in her eyes)- How can you be so nice Sanskaar ?! What you said proves that you would never judge me or hurt me. I’m soo sorry for hurting you before. I see you as my potential best friend Sanskaar. Someone who has got my back. I thought I would be all alone in college, but now I have you. And now that we are roomies, I want you to know everything.

Sanskaar kept looking at Ragini as she revealed every single detail about her heartbreak.He was annoyed. How could someone call this beautiful girl ugly ? Who was that stupid to choose some other girl over this angel ? But in a way Sanskaar was happy. He never really had any friends. He was the typical nerd. Girls would flirt with him, but he hated it. His parents had taught him be a ‘one woman’ man. So he waited for that special person and hence he had the typical ‘good boy’ image.But he didn’t like being left out when his classmates would plan something. Somehow because of his 3 roommates, he had friends. He was happy that someone was sharing their secrets, their feelings with him. He was looking at Ragini who was staring at the floor, deep in thoughts.
Ragini(Getting up)-Come. Let’s go.

Sanskaar- But where ?! I don’t know where this Lakshya lives to beat him up yaar. Tell me his address then we will go.
Ragini(annoyed)- I don’t want to see that monkey’s face. Let’s go now. Go pack a bag, and get your passport,we are going to Korea.
Sanskaar(shocked)- What ?! Korea ?! Why ?! How ?
Ragini(grabbed her purse)- Fine. You keep asking questions. It’s clear you don’t want to come. I am leaving.(and she moved towards the door)
Sanskaar held her hand to stop her,but she was too strong when she was drunk. He swept her off her feet and held her in his arms.

Sanskaar – Abbey !! You need a visa, sirf passport thodi na chalega !
Ragini(who had finally calmed down)- But, but I wanna gooooo…..
Sanskaar(made her sit on the sofa)- Why ?
Ragini(making a sad face)- I heard that one of my favourite Korean actors has cancer. I want to go there and give him flowers and tell him ‘Get Well Soon Oppa’.
Sanskaar (slapped his forehead in irritation)- Ragsssss ! You have already flooded his girlfriend’s insta gram and all the Facebook posts about this with those comments. And by the way, I think he will be fine because he is getting treated. So can you just calm down and sit here.
Ragini(smiling cutely)- Really ?! He will be fine ?! Yay !! But still let’s go to Korea. Let’s go meet Korean actors. I want to tell them how much I love their shows. And I want to meet the awesome writers. Come naaa Sankyyyy.
Sanskaar-Rags ! We can’t go okay ?!

Ragini(like a small kid)- But whyyy ?!!
Sanskaar- Uhhh, Because …. The new episode of My secret Romance is here.
Ragini started jumping and dancing. Sanskaar was finally relieved because now Ragini won’t eat his brain for sometime. He really needed time to digest the fact that Ragini had been rejected and hurt by an idiot like Lakshya. He had always thought that Ragini was someone who would have been in tons of relationships. He thought that she was probably a heart breaker, but he was wrong. Someone had not only broken her heart, but stolen a few pieces of her shattered heart, leaving her heart hollow. And then there was the disturbing fact that Ragini cared much more about her Korean dramas and actors and animated characters than she did about herself. He was sooooo lost in thoughts that he didn’t realise that Ragini had left the apartment. As soon as he realised that he had lost her, he ran out with the keys. He cursed himself for not looking after her and cursed her for disappearing. He found her near the curb talking to someone. He didn’t know who that person was but he could see that Ragini was furious seeing this person. Though she still looked like a cute little munchkin, she was angry.

Ragini- You ! You annoying human ! You parasite !! Why the hell are you here ?!
Person- Grow up Ragini. Not everything is about you okay ?
Ragini- Yeah, I know because everything is about you. Right Swara ?!
Swara- Ragini, just stop being immature. What have I ever done to you that you are treating me like this.
Ragini(screeching)- WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME ?!! SERIOUSLY ?!
Swara- Stop screaming. Are you drunk ?! Ugh, immature girl.

Ragini- Shut up Swara !! Just shut up ! You broke my trust, stole the love of my life and then broke his heart too. Need I go on ?!
Swara- Oh god Ragini. Stop making everything about yourself. Lakshya never loved you like that anyway.
Sanskaar(stepping in)-Excuse me.
Swara(batting her eyelashes and smiling)- Hi I’m Swara. I’m sorry about her, she is drunk.(whispering so only Ragini could hear) Ragini please stop creating a scene and go away. And ya, don’t be surprised because such handsome guys keep flirting with me on a daily basis. Now let me get back to him, so that he can ask me out. Goodbye.
Sanskaar(who heard what she said)- Oh hello ! Don’t be under that impression. I am here to take this talli home. Rags, chal ab.

Ragini who was fuming and greatly under the influence of alcohol, pounced at Swara. Luckily, Sanskaar was swift and immediately encircled his arms around Ragini’s waist,in an attempt stop her. As it had already been established, ‘drunk Ragini’ is really strong. So she kept struggling to get out of his hold. After a lot of struggle she finally gave up and looked at Swara who was staring at Ragini with a -how did you end up with someone so hot expression. Ragini took advantage of the fact that Sanskaar was holding her and jumped. No that ain’t right. She tried kicking Swara with both her legs at the same time. Swara who had good reflexes, immediately stepped back. Now Sanskaar had finally left Ragini. Why you ask ? In her attempt to do the flying kick, she ended up banging her head on Sanskaar’s nose and he was taken aback by the blow, which caused him to loosen his grip.

Ragini being a human with a really thick skull, didn’t realise that she had hurt him and started fighting with Swara. Twinkle who was still troubling Kunj, saw some random chick pull her best friend’s hair. Obviously, her mamma bear instinct kicked in and she ran to protect her adoptive daughter. As soon as she saw that the random chick was Swara , her anger had reached a whole new level. The next thing Kunj knew, he was lying on the floor, his girlfriend had trapped Swara in a head lock, his roommate bro was sitting on the floor with his hand over his nose, while his best friend, who was the main reason all this had started was sitting on the floor and counting stars. Luckily, the rest of the night was a little less traumatising for the guys, as they barely manage to survive when they were dragging the girls back home. Kunj who was completely exhausted passed out on the couch, while Twinkle succeeded in puking on Sanskaar’s bed somehow and slept comfortably in her room. That left Sanskaar alone with Ragini who was now guilty. She felt bad for having almost broken his nose.

Ragini(like a little baby)- I am choooo cholly ……
Sanskaar(holding an ice pack near his nose)- It’s okay Ragini, it’s not like you did it on purpose.
Ragini immediately got up and kissed Sanskaar’s nose several times in an attempt to cure him. Sanskaar just stood there shocked. He could feel the atmosphere in the room heating up. It’s a good thing that his parents had taught him to be a gentleman and not take advantage of situations such as this one. He thanked god, because he had decided not to drink. Had he gotten drunk, he wouldn’t have been able to hold it in. He picked up Ragini, giving her a piggy back ride as she wanted to ‘fly’ to her room. As he set her down and tucked her into bed, he said to himself-“I can never let her drink when other guys are around her.God knows what she will do.” Ragini looked at him as her eyes shone. She said cutely-” Bed time story ?” Sanskaar smiled and looked at her cute face as he simply told her the story of her favourite k-drama. By the time he had finished, Ragini was snoring cutely like her favourite minion-Bob.

Luckily this Pappu has passed both boards and her entrance exam, so yay ??. Okay, now I have to start my apology session. Sorry for being late and sorry for not giving you an extremely crazy Ragini, I know I had promised, but I couldn’t deliver. But, this is not the last time you will see drunk Ragini. That’s for sure.

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  1. A.xx

    Amazing and love it as always and love Twinkle’s momma bear instincts and poor kunjsan xx

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu soo much ??

  2. Loved it very much . It’s awesome . Ragini was not too much crazy but it was crazy so don’t feel bad or disappointed and congrats for boards and entrance exam . Btw were u from cbse board or state board and from which stream bcz I too got passed in boards but entrance exams results are not out yet . Once again congratulations for ur exams and plz update next part soon its a request so plz plz update it soon .

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much dear ! I’m opted for Mec in a cbse school. Congratulations ! I’m pretty sure you would have done your entrance exam well too !! Thanks a lot , I’ll try posting today or tomorrow ! ?

  3. hi im guest in tellyupdates like yourstory, are you taking about kim woo bin i also wish him to get cure very soon for his cancer.

    1. Mittu

      Yesss…. I love Kim woo bin and it was really sad to hear that he has cancer. I really loved his acting, and he’s a good person too… Hope our wishes come true and he’s cured soon. Thank you sooo much for commenting??

  4. Amazing update.. Please make Raglak meet soon.. I am waiting for their love story to start

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu ?
      I’ll try making them meet jaldi jaldi

  5. Awesome dear

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear ! ??

  6. Awesome

    1. Mittu

      Thank you ??

  7. P112111

    Awesome amazing mind blowing…….. Is it Ragsann???……. Congo……. G. B. U. ….. double double party………. ???????????????

    1. Mittu

      Thank youu??
      And about the pair I’m confused. First I had thought of making it ragsan, but after I wrote Lakshya’s POV, I have become more confused than ever.
      Hehe thank you soo much…. ?

  8. Sreevijayan

    Mittuuuu…i have no wrds to describe hw awesme writer u r woman….OMG…. it was outstanding……..

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soooo much ????
      I’m really glad you like it dear ?

  9. Kabi...

    Awwww amazing. And Korea plan was superb. I too like kdramas soooo muchhhh. Awesome di. Please update the next part soon di. I’m eagerly waiting for it. And this ff is my favorite.

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear ! ?
      I love love loveeeee k dramas ! I’m basically obsessed ? So I’m glad I’m not the only kdrama fan! Hifi dear !! ??
      Aww, thank you soo much ?, I’m soo glad you like it

    1. Mittu

      Thank you ?

  10. Naz_Temish

    It’s not crazy???? Check ur head mittu??From start till end this is awestruckly CRAZIEEEEE…….
    After creating such a fuss, ragini sat there counting stars ?????….I m
    Truly laughing……SUPERBBBB MITTU???????…..update next soon

    PS: and haa looking forward for next drunkard Ragini Stunt????

    1. Mittu

      Hehe ???
      Thank you soooo much Naz ??
      I laughed a little when I typed that line too ??

  11. Naz_Temish

    And u watch Korean dramas?? I just started watching some now and god its awesome..:.:

    1. Mittu

      Ahhh yesss !! K dramas are soo cool ! They are completely different from Hindi serials, where they completely butcher the story.? I’m like obsessed at this point ???

      1. Naz_Temish

        Yaa true….Hindi serials can’t be compare with them…I feel like watching a Fresh cool Bollywood movie

      2. Mittu

        Exactly !!
        And the good thing about kdramas is that they have a fixed number of epis so the story doesn’t get dragged !

  12. Naagin

    Awesome ????

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuuu ????

  13. I luv this episode dr……… And i luv k serials…………..

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much ?
      And I am obsessed with k-dramas ??
      So yay ! Hifi!!

  14. Awesome

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      Thanks a lot ??

  15. Dharani


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      Thank you ??

  16. AMkideewani

    Amazing dear???

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      Thank you ??

  17. Asw

    Amazing yaar oh no sanskar nose was bleeding ? thought ragini was week but the blow prove him wrong ? keep going

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much ??

  18. Mittu, this episode was so cool. Like Wow. Sanku deserves do many hugs and kisses, he is SUCH a gentleman! Lets Ragini have a piggy back ride on him, lets Twinkle puke on his bed and get away with it while he doesn’t even say anything bad to Swara. And he understands Ragini do well and is always looking out for her. I love this guy???

    By the way, congrats on your boards and entrances, I cleared both too. Party, anyday??

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu ??
      I totally agree !! Sanky is such a cutie?, he should basically be showered with hugs and kisses !
      Congrats ! We need to celebrate ??

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