Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 14

Lakshya’s POV
She called me.She remembers me. She wished me on my birthday. GAHHHHH !!! I’m sooo glad. Despite all that she said, I can’t help but be happy. I missed her. I missed her voice, her tantrums, her cute anger. Let’s be honest, all that she said was right. I was always comfortable only with Ragini. I knew I could be myself around her. Even if she made fun of me, she knew when she had to be serious and comfort me. Swara would somehow convert every topic into something about her. And when I had finally decided to tell her the truth, she just dismissed it. Like it was nothing. I still remember Ragini’s reaction when I told her. She was the first person I had revealed this secret to. I always had a sense of insecurity because of this. But when I told her, she made me see things from a different perspective. Swara and Ragini had such different reactions.

Lakshya and Ragini would always bicker during the beginning of tenth grade. They would find ways to tease each other and call each other names. But one day Lakshya suddenly told Ragini the truth. The truth about his life. The truth that their family had kept hidden because they wanted to avoid controversies with Lakshya’s father being a big businessman and all. Lakshya was not-Mrs. Annapurna Kapoor’s son. Yes, his father had an affair and Lakshya was his illegitimate son. Annapurna had been kind enough to forgive Durgaprasad, or rather decided to keep her lips sealed so that her son Adarsh would lead a life full of luxury. To the whole world, Lakshya was her darling son, whom she loved dearly. But, when alone, she never spoke a word unless it involved him wanting something, or mocking him indirectly. Lakshya felt like he could finally trust someone when Ragini came into his life. So, he told her the truth. He had expected Ragini to just cut the phone and not say anything. But what she said, made him tear up.
Lakshya-Jaan, the thing is I am not Annapurna Kapoor’s son. My dad had an affair. Mom, took care of me. But she doesn’t really love me. She loves Adarsh bhai. I heard her and dad fighting about the share we get in business and I just….. I don’t know what to do.
Ragini- You know Lakshya. You’re birth mother is the one who suffered the most in all this. I mean she was separated from her son. In a way I know how you feel because my Maa left me when I was a kid. But when you look at it from a different point of view, I totally do not get how you must be feeling. I mean, having a mother and then not having one at the same time, I don’t really know how much that hurts. But I can tell you one thing Lakshya, that you are lucky, just like your pet name. I know your ‘mother’ probably mocks you and doesn’t talk to you a lot. But she does have of the job just by being there. She’s there for you as a guardian Lakshya. And even if it is only because she is worried about her respect in the society, she will come to your rescue when there is a problem. So instead of being bitter and hating her for being that way, consider her feelings and treat her well. Her husband cheated on her and you are the live reminder of that. You can’t expect things to change instantly, but you can try and make your relationship better. Because unlike a blood line, where she would have no choice but to take care of Adarsh Bhai, she CHOSE to take care of you and accept you. Even if it was to protect the family’s reputation or live in comfort, she chose to give you a family after your biological mother’s demise. So, don’t blame anyone. You are not responsible for the rift between your parents. She is not responsible for loving her own son more than you. Your father is not responsible for wanting both his sons to have an equal share. Just try and give all of them a little happiness to show that you are grateful to have them. I believe that anyone can be won over with love and care.
Lakshya – Jaan…..I,I don’t know what I did to have you in my life. I used to hate her, I used to hate dad. But when you say things that way, somehow I just get it. Maybe if someone else told me this, I would still be in denial. But when you say it that way, it just hit me right in the feels. Thank you soo much Jaan. Luv you yaar !!
Ragini- Okay okay, don’t do so much maska, I’m not helping you with your project. Chal, ab bye !! Take care okay ?! Don’t beat yourself up.
Flashback ends

Lakshya smiled as he remembered how Ragini always guided him in the right path. This girl who was sooo immature some times(most of the time), would somehow become the most wise, mature human alive when it came to such problems. He immediately frowned when he remembered Swara’s reaction.

It had been 2 months since Swara and Lakshya had officially started dating, when Lakshya thought that it was time he told her the truth.
Swara- Lakshya, I am telling you, you can’t cheat on me like that okay ?
Lakshya- Swara, please be serious.
Swara- I’m being serious yaar. I mean you are an illegitimate child. But still, you are a rich kid na ? Be happy !
Lakshya – Ya … Sure, I’ll call you later ? Bye .
Swara- Byeee . I love you so much okay ?!
Flashback ends

Ragini was right about me being afraid. Ofcourse I was afraid that Swara will judge me. But with Ragini I never had any of those fears. Even if I was a jerk to her, she was still with me. But once she went to a different school, she changed. A lot. She used to text me everytime. She was the one who started the conversation. But now, she never texted me. And her replies were short and annoying. She wouldn’t call me either. I was hurt. Very hurt. I missed her. I wanted her to be with me forever. That was the reason I didn’t propose to her. She knows that. She hates change. If I would have told her something that changed our relationship, she would become all awkward and leave me. I was confused, but I am not a fool. I may say that I love Swara more than her, but the truth is she is ‘the one’. As cliched as it sounds, she is the person I would love to spend the rest of my life with. I tried to tell her that many times but this girl can be so dumb. And that blo*dy Karan, he ruined things too. It was because of him that I kept my distance from her. I wanted to be the only guy in her life. But when she started to have a crush on him, everything was just ruined. As we drifted apart, I wanted to just run to her and tell her how I feel. But things just went downhill for us. And now, when she said that she waited for my text, when she said that she loved me, my heart fluttered. She was the only person who could make me feel warm fuzzies and butterflies at the same time.I can’t let her go. And now that I know she still loves me, I will confess. I will apologise to her. I will beg. But I want her back. I want my best friend back. I want the love of my life back.

Author’s apology/note
Okay okay … don’t kill me. I know a drunk Ragini had been promised.But I just had a few ideas about Lakshya’s POV so just typed it. I know it’s a short one again, but I have an entrance exam tomorrow, so I didn’t really have time to type more and I couldn’t even read the comments on the previous one, let alone reply.Sorryyyy. I’ll upload the next one tomorrow assuming that my exam goes well.

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  1. Just amazing. Laksh pov was mindblowing. Moreover your writing skills are amazing

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear ! ??

  2. One question it is raglak or ragsan ff
    But ur epii was epic

    1. Mittu

      Actually, I still don’t know. I’m a confused person ?
      Thank you ??

  3. Princess krisha

    Its so nice di liked it so much.all the best for ur entrance exam hope I could call u di.all the best mittu di

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much dear ! Ofcourse you can call me di !! ?Thank you soo much for your wishes !

  4. Very nice part. Plz make raglak together.

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much ?

  5. Shreya Shetty

    Ahhh. Here is the shot I had been waiting for. I love you yaar. Sorry… Di? My LAKSHYA is so sweet. The fear of losing his immature but wise Ragini stopped him from confessing his feelings to her. Awww so Cute. Being comfortable is more important than being loved. Sensible LAKSHYA? I know there is hardly any chance for LAKSHYA to get Ragini especially with that loving, caring Sanky being with her. Sanky is indeed perfect for Ragini but… Love story is all about imperfections ? Now I hope that LAKSHYA will confess to Ragini. But this confessions will be nothing less than a disaster . Still there is a bit scope for raglak. Hope for the best. Will be waiting for the next shot

    P.S. The Flash ends with Barry going into the Speed Force. I just ended up controlling my tears. What was your reaction? Wasn’t it an amazing way to end the season. And one more thing… Will you be my friend?

    1. Shreya Shetty

      Entrance Exam..science?? If yes, then maybe you are giving BIT-SAT exam. I don’t know. Just guessed. Best of luck for the exam Di. Do your best. And my blessings are always with you ??

    2. Mittu

      Thank you soo much dear !! Lakshya is really cute, but he was a big jerk to her !! Meanie ! I still don’t know what I am gonna do now ??
      The season finale was like ❤❤
      And ofcourse I’ll be your friend dear !! I would loveeee to be your friend !
      I’m a commerce student so I have been spared ? I don’t need to give GMAT, BIT SAT or EAMCET or stuff ! Luckily it was just an entrance exam for my college which I cleared with the help of your blessings ??

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu??

  6. love ur ff
    all the best for entrance exam

    1. Mittu

      Thank you ! Thanks for your wishes !?

  7. Wow it’s amazing

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      Thank you sooo much ?

  8. Naagin

    I love it babay

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      Thank you sooo much ???

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu

  9. Amazing dear ????

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  10. Lovely7


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  11. Asw

    Amazing yaar all the best for ur exam keep going

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  12. Asra

    awesome dear….

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  13. Dharani

    awesome… all the best

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      Thank you soo much for commenting as well as for your wishes ! ??

  14. Awesome

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      Thank youuu??

  15. Amazing dear

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      Thanks a lot dear !?

  16. Bela

    Ragsan please? Please?

    Like, I understand Lakshya better now, thanks to this POV but the truth remains: You can’t be a jerk and yet get everything. His wanting to remain with her is no excuse to take her for granted. If he knew she was the one for him, why was he such a git? Doesn’t Ragini have feelings? Isn’t she a human?

    I have full faith in you darling, I will support you in whatever you choose to do.?????

    1. Mittu

      I like still don’t know which pair to choose because I’m ek number ki confused aatma. But I completely agree, because you can’t hurt someone and then expect them to come back to you. There is an expiry date for such unrequited love too. Your support means a lot dear! Thank you sooo much ??

      1. Bela

        I understand your dilemma. I was once planning a Ragsanlak ff which would have seriously given me a headache had I started it. I am not afraid of promoting any pair, it’s just that characters are complex. And then, the reader’s request is also an important input. I don’t have any problems with any pair as long as they are justified and Ragini is happy at the end?

  17. Aswathy

    Honestly i hated laksh in ur story but after readng his pov…its somewht chngd my opinion abt him..nice update.

    1. Mittu

      I kind of hate Lakshya too actually when it comes to my ff ?
      Thanks a lot ??

    1. Mittu

      Thank youu ??

  18. Kriti249

    Nice but a suggestion. If you are writing in third person pov than you should not switch to first person’s pov cuz it breakage flow

    1. Mittu

      Thanks dear ! And ya I totally get that when I read it now. It really breaks the flow ! Thanks a lot for your suggestion dear ! ?

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