Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 13

Ragini- Mera life itna sad hai na Twinki baby ???! Mera koi boyfriend hi nahi hai …. Arey mere college mai log 2 timing bhi nahi, 3 timing kar rahe hai and me….?? Kyu mera life itna sad hai ! I am forever alone !*loud crying noises*
Twinkle(hugs her)- Nahi mai hu na tere liye Jaan !! And don’t worry we won’t 3 time, hum dono milke 6 timing karenge..! Ruk ruk 3+3= 6 only naaa ? Not 9 ?!
Ragini nodded while Kunj looked at his girlfriend who was making plans of 6 timing and Sanskaar just laughed looking at Kunj’s angry-sad expression. If you didn’t guess yet, here’s a hint. Alcohol.
Sanskaar- Okay Twinki baby and Jaan come on .
Twinkle(hugged Ragini while throwing food and alcohol on Sanskaar)- She is MINE ! Only my Jaan ! Don’t you dare call her Jaan ! Or I’ll fry you in a tawa and eat you up !!
Sanskaar(raised an eyebrow at Twinkle)- You’re a vegetarian.

Ragini-*starts crying loudly* Mereko Lakshya she baat karni hai !! Aaj uska happy birthday hai .! Mereko mereko usse wish karna haiii !!
Twinkle(who was now getting cranky)- Kunj mereko na baahar jaana hai ! I want to go to parkkkk !
Kunj- Oh hello ! Is halat mein ?! Nooo way !!
Kunj- Accha meri maaa !! We’ll walk around on the terrace okay ?
Sanskaar- Abbey ?! Yeh paagal terrace se kud gayi toh ?!
Kunj- She has a strong skull don’t worry, she’ll survive. Twinkle, come let’s go to the terrace.
Twinkle(completely angry, pulled Kunj’s hair)- I want to go to PARK !!!!!!! Not terrace !!
Kunj- Chod yaar ! And by the way, park mein aisa kya hai jo terrace mei nahi hai ?!
Twinkle- Jhulla !! Jhulla !!*almost pouncing on Kunj * Park !!!!!!!
Kunj lifted Twinkle and walked out of the apartment murmuring “Aisi girlfriend kisi ko na mile.” None of them noticed that Ragini had escaped and had her phone in her hand. Sanskaar who sighed in relief, panicked when he found Ragini missing. Little did he know that she was talking to Lakshya.

Ragini- Helloooooooooooo !
Lakshya- Hello ?
Ragini- Lakshya……Nalayak insaan !! I can recognise your voice anywhere ! So you didn’t change your number !! You know how many statuses I had posted on WhatsApp just to get you to text me ?!!
Lakshya(his voice quivering)-Ragini ?
Ragini- No ! It’s your worst nightmare !! *evil laugh* Now shut up and listen to me !!*started sobbing like a baby* You know how many times you broke my heart ? You kept hurting me and I kept loving you unconditionally ! I still can’t stop loving you ! I don’t know why ?*sniffing*
Lakshya- Umm, are you okay ?!
Ragini-*in an angry babylike voice* No, I’m not okay, you blo*dy cockroach !! You are a very mean boy you know ! Very mean !! *suddenly more confidence and rage, but still babylike voice* I mean, what is so special about you anyway ?! Sade hue ande jaisi shakal hai teri !! And on top of that you called me ugly ! Your Shona very beautiful and me ugly ?! You blo*dy mosquito !! You baked a cake for your sweet Shona’s birthday once na ?! And you never did that for me !! Whenever you had to talk about your feelings, why did you come to me ? You should have gone to your Shona !! You didn’t open up your heart to her because you were worried she would judge you…..Tell me one thing, you are stinking rich na ?! Then why didn’t you ever gift me anything ?! You showered your Shona with gifts…..It seems like you were able to buy her love…. But what about my love Lakshya ?! I gave you my all my love, with nothing in return….. You didn’t need to buy my love Lakshya, it was like an endless fountain, I showered you with all of my love, care and affection. But, in the end, I was left empty handed, Lakshya. The reason I called you, was to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you are able to buy all the happiness you want. In fact, I hope you bake yourself a really nice cake and get food poisoning because of that.

Sanskaar-Rags ?! What the hell are you doing sitting on the kitchen counter like that ?! Get down….
Ragini(nodding her head in no cutely)-Sankyyyyy, I am talking to the most heartless person alive, don’t disturb.
Sanskaar went and picked Ragini up with one hand. Ragini just stared at him in admiration and said in shock-” You are sooooo strong Sankyyyyyy , Wow !!” At this point Ragini threw her phone and as she was basically clinging to Sanskaar,her arms wrapped around his neck, while her legs were wrapped around his waist. Sanskaar was shocked by her sudden move, but he knew that she was drunk and he had to take care of her, no matter what crazy stuff she does next.

Okay I know this was like the worst and shortest update so far, but my tiny brain could only think of this because I’m a bit preoccupied worrying about results. I’m sooo sorry if it was Bleh, but I really wanted to update even if it was a short and horrible shot. Hopefully I will be able to think of a little crazy stuff once my 12th results are out.

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  1. Loved it very much but are the end aisa laga ki climax aaya aur film poori hone ke pehle he khatam ho gayi . Plz update next part soon can’t wait more . Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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      Thank you ! Hehe ?
      Sorry about that !

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    Acha gaali pada Laksh ko….loved it and bunny of ur pic

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    Awwwwwwww so cute update ???? she opened up to lakshya !!!! OMG at last she did that 😉 thanks to the alcohol !!!! And ur profile pic is ???

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  4. Awesome

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  5. Sreevijayan

    GOSH….dt was such a mass update..lol..dhoom dhaam…laksh must be sitting with open with nw…awwww…such a cute update my dear…cnt wait to read more….

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    Awesome…just waiting to see laksh reactions after hearing Ragu words….plz post soon

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    awesome dear….loved it alot…ohh ragu u r talking to heartless person….eagerly waiting for nxt one dear…ur profile pic superbbb dear….tkcr dear…

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  12. Shreya Shetty

    Oh shoooot…. I am extremely late. Maybe I have missed out last few shots (Busy me??) And that is why I don’t know from where this Sanky popped out. ? I am bit confused ( I will read rest of the shots later) But I found this shot to be pretty much cute. Ragu is such a cutipie. Her talks. Haaye main marjawa. She was absolutely correct when she regarded LAKSHYA as the most heartless person alive. I am so much angry on this LAKSHYA. How can he chose anyone but Ragini ??? But still I want it to be Raglak*giving you a cute wala sheepish Smile* I know all the Ragsan fans out there are ready to break my bones but sorry I can’t stop being crazy.? This shot was cool for me because finally Ragini told LAKSHYA about her feelings. ??

    Also, now I know that you are elder to me I will call you mittu Di. And you are worried about your 12th results and here I am worried about my 10th results. Same pinch.

    P.S. This may contain *spoilers* for The Flash season finale
    The last episode was heartbreaking with Iris dying. But I am sure she is not dead. Someone else has died in place of Iris. And this guilt will force Barry to go to the Speed Force.
    Hope you will enjoy the season finale??

    Sorry for this long wala comment. Byeee…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much my dear !! I still don’t know if it’s gonna be raglak or ragsan because I’m a confused human ??
      Luckily my tension is gone now because the results have come out and this Pappu has passed ? ! All the best for your results though ! ?
      And oh god the flash season finale almost had me crying. It took me like all of my will power to control my tears.

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    Okay, I love drunk TwiRag. Period. I wanna be as cute as they are. Okay???

    BTW, I love Ragini’s bhadaas on Laksh, he deserves it?????

    Love you???

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      And Lakshya surely deserves all that bhadaas. That jerk !!
      Loads of love ??❤

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