Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 12

Sanskaar grabbed his guitar and cleared his throat. He started strumming, his guitar was completely out of tune btw. As soon as he realised he had grabbed Ragini’s attention. He kept his guitar aside and started singing.
Sanskaar-Main toh hu paagal ,Na Na Na Na Na, he stopped and looked at Ragini’s unamused expression and said- Not a Shahrukh fan ? Okay !
There was complete silence for two minutes as Ragini wiped her tears and looked at Sanskaar with a weird expression. Suddenly, this happened.
Sanskaar- Jeene ke hai chaar din,
Baaqi hai bekaar din,
Jaaye jaaye, jaaye jaaye
Ek baar jo jaaye jawani phir na aaye
Hey hey, jawani phir na aaye
And he did Salman’s step, except he replaced a towel by his guitar. Ragini looked at his guitar and made a crying face thinking of the sad fate of the poor guitar. Sanskaar thought he had failed in distracting her and he had to take desperate measures. He sighed and went to his room and came out with his hands behind his back. Ragini’s attention was on his guitar so she didn’t really pay attention to what he was doing. And then this happened.
Sanskaar(in a female voice)- Oh Lomeo, Lomeo…..
Ragini looked up at Sanskaar in shocked as she heard his high pitched voice. She burst out laughing as soon as she looked at him. He had worn a wig and his posture was very -ummm- lady like. Sanskaar smiled looking at her laughter. He mentally thanked his dad.His dad would do the same thing when his mom was sad. Ragini was still laughing because of Sanskaar’s marvellous acting.
Sanskaar- Ab bas ! Itna bhi funny nahi tha okay ?
Ragini(sat down on the floor, holding her stomach)- Normally shayad ye itna funny nahi hota, but when I saw you looking for your ‘lomeo’ ??. Waise Sanky !! Tera dhyan kidar hai, teri lomeo idhar hai !!
Sanskaar(looked at Ragini in shock)- Kaun ?
Ragini- So mean yaar Sanky !!! I’m talking about me ! Tere jaise Juliet ke liye mere jaise Lomeo hi milenge !!
Sanskaar- May I have a dance m’lady, no no sorry ! My Lomeo ?
Ragini- Yes , yes you may Juliet !

Sanskaar and Ragini then started jumping on the sofas and dancing on random songs, they didn’t even know the meaning of. The thing is Ragini had all the OSTs of the Korean dramas she watches and they were dancing on those songs. For all you know, they might be sad songs with good rhythm, but who cares ? It’s a good thing that Kunj was holding the bag with the alcohol, because when they entered, Twinkle screamed in shock and jumped. Kunj just stared at them for a few seconds and after keeping the alcohol in a safe place looked at Twinkle as both of them covered their eyes and started bawling like little kids on the floor. The thing is, Sanskaar still had his wig on and was dancing, well in the most lady like manner possible. And well his hips don’t lie. He was twirling his hair and dancing seductively. Ragini on the other hand was playing an invisible guitar and when she saw Sanskaar’s seductive dance, she placed a strand of her hair over her lip to make it look like a moustache and then danced seductively with him. The roles were reversed though. Sanskaar-dressed as a girl was seducing Ragini, and Ragini who made an attempt to look like a guy was enjoying his seduction. They were so busy in their dance that they didn’t notice Twinj. They acknowledged their presence only when they heard them crying and overreacting. Ragini paused the music and then went and kicked Kunj who was now lying in Twinkle’s lap and crying.
Ragini- Abbey drama queen band kar natak !!
Twinkle- Jaaaannnn …… what was that ?
Ragini- That was dance !
Kunj- It seemed more like Romaaance to me .. Did you see what I did there ? I made romance sound like romaaaaance so that it would almost rhyme.
Ragini- Ha ha ! Funny !!
Twinkle- By the way Sanskaar , um ? this is awkward, but where did you get that wig, it looks awesome ! Can I borrow it sometime !!
Sanskaar(still in the character of a girl, spoke in a high pitched voice)- Gurrrrrlll !! You know I got your back boo !
Ragini(whispering in his ear)- Stop that ! It’s creepy !! You kind of look like the girl from Ring with your hair- I mean wig all messed up.
Sanskaar smirked and looked at all three of them.
Sanskaar(scary voice)- Seven daysss !!

Kunj screamed in a really high pitched voice. Ragini hugged Twinkle, while Twinkle just stared at Sanskaar unaffected.
Twinkle- That wasn’t scary. Don’t be so darpok Kunj !
Kunj- Why aren’t you telling your best friend who is clinging to you like a 5 year old ?
Twinkle- You know she’s deathly afraid of horror movies na ! And it’s your fault !! You forced her to was that movie !!
Sanskaar(took his wig off)- I’m sorry Ragini !! I didn’t mean to scare you like that !!(he patted her back trying to console her)
Ragini(turned to look at Sanskaar with a really creepy expression on her face, sang in an even more creepy voice)-Gumnaam hai koiii
Sanskaar gulped. While Kunj leaped into Sanskaar’s arms while shrieking in fear. Twinkle started laughing and hugged Ragini from the bag. She said as she kissed her cheek-“Yeh meri training ka asar hai !! Now see how brace my Jaan is !”
After all their drama, they finally sat down to eat. The boys had to sit through one and a half hours of the girls butchering an action movie. They could have avoided all of that, if they would have just let them watch hotel Transylvania 2. Ah, but noooo. The girls secretly liked the movie a lot, but they wanted to take revenge because they weren’t allowed to choose the movie. At one point, the background music was simply epic, but the scene was really sad. The hero was sacrificing his life. Kunj sniffed trying to control his tears. When Ragini and Twinkle winked at each and stood up. Ragini was playing an invisible guitar like a rockstar and Twinkle was playing invisible drums. As if that was not enough, they made their own song.
Twinkle- The hero is dying,?
Ragini- Kunj is crying,?
Twinkle- The house is flooded, with his tears?
Ragini- Balti le aao, mohale walo,?
Twinkle-Pani bhar looooo?
Twirag- Alooo le lo, Kaanda le lo ??
Sanskaar repeatedly hit his forehead, while Kunj started crying again. Ragini went to him and placed a bowl below his face.
Ragini-Save water, save life Kunj !
Twinkle- Exactly ! And you’re emptying a tanker like this everyday ! You know water bill kitne ka aata hai ?
Sanskaar(looking at the bowl with a disgusted expression)- And how is this going to solve any thing ? Who will drink this snort filled salty water ?
Twirag- Kunj, ofcourse !
Kunj looked at them in shock and pouted, while the three of them burst out laughing.

Guys ! Do you want to see a Ragini in -sad drunk mode or extra loud, extra crazy drunk mode, or a combo ??

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  1. Rafeee

    Haha??? superb dear i am laughng lyk a mad… I want extra crazy drunk mode

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much Rafeee !!??

  2. Jayanti

    haha…the episode was epic….full of craziness……u know what mittu…u just rocked this episode……I wanna see her in a combo…I love this ragini…so much better than her quiet self…in her drunk mode…make it a combo

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soooo much dear !! ??

  3. Combo pls

  4. laksh ka re-entry kab hogaaa love todays epi kunj nd sanky are awesome

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu !?
      Lakshya will be back soon !?

  5. Follybraverl

    Awesome craziness overloaded ??

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much Folly ??

  6. Kabi...

    Hi mittu di. First of all I want to say this, what a story di, you nailed it I don’t know how to describe my feelings. I love this story soooo muchhhh.???. I never read any ffs from the beginning. This story too first I read the 11th shot only but after reading it I can’t stop myself to read the other shots too. Immediately I searched and start reading each and every episode from the beginning. I have been reading all the shots again and again for the whole day. Thanks for this wonderful story di. I’m really mesmerized. Awesome work di. I’m eagerly waiting for your next episode di.???

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear !! I’m sooo glad you liked it !! Loads of love to you dear! ???

  7. Asra

    mittu dear it’s so hilarious update…omg am laughing like a hell…hahahaha twirag song omg….i enjoyed lots dear…compare to other updates it’s short but it’s full of craziness fun…loved loved loved it alot dear….Their dance no chance dear…poor kunj….i want extra crazy drunken mode dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soooo much dear !!??

  8. Rasha

    combo will b entertainment

    1. Mittu

      Thank you so much for the suggestion !
      I’ll make it a combo !??

  9. Bela

    You know what? You totally nailed this one! Full of laughter, love and well……..Seduction????

    . And well his hips don’t lie

    The whole Kunj crying drama had me ROFLing.???

    Amazing part yet again and yes, anything you like. Or maybe, all?

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much Bela !???
      My mind is like blank now, I have no idea what to write all of sudden, it’s like the ideas flew away after I wrote this shot?????

      1. Bela

        Happens with me all the time???

        I lost my plot recently. You know what I did? Started writing something else. It makes you think of plots and somehow I managed to recall what I had been planning ??

  10. Sreevijayan

    Amazing update my dear..GOSH…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much dear !?

    1. Mittu

      Okay dear ?

  11. Naz_Temish

    Hips don’t lie….ahem ahem..:Imagine kunj’s expression on that sight is just??????…….

    Craziness overloaded mittu….N about ragini I ll go for a combo ?????
    Keep going dear u r AmaZing with a Capital A and Z?????

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much Naz !??

  12. Dharani

    hahaha…. awesome… and for ragini i want a combo

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soooo much ! ??

  13. Nymisha281

    Awesome…the song made by twinrag was amazing….and combo plz

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much ! ?

  14. Amazing

    1. Mittu

      Thank youu ! ?

  15. Lahari

    Is it ragsan

    1. Mittu

      Mostly it’s gonna be Ragsan only ! ??

  16. Asw

    Amazing combo was good keep going

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much Asw !?

  17. Combo

    1. Mittu

      Okay dear !?

  18. Amazing dear…….

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear !?

  19. Kriti249

    Awesome di….these people are crazy. This episode was epic, full of craziness. I would like to see ragini in a combo. And know what I am not interested in ragsan or raglak but when the story is so awesome what to do?! I just love ragini

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear ! ??

  20. i want Ragini in crazy drunk mode.Gosh girl u killed me today.These trio TwiRagSan r simply CRAZY mental asylum wale 😀
    TwiRag ka song itna dangerous kaise ho sakta hai??Roflll it was hell hilarious 😀
    Aww mere kunj baby ko itnaaa trouble mat karo ya mujhe rona aata hai 😛
    Sankya ki harqate omg 😮
    I laughed nonstop imagining the scenes 😀
    Post soon dear & sorry for late comment

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu soo much dear !!! ???

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