Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 11

Twinkle barged into Kunj’s room and made several attempts to wake him up.
Twinkle-Kunj ! Kunj ! Kunj wake up fast !!
Kunj- Okay ! Okay ! I’m up ! Kya hua !
She dragged him out to the dining table, where Sanskaar and Ragini were having breakfast, while laughing and chatting.

Kunj- What the hell ? They are not trying to kill each other.
Twinkle- Kunj, I think I know what had happened. We have woken up in a parallel universe, where these two enemies are friends.
Kunj-So, technically the three of us(Twirag and Kunj) should hate each other, but that isn’t happening.
Ragini- Arey ! Good morning sleepy heads !! Come join us for breakfast ! Atleast then this idiot will share !

Sanskaar- Oy ! I can’t help it if you are such a good cook.
Ragini- I’m not going to make you any more poached eggs-
Sanskaar -Okay ! Then make me –
Ragini- I wasn’t done with my sentence. I’m not going to cook any more food now, so don’t Maska marofy ! Ab chal let’s leave for college.
Kunj- Ragini, are you dying ? Is that why you both are talking like this ? No wait ! Don’t tell me you put poison in his food !
Twinkle- Sanskaar, did you hypnotise Ragini, so that you could make her your slave ? Is that why she is acting like this ?
RagSan- Shut up guys !

Ragini- Why are you being soo dramatic ! Ugh ! Come on Sanskaar, let’s leave.
Sanskaar- Yup ! If I stay one more minute here with these two I’ll go mad ! How did you tolerate them for so long yaar ?
Twinkle and Kunj were standing there with eyes wide open and their jaws hanging open. They looked at each other and said in unison-“Yeh kab hua ?”

In the evening, Kunj and Twinkle came back home and were horrified to see Ragini and Sanskaar talking. Neither of them was dead. Kunj started crying dramatically and Twinkle was just staring at them with a ‘how is this possible love’ look. Ragsan looked at them and started laughing.
Ragini- Arey yaar ! Why are you guys being so dramatic ? We both are friends now !
Kunj- Kaisee ? How is this possible ?
Twinkle- Exactly !! How did you both become from Jaani dushman to Jigri dost ?
Ragsan- We both are Oncers !

Twinj- Say what ??!!
Ragini- Twinkiii ! You know how it became really hard for you to keep up with all my shows, and there was this one show where if you missed one episode, EVERYTHING changed. Both of us are fans of that show and it means that we are family.
Kunj- Wait . So the two of you became friends because of some stupid show ?
Ragsan looked at each other and screamed in unison- It’s not some stupid show !!! It’s epic !
Twinkle- Okay . I get it . Because you guys are like fans of the same show, you can’t be enemies ? Am I right ?

Sanskaar- Yup ! As Rags said we are a family. Right Rags ?
Ragini- Right, Sanky !!
Kunj- So you guys are like on pet name basis now ? From last name basis, you guys seedha jumped of to pet names ?
Twinkle- Kunj. Stop. It’s a good thing. Now we can all bond.

Sanskaar- Yay ! So let’s celebrate !! How about we all go out for dinner ?
Twirag looked at each other and nodded as Twinkle screamed- Dinner and drinks !!!!!!!!!
Kunj- No way !!

Sanskaar – Wow ! Both of you have awesome telepathy Twinkle ! I mean how did both of you just nod and understand what the other was thinking ?
Kunj- But there is no way you both are going to get drunk ! I don’t want to die handling the two of you ! Oh and btw bro get used to that ! They are basically like soul sisters, so like such things are like a daily occurrence.
Sanskaar- Oh cool ! But what happens when they get drunk though ?

Kunj- Chutki doesn’t get drunk, but Twinkle,*sigh* she got drunk last month for the first time and well it was a disaster. Lately she has convinced chutki also to drink and I can’t handle both of them alone.
Sanskaar- Chill bro ! I got you ! I’ll help you handle them !
Kunj(wiped his fake tears and hugged Sanskaar)- Thank you bro !

Twinkle(whispering)- And he says that we both are dramatic .
Ragini(whispering)- I know right ! Look at him, itna nautanki. And this Sanky is encouraging him.
Twinkle -*clears throat* So, shall we leave ?
Sanskaar- Arey !! Why leave ? You find happiness right where you are ! So, Let’s order something here, while me and Kunj get the drinks.
Twinkle- Arey why ? Ragu and I will cook na !

KuRag- NOOOOOOO !!!!!
Ragini- I mean, I will cook na babyyyy !! Why do you need to take the trouble ?
Twinkle – But, you will need help na !
Sanskaar- Okay ! I will help her out ! You go with Kunj ! That way both of you can spend some time together as well ! Okay ?

Twinj(happily)- Okayy !!!
Ragini- Thank you soo much Sanskaar ! You saved us all from all the disasters that were going to take place !
Sanskaar- What can I say except you’re welcome ?!

Ragini- Stop quoting Moana !
Sanskaar- Wait, you noticed that ?!
Ragini- Yes !! I love that movie ! Now come and help me ! And don’t you dare quote any other movie or show now !! Just shut up and help me !
Sanskaar- You are so mean Rags !
Ragini just glared at him and walked to the kitchen. She literally threw veggies at him, asking him to cut them. Sanskaar stared at her in shock.

Sanskaar-Do I look like some kaam wali bai to you ?
Ragini- Then why did you stay back and offer to help ?
Sanskaar- Arey ! I wanted to give you company !! I didn’t mean that I would do all the work….
Ragini- Fine !! But you need to learn to cook atleast something okay ? Warna someday you may starve to death if I’m not around.
Sanskaar- I know how to cook Maggi dude ! I can survive for centuries !! And anyway !! It’s not like I’ll let you go anywhere ! I’ll follow you everywhere because I can’t trust Twinkle or Kunj ! I’ll end up getting food poisoning because of them !

Ragini- Accha okay ! Now go and do something productive rather than wasting time ! I’ll call you when I need your help !
Sanskaar was sitting in his room messing around with his guitar when Ragini called him.
Ragini(almost shoving the spoon in his mouth)-Accha yeh taste kar !
Sanskaar(he ate from the spoon as he held her hand making all sorts of expressions)- Wowwwww !! Awesome ! Thoda aur de na !
Ragini(she literally slapped his lips with her hand)- No way ! Badme kha !!
Sanskaar- Meanie ! By the way !Tu chef kyu nahi ban jaati ?

Ragini who was just switching off the gas and wiping her hands, paralysed as she heard what he said. Tears started to form in her eyes. Meanie- she used to call Lakshya that. She had told him to become a chef too. She remembered that it was his birthday today and grabbed her phone to see all the posts and comments on his wall. His friends were posting pictures of the party they threw him. He looked happy. She smiled through her tears and whispered-Happy birthday and then started sobbing thinking about those memories.Sanskaar who had been observing her, felt as if it was his fault. He didn’t know why she was crying, but he wanted to make her smile. He wanted to make her forget about whatever she was thinking. He wanted to distract her.

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    But this was a beautiful episode ??

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