Swaragini – HER story (Few Shots) – Shot 1

Alright ! So let me tell you this is the third time that I’m typing out this shot ?
Because somehow telly updates immediately says webpage not available when I submit it.I don’t even remember what I wrote the first two times and like a genius I didn’t even save it anywhere . So here goes …. Hopefully third time is the charm …..

From that day, Ragini would constantly steal glances of Lakshya . Whether it was during class or break , she would keep looking out for ways to try and sneak a glance of Lakshya . She would even try and stir up conversations about him with Tara, just so that she could learn more about him . As Tara and Ragini were bench mates , Ragini tried to make her secret conversations with Lakshya -that took place whenever their eyes met when she tried to sneak a glance of him , as low key as possible. Well to be honest they weren’t really conversations but somehow , she felt as if his sparkly eyes communicated with her big beautiful eyes through a different language . She often kept cursing herself for having such filmy thoughts , but she just couldn’t help it . Having a crush on someone was something new and exciting for her , so she just couldn’t help but be filmy and all excited . Now as the days went by, Swara and Lakshya too became quite close . Somehow Ragini felt a bit weird about it . Maybe it was her intuition or just her being paranoid but she felt like this was gonna turn into something bigger . She was confused about this because Tara was really good friends with Lakshya too , then why did she feel different when it came to Swara ? She can’t be jealous of her best friend ….. that was wrong . She tried to steer clear of Swara and Lakshya . Whenever Swara would try to get Ragini to talk to Lakshya , Ragini would show way too much attitude. Ragini wasn’t like that with anyone but somehow , when it came to Lakshya her attitude would multiply and her ‘Leo’ side came out . He was always kind of taken aback by her attitude . In his opinion , she was a helping natured girl . He had always only seen her helping others . He hadn’t really seen her act that way with anyone else. Now Ragini didn’t know about this ‘pet name’ that Lakshya gave her until that fine day. During class, Tara wrote in Ragini’s notebook -“Would you like to come for a movie with me, Lakshya invited us.” As soon as Ragini read it , her heart started pounding again. She looked up trying to keep a calm expression while Tara explained what had happened.

Lakshya had texted Tara and asked if she would like to join his friends to watch a movie. Tara said that she would come if some other girls would come along as well. Lakshya simply said sure, bring along your bench mate – the helping natured girl. Ragini’s eyes widened when she heard that . Helping natured girl ? That’s his opinion of her ? And now she was blushing. Great ! She needed to learn how to control her emotions . But how could she ? Her first crush thought that she was a kind hearted person. She thought she had a crush on a kind hearted guy …. but wow . She was just ecstatic. But what Tara told her next, left her disheartened. The reason Lakshya invited them in the first place was because he didn’t want his girlfriend-Kavya to feel left out . But, Ragini still agreed to go for the movie , because she was happy just looking at Lakshya . After all , it wasn’t love, it was just a crush . She finally asked Tara the most important question, what was the genre of the movie were they going to watch . To her horror, it was horror. She just gave Tara her broadest fake smile and refused . Why, You ask ? Because Ragini was a scaredy cat . A few days later, while Ragini was leaving , she saw Lakshya standing all alone ,sad and disheartened . She could have sworn that she saw a tear at the corner of his eye . Her heart ached for him . That’s when her friends told her , that Kavya had broken up with him in the corridor that day. Ragini’s feelings changed instantly. Everyone knew that Lakshya was a playboy and a guy who wasn’t really serious about relationships. She immediately felt bad for Kavya and thought that it was Lakshya’s fault. She started hating his personality. But her heart still got attracted to Lakshya.
There is one thing that we haven’t yet discussed about Ragini . Her passion. When it comes to dance and music, Ragini’s heart had its own reign. Her fears all became unreasonable in front of her passion. She had been trained in classical dance since the age of 5, so you could say that she was pretty darn good. So obviously her teachers loved this quality of hers.

Ragini was chosen as the lead for any play or dance and they would of course win every competition. And because there was a dance competition approaching in two weeks, Ragini wasn’t attending any classes. But she would not go there to eat and or talk to her friends . She would go to class just so that she could steal glances of Lakshya’s disgusting face while he ate non veg from his tiffin and then from others tiffins like a monster. She would keep looking at him eating, but would reason with her mind that she wasn’t looking at him because she had a crush on him , no no , she would do it because she wanted to see what food he ate. Let’s be honest, Ragini would have puked if she would have gotten anywhere near someone who was eating non veg like that . But because it was Lakshya ……..she would just stare at him. On that particular day, she didn’t go to class during recess. The competition was just a few days away and she was busy trying to get the group to dance with perfection. For which she tried to get the ‘weak’ dancers to coordinate. Kavya was one of the ‘weak’ dancers in her group . You see, the only reason she wanted to participate was because she wanted to see the hot guys from other schools. That was when Ragini realised that the actual reason Kavya and Lakshya broke up, was because Kavya was the one who played with his heart. She was double dating and had really no interest in Lakshya anymore. Ragini felt horrible, she had given Kavya the benefit of the doubt for way too long. She felt guilty for blaming the guy she had a crush on. But at the same time, she was all smiles, because she was proud of her choice.

Now you guys , I’m sorry if you think this is petty . But , in my opinion , it is all these small things that cause a person to fall in love , slowly yet deeply in love . I really hope you guys like it though . Thank you so much for the comments you guys …. It means the world to me .

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  1. Naz_Temish

    Awesome…eager to know how the story develops as Lakshya doesn’t know anything about ragini and ragini knows much about Lakshya….Wow..intense concept….Waiting for next..post soonnn

    1. Mittu

      Thank you so much !! ??

  2. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend i loved it

    1. Mittu

      Thank you !! I’m so glad you liked it !

  3. I loved it pls upload soon

    1. Mittu

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it

  4. Amazing dear ….. do continue

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear !

    1. Mittu

      Thank you

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuuuu

  5. Asra

    amazing dear…loved it alot….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear ! ?

  6. Bela

    This story is too Amazing for words Mittu. You have weaved the words like a pro, the emotions are bang on and best of all, it is believable. You never know when you cross that line between infatuation, love and obsession. A beautiful story. ???

    P.S. What is it with Swara and Laksh?

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much Bela …. coming from you it means a lot , because you have exceptional writing skills .
      Swara and Lakshya have …….. something
      You will find out after a few shots ???

      1. Bela

        Romance hua to main apna sar phod dungi 😛

        And thanks a lot for the compliment :-*

    2. Mittu

      It’s quite…… complicated??

  7. Awesome dear

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuuu so much !!?

  8. Chhaya

    Amazing dear…u had beautifully describe a

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      Thank you sooo much dear ! ??

  9. Nymisha281

    Awesome….the way of expressing feelings is nice

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much !!

  10. Kriti249

    Awesome di…This is becoming intersting day by day. The way everything has been potryaed is beautiful. Waiting for the nxt one

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear ! I’m really glad you liked it ?

  11. IQRA222

    didu it was simply wonderful , superbly awesomely written
    i reallly love the way you write
    express feelings
    acha hai that kavya left him otherwise i would have killed her
    waiting for the next part

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear ! I’ll post next part very soon ??

    1. Mittu

      Thanks !!?

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      Thank you !

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