Swaragini – HER Story– Shot 30

Ragini’s phone buzzed and she looked at it and continued text and ignored her roommates for the millionth time that afternoon. Ragini just smiled and made eye contact with the man who sent her the message and they gave each other a cute smile and continued texting each other. It’s been 5 days since Ragini and Sanskaar have started dating and they’re trying to do everything in their power to make their relationship non cliche, but still cute. They hadn’t told Twinkle and Kunj about their relationship yet, because they were pretty sure that if they told them about their relationship, two things were bound to happen. First, Twinkle would super excited and would probably celebrate like there was no tomorrow. Second, Kunj would make certain ‘rules’ just to prove his point as the wannabe over protective elder brother. And ofcourse there was also the fact that they would probably be all up in their relationship and give them no space whatsoever. Both of them would morph into a I third being and third wheel them. And the couple arrived at the conclusion that they won’t tell they’re roommates/bestfriends about their relationship after evaluating a lot of scenarios, which mostly ended in them being crushed by their best friends or separated by their best friends.

Kunj and Twinkle noticed that there was something off with their best friends, not off, but weird. Ragini kept smiling like an idiot and Sanskaar had this weird look on his face that Kunj had after killing all the fruit flies in the kitchen. The look of extreme satisfaction and happiness. Twinkle being the type of best friend to pry, tried to creepily stare at Ragini in order to get the truth out of her and then proceeded to ask her a ton of questions, but Ragini just ignored her and ‘Twinj’ found it very strange, because Ragini would never, never in a billion years ignore her best friend.

Sanskaar on the other hand, just offered to buy them food, which silenced them for a while, but later Kunj realised that Sanskaar maybe filthy rich, but his money cannot put an end to their suspicions. This had been going on since the day they returned from Maheshwari mansion, becauseRagSan had decided to stay at Maheshwari Mansion for a couple of days. And it was all very beautiful when it lasted, but they dreaded the questioning gaze of their best friends when they’d get home and that’s what they had to face for the past 34 hours and 12 minutes.

Twinkle and Kunj were really tired of prying and just decided to go out for a bit. Ragini and Sanskaar obviously took advantage of this and had their cute stay at home date, and they watched an animated movie as they cuddled up on the couch and stuffed food in their faces. It was at that moment that Ragini realised, that she had already fallen in love with the man, but she still said that she just ‘liked’ him. She made a vow, to confess to him, on the day of their ‘1 month anniversary’. She smirked mentally, because she was a genius. They wouldn’t be a cliche couple for celebrating their ‘monthaversery’, because it would be the day that she would say ‘I love you’ to him and then it would actually be a huge deal and not an over exaggerated event. Sanskaar could tell that she was plotting something, and gave her a ‘whatchu thinking look’, and she just smiled at him and snuggled up closer and Sanskaar just shrugged it off and kissed her forehead and continued watching the movie.

The poor lil cuties just fell asleep while watching the movie. There was drool all over Sanskaar’s shoulder, because Ragini was sleeping with her mouth wide open, while Sanskaar kept snoring all of a sudden, but Ragini didn’t wake up despite his head being right beside hers, or technically, on hers. Twinkle and Kunj has just entered the apartment and seeing their best friends sleeping cutely(or just sleeping), their hearts melted and they decided to believe in them rather than being all Sherlock Holmes about this. But, all of that went down the drain, when their best friends woke up, not because they weren’t cute anymore, they were cute ofcourse, but they were acting really weird. As soon as they woke up, they first smiled at each other and Ragini tried wiping the drool of Sanskaar’s shoulder, while Sanskaar just stared at his cute girlfriend and leaned in to kiss her cheek, but when they noticed that they had company, they panicked. Ragini’s eyes widened and she pushed Sanskaar and he did the same. Sanskaar ended up on the floor, while Ragini decided to be an athletic person and made long leaps to their music room. But, ofcourse, in her panicky state, she ended up falling right on her face when she entered the room. Sanskaar was worried about her and crawled his way to the room and they just shut the door, leaving their suspicious best friends out there all alone with their phones. Wrong move guys.

Years later
“Giniii !”- Twinkle screamed and ran to hug her best friend’s daughter. Ragini just chuckled at how childish these two were being. Twinkle was just leaving for a couple of weeks and she was being so dramatic about this. She sighed and her best friend hugged her for the nth time in the past hour and said goodbye, this time, she actually made it a point to leave. Ragini just looked at her daughter and they burst out laughing. The doorbell rang and they just giggle because both of them had the same thought-‘it’s probably Twinkle, she missed us already, so she’s back’. They exchanged a glance and played a round of Rock Paper Scissors to decide who would open the door. Ragini just smiled victoriously and walked away and her daughter cursed herself for throwing out a rock instead of a scissor. But, she just smiled because she was excited to see her aunt acting all dramatic and ran to open the door.

“Moooooommmmmmm.” – The girl whined and groaned in frustration. She just huffed and slammed the door shut when the man at the door smirked at her and walked in. The girl just groaned when she looked at his face and screamed-“Mom. Pottyface guy is here. Can I pleaseeee kick him out ?”
Ragini chuckled at her daughter’s tone and ran to the hall to greet the man who was literally a threat to her happy marriage,with a smile on her face. What other choice did she have though, she just sighed and practiced her fake smile again and decided to hurry to the hall before her daughter yelled again.

Hey there ! I know it’s a lil incomplete and all, but I just wanted to update. I’m supposed to be studying this is what was going on in my dimag. Okay, I shall stop. Hopefully I keep my word this time and update after exams. Thanks for reading. Loads of love. Byeeeee<3

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