Swaragini – HER Story– Shot 29- The confession


“So, you like your best friend, huh ?”
Ragini’s heart skipped beat when she heard Sanskaar’s voice. She bit her lip in nervousness and at this point she was worried that her lip was gonna start bleeding because of this crazy man. Ah, he was really doing such things to her heart, she couldn’t even comprehend it. She had already been in love, but as her feelings for Sanskaar started to grow, it all felt new.

“Are you gonna continue to phase me out or….?” Sanskaar said as he stood beside her and stared at the sky. She turned to look at him and started speaking,”Sanskaar, I understand if you-“, but she was cut off by Sanskaar who turned to face her and spoke-“Maybe we both have a thing for best friends Ragini. Because I like my best friend too. She’s my first crush, and I’m looking forward to her being my first girlfriend, my first love, my first everything.”

Ragini was speechless for a while, and they just stood there, surrounded by lights and the night sky, standing on the terrace, staring deep into each other’s eyes. Sanskaar’s whole family had come to investigate because they had been missing for a while now and it was really bad on their part as hosts, but they didn’t really care because they witnessed their confession. Their little Sanskaar finally grew up. Ram pushed his elder son and (future) elder daughter in law away, and asked them to go and be good hosts, while he and his wife continued spying on their son and their newly found daughter(and hopefully their future daughter in law).

“*sighs*Don’t tell me that you still didn’t get it, Ragu.” Ragini pouted and Sanskaar cupped her cheeks and said-“To be put in simple words, I like you.” Ragini continued pouting, but in a weird way. Sanskaar gave her a teasing expression and said-“Is Ragini Gadodia trying to hide the fact that she’s blushing by pouting weirdly ? Because, let me tell you, that it isn’t working.” Ragini gave him a cute angry glare and smiled widely as she said-“I like you too. You should have just said that you like me Sanskaar. And I’m your first crush ? Why didn’t you–” , she was cut off by her best friend who pecked her nose. She turned red and Sanskaar winked and said-“Keep rambling, I’m just gonna do things that are worse. You’ll be flustered, but I’ll love it.”

Ragini wanted to wipe that smirk off his face. Who does he think he is giving her a smug look ? Idiot.
Ragini raised her eyebrow at him and then leaned in to kiss his nose as well, but instead bit it, which made his nose as well as his whole face turn red and Ragini couldn’t help but chuckle at his cuteness when he rubbed his nose. It was Ragini’s turn to smirk now as she said-“If it’s about who’s the best at PDA,bring it on, show me the best you got. Imma win.”

Ram and Priya just shook their heads at these kids, while mouthing the words-“So competitive” and just went downstairs to join the celebration that was going on down there leaving the two kids alone to celebrate their relationship.

Sanskaar realised that he hadn’t popped the question yet and said-“So, Miss Ragini Gadodia, Would you like to be my girlfriend ?”
Ragini gave him a cheeky grin and chimed-“I’d love to be your girlfriend Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari, but only if you will be my boyfriend. Deal ?”

They smiled and Sanskaar quickly embraced her. Ragini wrapped her arms around his neck and said-“Wow, Sanky, you smell nice.” Sanskaar chuckled and spoke against her neck-“You’re weird.” Ragini pulled away and looked into his eyes and said-“Too bad, you’re dating a weirdo now, you can’t escape.” He smiled at her and gently head butted her, and she just giggled. They stood there, with their foreheads touching, and bright smiles on their faces, content with how things were. Priya sneaked back up, with a camera and clicked pictures of the couple,while mumbling random things.If Sanskaar would have heard her, his suspicions of a swap in the hospital would have been confirmed. Priya kept mumbling things like-‘okay kiss now’, ‘it’s so beautiful’, ‘they’re my favourite couple’ and this is exactly how Ragini reacted everytime she saw a cute scene in a kdrama.

Priya was trying to get one last snap so that she could get it laminated, before her husband found out that she was still snooping around rather than leaving the couple alone. She tried not to squeal like a fan girl and focused on capturing this moment in a photo.

The fireworks that were going off behind the couple, were nothing compared to the fireworks in Ragini’s heart when their lips gently brushed against each other. Sanskaar felt like he was gonna have a heart attack because of the weird tingling in his heart. Priya smiled contently and looked at the photo and decided to leave the couple alone for good this time. As soon as they parted, they looked at the sky and at each other and smiled. The fireworks continued and Sanskaar raised his eyebrow at Ragini, waiting for her to say something about it. Ragini just smiled at him and said-“No, not today. I’m not gonna ruin this moment.” Sanskaar mentally counted to 3 as he already knew what was coming.

“OKAY ! I get that it’s Diwali and all ! But, stop this environment pollution. There are poor doggies out there who are probably–”
She was cut off by her boyfriend who just pecked her lips again and she just stared at him in shock. He winked at her and said-“So far, I’m winning.”
Ragini rolled her eyes, but a smile was still on her face and she said-“It’s on.”

They intertwined their fingers and were making their way down the stairs, when Sanskaar said with utmost sincerity-“Ragini, I totally understand if you find my actions unacceptable. I know that I took it too far by kissing you on Day1 itself and–”
Ragini just squeezed his hand and made him face her. “Hi, I belong to the 21st century, which century are you from ? Gee, Sanky. Everything is alright, because it’s you. To be honest, the only person I see my future with, is you. So, don’t worry about things. And if you really think that this is gonna have certain, you know, ‘repercussions’, let’s take things slow. Okay ?”

Sanskaar smiled at her, booped her nose and they continued walking but then suddenly they both came to a screeching halt and looked at each other and made a sad/crying face. Sanskaar just sighed in disbelief and started overreacting-“We have become what we hate. And on day 1, I- I can’t.”
Ragini nodded and said-“ I agree, let’s break up.” Sanskaar nodded his head vigorously, while Aditi just stared at the two and gave them the expression that Ragini would give people when they would insult the members of her favourite Kpop group BTS, which was a mix of an expression of disgust because they have no taste and I’m gonna kill you right now. (A/N: Please don’t kill me or stop reading guys. It’s just I love them so much, so I just find ways of including them in the story. Don’t leave guys pleaseu.??)

Aditi smacked both of them in the head and they pouted at her rubbed the back of their heads. Ragini just pouted and spoke cutely-“ We just, we became those mushy couples and we were so cliche right now, I–”
Aditi just sighed because she didn’t know what to say, but Sanskaar and Ragini just started laughing.
“It’s not like I would break up with her. We were just trying to add spice to our relationship.”
Aditi raised her eyebrow and said-“On day 1 ? You guys really-”

Ragini chimed in-“It may be day 1 of our relationship but it’s not day 1 of our friendship. I’m always going to be his best friend, no matter what. We were just being dramatic. That’s all.”
Sanskaar nodded and continued-“ And besides, I saw Mom and Dad peeking from that corner, so we were just trying to teach them a lesson for spying on us, but then you butted in and then we realised that even you were spying on us. Do none of y’all know the meaning of privacy ?”

Aditi shrugged her shoulders and walked away because both of them were idiots. Both of them continued to laugh and said in unison-“Good job, girlfriend/boyfriend.”

Hi ! I am literally the most shameless, jamless, jobless person ever. And PDA?, sorry if you guys didn’t like it. Also, I’m kinda passing in the exam I wrote today I guess ? Idk. But, why do we even need EVS in college guys ? *sighs dramatically*
I am legit the most horrible person ever??. I have no shame, and I’m even planning to start a YouTube channel. Good luck to the viewers I guess ??(that is if I have viewers?)
^ this would be later though. I’m not that sharamless, I think ??
Sorry for the extra long author’s note. Just had to rant Coz I have no social life. Okay thankssssss. Loads of love♥️

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