swaragini a story of love (intro)


hi this is isabella and this is going to be my second fanfiction
pls ls suggest the pairs and i will reveal them in next episode
intro is here

a story set in london
swara bose – a 20 year old doctor sweet childish and smart loves her sister a lot
ragini bose- a 20 year old journalist and reporter beautiful kind and loving full of life in her heart loves swara a lot

swaraginis parents are dead and they live alone and have recently moved into the new house
their neighbour are the maheshwaris
ap – mom of sanlak loves them a lot a kind lady
dp is dead
sanskar – a 22 year old business tycoon loves his mom and bro a lot sort of heartless but smart dashing and hot

laksh- a 22 year old actor very famous handsome loves everyone

so the journey of swaragini and sanlak through the twists and turns of life
did you like it
pls comment if you want me too continue

Credit to: isabella

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