Raglak a story of love-hate(3)

As Ragini felt dizzy, Laksh brings her to his room and he too starts feeling dizzy. A third person looks at them and smirks.

Laksh rubs his head and his eyes get clarity now. Ragini too takes deep breath and wakes but, she is not in her sences. Ragini leans back by her hands support. She was smiling mischiefly. Laksh who was not in his sence too comes near her and comes over her and kisses her neck. Ragini laughs and hugs him. Laksh starts biting her neck. Ragini was massaging his head and she was sucking his ears. Laksh moves his face over her, and joins his lips with hers.

The screen becomes blank. The third person smirks and she is a lady.. but her face is not shown.

After sometime, swasan wakeup from eqchother embrace. Swara worries. “Don’t worry. We r married now.” Sanskar says. Swara and he have deep lip lock.

That day late in evening, Laksh opens his eyes first. And looks at Ragini in his embrace. Both of their cloths are down and far from them. But, Laksh was still effect of drug. He now, starts licking Ragini’s lips, and then he slowly bites her lips. Ragini who was not in sence too starts smooching his lips. Both hug each other tightly again.. and they get dozed off.

Next morning,

Ragini feels her head very heavy. She opens her eyes which are very tight. She feels a weight on her body, and her soft body attached to something hard.. but, she feels heavenly with that touch. She smiles. She finally manages to open her eyes, Now, she shocks.

She shocks to see some man is over her. “This shd be dream” she says and pushes that man and gets even more shocked to see that it’s Laksh. He is not in his cloths and she too is naked. She grabs bed sheet and covers her. Ragini is hell confused. She tries to recall everything. Then Laksh too wakes from the heavy sleep. He looks at Ragini beside him and he too shocks. He remembers only till he bringing Ragini to his house. He shocks to see their position.

“Rag,,,” Lak calls but, Ragini gets up and takes all her clothes and runs to washroom. Laksh too wears his cloths meanwhile.

Ragini comes out and is about to slap Laksh, but he holds her hand.

“I didn’t do anything Ragini. Trust me.”

“You ruined my life” Ragini cries.

It was already 10 o clock in morning.

“You are supposed to marry swara. And you..”

“I don’t know anything Ragini.. you felt dizzy in shopping mall.. so I brought u here..”

“Don’t lie. U have used me.” Ragini cries bitterly again.

Laksh looks on confused.,

Precap: third person blackmails for Raglak marriage?

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