Raglak a story of love-hate(2)

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Here is the previous part.. i gave link..

Episode 1

If you didn’t like the ff, tell me.. i will stop..

Part 2

Laksh wakes next morning. He was just liking swara, because it was the match fixed by his parents. He keeps remembering the way he hugged Ragini thinking it’s swara.

Now.. Laksh gets ready and goes to the sangeeth party of swara. All his family members comes too.

Laksh looks around, and finds Ragini who was descending the steps. Laksh losts his eyes on her. She was pretty as ever. Ragini too looks at Laksh. She was looking pretty. But, her eyes are sad. All her family members taunt her for not opening her mouth when Laksh hugged her.

That third person looks at both of them and smirks. That person looks at the oil poured on steps. Ragini who was looking at Laksh, without seeing, steps on it. She skids and about to fall.. but soon Laksh runs and holds her by waist. His tight hand presses her tiny waist. ?Ragini shocks.

All the family members look at them seriously in misunderstandings way.?

Meanwhile, swara was walking in balcony suddenly dragged by someone into a room. It’s sanskar.

Swara shocks and about to shout, but her mouth is closed by his mouth. ?Swara remains silent in shock. “U r only mine swara,” says sanskar and keeps kissing all over her face. Swara remains silent in tears. ?She hugs him and cries badly.

Here in hall all start whispering bad about raglak. Ragini feels sad and runs into her room crying.

Shekar comes near Laksh, “what is this laksh?”

“Uncle, don’t misunderstand.. i just caught her thinking she may fall..”

The party gets over in confusion and sad.

That night, Laksh gets a message to his mobile from Ragini mobile.

“I want to talk to you. Come to our house. If you won’t come i will die”

Laksh shocks with msg, why ragini is calling him this mid night.?

But… The msg is sent by that third person from Ragini’s phone. Ragini is sleeping. That person keeps phone on bed table beside her and leaves.

The person smirks and goes away. Laksh being scared Ragini will suicide, he comes there.

Swara was not in room. She was in balcony with Sanskar. Sanskar has cut his hand. Swara was crying and tying a cloth on his hand.

“I will die if you aren’t mine swara.” He tells in tears,

“Sanskar,.” Swara cries n hugs him. Sanskar encircles his hands tightly around swara and swara too hugs him tightly.

Later.. Laksh enters into Ragini’s room thinking as she called. Then the third person smirks and bolts the door from out. Laksh shocks and tries to open door. Ragini who is awake with sound looks laksh n shocks.

“Laksh??” She says confused. “Why did. U call me ragini?” He asks. “Why will i call?!” Says ragini.

Meanwhile, Sharmishta and sujatha who happens to pass the room see the bolt and opens it.. both shock to see raglak are in same room at that mid night time.

“What’s going on here?” Sujatha shouts,

With that sound shekar and ram prasad too wakes n comes there.

Raglak don’t understand what to answer bcz, whatever they may say.. no one will believe them now.

There, Swara insists sanskar to leave. But, sanskar was hugging Swara tightly.

All family taunts ragini and laksh.. but they won’t cancel marriage or won’t say this out bcz.. their respect will be at stake.

Laksh was upset with complete misunderstandings. Ragini was crying silently. All family was misunderstandings her.

There, sanskar takes Swara somewhere.

“Swara, you are mine. We promised each other we love, so we have to be together..!!” He says and puts sindoor on her hairline shocking her. “You are my wife now.” He says.

Swara looks shocked.

Next evening, being upset with all incidents.. swaragini goes to a cloth store. Laksh too comes too same store following them. He comes to ask Ragini why she has called him?

Swara selects a dress and says she will try it n come.. n goes.. ragini who was waiting for her drinks a cool drink brought by a worker. The third person looks at cool drink and smirks. He/she has mixed chloroform in it. Ragini drinks it, and soon she feels dizzy.

Laksh who comes to see Ragini finds she was feeling dizzy and holds her. As he don’t know where swara was gone, Laksh thinks to take Ragini back to home. But.. he thinks again, if he takes her home. All will misunderstand them again… he thinks to take her to hospital… but Ragini starts behaving weird. She was sliding her hand on Laksh’s chest seducing.. due to drug effect.
in such condition if he takes her to hospital all will misunderstand her.

Laksh decides to take her to his house as no one are there. When Ragini feels alright, he thinks to send her back safely.
Laksh takes her to his room. But, suddenly Laksh also starts feeling dizzy.

The screen freezes on smirking face if that third unknown person.

To be continued..

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  6. Nice..r u gonna give equal importance to swasan and raglak OR it is a raglak ff and swasan in side roles? ?
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  7. AbrahamEzra

    Oo who is that third person. He is playing with a girls dignity. Anyway as the story is interesting. Don’t get upset by less comments. Ok

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