Raglak a story of love-hate(1)

Ragini is trying to speak out and shout, but she can’t.. because she can’t speak when she is scared. She was scared looking at a lizard. Then swara comes, and shoos away lizard. Ragini takes breath.


Ragini and Swara are talking.

“Swara di, your marriage is fixed now. Are you happy?” Ragini asks giggling. Swara smile fades. Because, she doesn’t like this marriage. Then, phone rings.. call from Laksh..

Ragini smiles, “see, jiju is calling..” Ragini winks eye. But, swara cuts the call. “I will talk with him later, let’s select a dress for you now.”

Swara says and selects a pink saree and backless blouse for Ragini. “Wear this” swara says.

Ragini makes eyes big. “But, this? It’s backless. I can wear this only before my husband” Ragini says shyly. “Oho..” swara tickles in her tummy to tease her.

“Moreover, you wear it. Jiju will feel happy” Ragini says. Swara smile fades away again.

“Ragini, don’t bring his topic again and again. Wear this saree now once. I want to see., it suits you great..!! For me for me.. plz plz..!” Swara says. And Ragini agrees.

There are no one else in the home except both of them. Ragini wears it and opens the door. “Swara, come and see me. How am i?” She asks. Ragini blushes looking at herself. She is looking extremely beautiful.

Then a third person’s eyes looks at her and smirks. That person sends a message to Laksh from Swara’s phone.

“Hey handsome, come and have a look on me. I’m waiting for you. In pink s*xy saree..”

Laksh blushes. “I will see you like that after marriage.” Laksh sends back a message.

“If you have love on me, just a little.. come and hug me. Show me your love.” That person sends a message again. Laksh takes breath, “I really love you swara. I’m ready to prove it..!” He thinks.

As their houses are just beside each other Laksh comes soon to their house and doors are opened. Laksh comes and looks in balcony Ragini is standing, he looks from back. He can’t see the front. Laksh thinks it’s swara.

Swara couldn’t come for long time because, she was held by sanskar. “Swara, come with me.” He is saying.

“Leave me sanskar. I can’t turn against to my parents.”

That third person is not sanskar.

Sanskar soon kisses swara lips. She shocks and becomes stuck.

There, Laksh keeps moving front silently thinking it’s swara. Ragini was starring out, her pallu is waving in wind, she keeps blushing when the cold air touches her back. “I can show myself like this only to my hus”

Her thoughts are suddenly shattered when she feels pairs of hands on her tummy. Ragini shocks. Laksh hugs her from back.

Swara pushes sanskar away. “Get out” she shouts painfully. Sanksar goes away in tears.

Laksh hugs Ragini from back. Ragini is awestruck. She can’t speak out. When she is scared she can’t open her mouth.

“You are looking so hot..” Laksh says and he bends to her neck. He moves his nose on her neck.

“Well, you have called me. I have come. See,. I really love you. Love you swara.” Says Laksh making his grip tight around her waist.

Ragini wanted to shout but, her voice is dried, she was shivering. She wanted to push him away, shout, “I’m not swara” but.. she was helpless.

Then swara who came in search of Ragini shocks to look the scene, Laksh was hugging Ragini. And she is silent?

“Ragini..!” Shouts swara. Laksh shocks and moves far from Ragini and he gets shocked to see swara on other side. Swara comes and moves Ragini back, then Laksh is shocked to see Ragini’s face.

“Chi, are you romancing with the boy who has to be yours sister’s husband?” Swara asks furiously. Ragini shocks.. “no…no….swaaaa” Ragini can’t speak properly.

Sujatha comes from out just then. She is chachi for swaragini. She comes to know everything. Now she taunts all the three together.

Laksh says, “i thought she was swara.. and moreover swara has called me.”

Swara shocks, “when did i call you?” Laksh shows her messages. Swara and Ragini shocks too.

“I didn’t send these messages.” Swara says.

“Laksh, it’s all your mistake. You shouldn’t come just because she called. Moreover, why can’t you find difference between both of them? Swara is shorter than Ragini. She is little fat over her.” Sujatha says,

“Chachi,,!!” Swara shouts, “just joking beta” sujatha hugs swara.

“It’s just misunderstanding.. all disperse..!” Sujatha says. Laksh goes away looking sadly at Ragini. Swara goes away in upset..

Ragini was crying silently. Sujatha beats on her head. “Go inside you drama girl. Do you need such costly cloths?” She shouts on Ragini. Ragini goes inside crying.

Sujtha smirks looking at both swaragini. She comments swara always badly supporting Ragini and she at same time keep humiliating Ragini supporting swara. Because she neither loves swara nor ragini. She hates both of them.

But, she is not the third person.

Sanskar was crying in his room, “i want you swara”

Swara was crying in her room, “i love you sanskar”

Laksh was feeling sad in his room, “I’m sorry Ragini..”

Ragini was standing under shower with that saree itself remembering how Laksh hugged her, and how she was helpless for shouting.
Then she shouts,

“I’m not swara. I’m Ragini.” She cries badly putting hands on her face.

The screen freezes on four people faces.

To be continued…

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