Swaragini a story of love 5


Hi here is Isabella with the update as promised sorry for the delay as i was moving in my new house so was busyohk enough of nonsense lets get back to business

Swara and lucky are drunk as hell
Ragini has not drunk yet so has sanskar
Sanskar is horrified to see them both behaving like monkeys
Swalak stand on the table and start dancing
Swara -lucky too lucky mee lucky lucky
Lucky-no no no lucky is me u shld be shona too shona meee got it?
Ragini-shona get down here this instant lucky u too
Swara-noo nooo a huge noo
Lucky-bhai bhai look here there is a cat wild cat ragini wild cat yohooooo
Lucky and swara get down
Swara -lets go run oh my god look there is bhalooo i mean bear
She points at sanky

Rahini laughs but controls it seeing him
Ragini- no no shona come on lets go home
Sanskar -we cant take them home like this they have to wait at hotel
Ragini – no theywill come to our house sanakar they are running put them in the car
Swara and laksh are running and saying ohh laallaaa ohh laalalaa
They put them in the car and sanskar sits but there is no Ragini
Ragini is sitting with an empty bottle in her hand
Sanskar-ragini miss ragini get get up pls

Sanky-what do you mean no
Ragini-no iwont get up till u give me chocolate
Sanskar -stupid gurl Tess dear i will u loads of chocolates no come on

Precap more drama

Sorry for short update packing mt books off so hope u understand
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Credit to: Isabella

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