swaragini-The story of my life (promo)


hey guys sry i wnt be able 2 update d nxt chap til tuesday i hav my xams going on so & also realy sry for nt replying 2 ur cmnts bt i hav read dem!thanx for cmting…me being swasan fan i paired dem and dint swap d pairs!here we go,promo: do comment ur views!
ragini is heading 2wards swaras cabin dat tym she bumps into laksh & asks him sry sir…laksh tels her dat he’s tld her many tyms 2 cal him lucky & nt sir!
dat tym sanchitha(laksh new pa)comes der & wishes him gm lucky!he gets annoyd & asks her 2 cal him sir!here starts d luv story of raglak!

swasan in sankys cabin while swara is telling him abt his schedule hes staring @her wit all love! swara cs dis bt acts lyk she dint c.den sanky gets up and gets close 2 her!but for der misfortune dey r caught in compromising position!
whom do u think dat prson is?wil dat prson be negative or positive for der newly found love?

Credit to: ginger

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  1. Very nice dear and waiting for raglak scenes

  2. I think its laksh or ragini

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