swaragini-The story of my life (chapter 4)


aftr sanky ends d cal,he turns towards swara & cs her blushing.he thinks oh god shes making me crazy!he moves towards her &was abt 2 kiss,dey heard knock on d door.swara startd panicking wondering who it was!den dey heard rags voice.sanky wore his shirt &came to d hall by dat tym swara had opend d door!rags was surprised 2 c him so she asked.swara started stammering listening 2 her question,sanky coverd it up by teling dat he had come 2 take office file frm her,den he asked swara 2 come 2 office as der is an important work 2 complete he den left..bt rags wasnt stil satisfied by his answer as she knew swara was lakshyas pa den y sanskar had come here!on d other side sanky decides 2 make swara his pa as he now knws dat she to luvs him cos of d kiss dey shared,thinking abt d recent events he smiles 2 himself & takes his fone out 2 txt swara!

hey ppl,thanks for ur cmnts.sry for d short update as im having exams…share ur views pls..and tel me shld i make it raglak or anyone else for rags and lucky?

Credit to: ginger

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  1. Very nice dear and raglak plz

  2. U swapped pair it’s not done….

  3. He it’s superb bt too short try to upload longer one and waiting fr ur next part

  4. Swasan scenes are super yaar….

  5. Plz make raglak plz

  6. RAglak

  7. Raglak please

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