swaragini-The story of my life (chapter 1) continued


Midnight memory(b)

swara had dozed while writing d dairy she woke up due 2 d knock on door she checked d tym it was 1am she thought rags had come so she opend d door witout cing who it was!wen she was abt to scold sumone grabed her frm waist & kissed her hard! he closd d door frm leg,pinned her to d wall kissing her again! swaras pov- i dnt knw who he is im not able 2 c as it is dark hes kissing me im pushing him away i failed!so i put my hands around his neck,cing my reaction he put his hands inside my tee and carried me in his arms and i guieded him 2 room!he striped me,laid me on bed came over me and tld dat ur beautiful in a husky voice!he took away my virginity aftr mating i asked him who ru?he replied im ur pleasure! yes indeed he was my pleasure i laid on his chest,he put his hands on my waist caught me tight and slept! im waiting for d sun 2 rise i want 2 see who he is!

next day mrning-swara woke up & blushed remembering d last nyt romance and looked up to c him! she was terrified to c who he was!

Credit to: ginger

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  1. Is the guy sanskar ??

    1. u wil get to knw soon! ive actualy selected d couples…

  2. i think that guy came 4 ragini.???

    1. no ridhima,he came for swara itself!

  3. I just hope it’s laksh

    1. u wil get to knw soon! ive selected d pair

  4. Woooo…awesome yaar…waiting for next episode…

    1. thanks anusha wil update nxt part!

  5. i wish the guy is laksh

  6. Awesome yaar hope dat is sanskaar

  7. Hope it’s Laksh

  8. Make the pairs as swalak. I love swasan too. But this romantic fanfiction says choose swalak and ragsan. Hope it is our hero Lucky or Laksh.

  9. Pls make the episodes longer

  10. I wish it’s sanky

  11. ANA the Crazy fan

    I wish its sanskar……..or was it laksh who came for ragini?????but i seriously dont want it to be so…..
    Ginger…..pls …….a humble request frm ur JABRA FAN make ur ff swasan….pls…..waiting eagerly for the nxt chappy…….fingers crossed…..for this ff to be swasan….

  12. Is he sanskar???

  13. What about Ragini

  14. whoever its nyc..

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