Swaragini its my story episode 2

Hey guys princess is back again… Oof guys my exams just got over let me intro myself I’m princess I’m a Tamilian and I love most of the new and old shows in Hindi I was a silent reader only but I thought of writing and letting my skills out too….
Ennakku support pannura Tamil Anna Akka thangachi and thambigallukku Romba Romba thanks…. Plz continue reading my ffs and plz support me a lot and plz comment I expect more than 20 comments but I get only 10 and 13 comments… And plz do let me know how many episodes all u want just tell it when u comment ok???

The episode starts….
Laksh and Swara lie in each other’s arms Swara was asleep when ragsan came home Ragini thought to stay in Maheshwari mansion as Swara was asleep by then and laksh sanskar went to their rooms and laksh left Swara in the guest room along with Ragini…
Laksh fell asleep…

In sanskars room
He was thinking about their encounter with the goons and their kiss and all and smiled to himself and said ” Mujhe Laktha hai ki Ragini Bhi Mujhe… I should talk to her tomorrow” and he dosed off
In the guest room Ragini also thought about it and said to herself
” I think I too love sanskar and I should probably tell him my feeling yes I should” by saying this she too dosed off…

Next morning Ragini and Swara came down and laksh was sitting on the breakfast table and Ragini’s eyes were searching someone yes sanskar… But couldn’t find him… Laksh hugged Swara and kissed her forehead saying good morning… Ragini moved here and there and didn’t find sanskar anywhere in the house… She was done with her breakfast so she left to get ready and asked Swara to come fast too… Swara was eating slowly and laksh left to get ready… She was all alone in the table and someone caught her and kissed her from back… In her head her neck her back and … She turned and kissed back… It was laksh he kissed her everywhere he could as no one was around and he lift her and got her to his room and closed the door… He came closer to her… Her heart beat started raising laksh came closer and pinned her to the wall….
Swara: laksh what are you doing???
Laksh: what do you think???
And eyed her lips Swara was about to tell some thing but laksh closed her lips with his lips and they shared a very nice and lovely kiss… After few minutes they broke and Swara pulled him closer and again kissed… Suddenly
Ragini: Swara we’re getting late both of u come fast…
Both: coming Ragini
Both got ready and all three left for college
Kavya was standing near her car waiting for laksh… Laksh Swara and Ragini came out of car and they saw Kavya and laksh intentionally caught Swara and kissed her forehead and cheeks… Ragini didn’t understand what was going on but Kavya was fuming in anger…

In class… Laksh Swara Kavya were in the same class…
Laksh and Swara sat in the last desk in the class and Kavya just before them laksh and Swara during classes and all kissed Swara most of the time and this made Kavya more anger on Swara and Swara too kiss laksh most of the time…
In ragsan class
Ragini was keeping on waiting for sanskar the whole day in college but no he wasn’t there at all
After classes they were going home when a hand pulled back Ragini and it was sanskar and took her to a beautiful place full of red roses and proposed her to which he accepted… They both spent the night together in the cottage… The next morning Ragini woke up and remembered about last night
Fb starts….
After she accepted he pulled her close and kissed her all over and they kissed …???
Both weren’t able to control them self and Ragini sat on the sofa and removed sanskar’s shirt while kissing and sanskar removed Ragini’s and they both fell on each other and did many things and made love between each other…
Fb ends….
Ragini took bath and came out and found sanskar sleeping and went to him and woke him up with a kiss…

In Maheshwari mansion
Laksh woke up and saw Swara sleeping in his arms peacefully and kissed her forehead and went back to sleep hugging her tightly… (. Yes laksh and Swara are in live in relationship)…
Kavya woke up in the morning and opened her eyes seeing lakshs photo in front of her and kissed it saying “I’ll finish that Swara today laksh” saying this she called some one and said ” do you remember what to do??? Swara should get away from laksh do you get that??? You better ok???” And cut the call smiling evilly
The screen freezes on swalak sleeping faces, ragsan kissing faces and kavya’s evil smiling face,.,.

How was it??? Do you like it??? Plz comment guys plz and what do you think Kavya’s Gonna do?? To know stay tuned to Swaragini its my story… Love u all with love princess

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