swaragini a story of enduring love episode 7


Hey guys here i am back with the 7th episode of this ff but still i am not getting responce so i am thinking to end this in 2 ep so plzz silent readers do comment cause only ur appretition can make me write more episodes……….. 🙁
Nd yes guys the pairs will be swasan nd raglak from the star. I know i told u that initially it will be swalak nd ragsan but as i am a swasan fan i am not comfortable to write about swalak plzz forgive me…

Sanskar pov
I was completly shattered when i heard the news of her accident, my love,my life was in danger lying on the road like a lifeless body, when i reached the spot there was a crowd but no one was ready to help them. I was frustated, how in this f**king world they can call themselves humans…..i shouted on everyone when a hand touched my shoulder,

Person: bhai, how this happened
There were tears in her eyes too, wait laksh, what was he doing here,
Sanky: how come u r here lucky ?
Laksh: bhai it’s not time for this, first lets take them to hospital.
He was making sence we without wasting any further time took them to hospital, according to doctors ragini was stable as the truck hit the drivers side,
Doctor: ragini is stable, but i cannot say anything about the other girl as she had a major blood loss, only miracle can save her now.
The moment doctor left i brole down. I wished that was me, me who went through this pain. i know i just saw her today but still she looked like an angel decended from heaven just for me, to become mine. Her smile, her first convesation all played like a tape in my mind.
When the doctor came again he gave a hope.
Doctor: swara needs blood and as her blood type is rare maybe we will not get that,
Sanskar: sir what blood type ?
Doctor: bombay
this is called match made in heaven, we even had the same blood type. I immediatly told the doctor to take my blood. Nd so i donated blood to bring my life back…
Doctor than told me she is now stable but will take time to recover nd that ragini have gained consiousness.
Hearing this laksh gave a big bright smile. What happened to him ? I don’t know nd frankly right now i don’t even care. I can’t think of any one right now but my swara.. she was shifted from ICU nd i went to her room, the moment i saw her face i broke down again. It looked so pale like she havenot eaten for days. I miss her already. I sat by her side the whole night wishing she was consious there with me just like this her hands intwined in mine but then she doesn’t love me. I was deep in her thoughts when suddenly i fell asleep, nd dremt about her…….

Laksh pov,
The moment i saw her in that pool of blood i was broke, i don’t know why but i felt if somethong happened to her i’ll die, amybe this is what they call love. Wait a minute did i just said i love her, but how? That too in a day, maybe laksh it is just attraction. Let’s take a test, i closed my eyes nd all i can see is her. Damn i was indeed in love, nd i will tell her, the moment she’ll gain consiousness i will. When the doctor told me she is stable a heavy stone was releved of my heart. But i don’t know what happened to bhai, he is crying like hell for ragini’s sister, don’t tell me this flirtious guy is in love, i was just going to confront him when i saw him going to donate his blood, whoa too many suprises in one day….sanskar bhai is scared of needles nd injection but to save her,he is ready to donate is blood…..i was waiting impatiently for him to come.. When he came i thought to give him some space i was sitting there when doctor came..
Doctor told us that swara is fine nd thatshe will take time to recover but ragini has gained her consiousness, i don’t know what happened but my face automatically lighted up nd a huge smile could bee seen….ragini just wait nd watch how i will confess my feelings for u….I LOVE YOU ragini i really do…….

Guys i hope u liked it nd pplzz silent leaders break ur silence plzz plzz plzz

Precap: ragini laksh confession nd swasan scenes

Credit to: shagun

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