swaragini a story of enduring love episode 6


Hey guys I hope I am not boring u guys as I see I am getting very less comments if u say I’ll stop this ff but believe me it seems boring for now but I have made an interesting track for you guys silent readers plzz plzz plzz break ur silence or else I’ll not continue this ff. decision is yours.

The fatal day
Sanskar pov,
She asked me if I was in my senses little does she know that I can’t be normal around her the moment I entered the class nd saw her I knew that she is the one. The way she flips her hair, her big black eyes, her lips it all drives me crazy. All I want to do right now is pull her closer nd kiss her but alas I can’t. I will wait for the day when you will willingly kiss me nd I promise Swara that day will come for sure. “Sanskar I am going I think u have lost it.” She said. Wait Swara where r u going? I asked. To find ragini the class is over I need to go home meet you tomorrow sanky bye. She replied. I wish she stays in front of me forever and ever but I know she cannot so with a heavy heart I bid her bi end walked away from my love, from the love of my life…..
Screen shifts to raglak

Ragini pov
I wish he stays right here near me talking like this forever. Wait rags what the hell is wrong with you? Asked my brain nd to this my heart innocently replied “I love him”…Whoa ragini gadodia is in love this is a news, but does he love me? or will he ever love me? I don’t know nd I srsly don’t even care till the time he is in front of me. That I wish he always is.
His hand in front of my eyes wakes me up from my thoughts.” What happened ragini r u alright? He asked. Ya perfectly fine. I replied. Though I am not I am sick I am sick for his love. It’s been almost nd hour since we bunked the class nd came to the terrace of the college but to me it seem like only a minute have passed.
Suddenly my phn rang and swara’s name flashed on it. OMG, I totally forgot about our plan to go racing she is literally going to kill me today, I accepted he call nd her angry voice reached my ears.” Where r u rags? I hope u still remember about our plans, come fast I am waiting for u near the gate nd plzz come fast”

I heard laksh giggling to himself I wondered what happened then I realized that the phn was on speaker mode.”Swara I am just coming ok, I am sry, bye” saying so I disconnected the phn. Laksh looked at me nd gave a look like he is telling me to go. I nodded nd went away hoping to see him again.

Screens shifts to Swara waiting in the car
Third person’s point of view…
Swara was sitting in the car holding her phone she was confused whether to call sanky or not but she decided against it just when she was about to keep the phn aside the phn gets connected by mistake. Swara not realizing this continue with her waiting for ragini, when ragini came they both sits in the car and Swara was driving very fast when on the blind road a truck came and collided with them.. snaky who was on the other side of the phn was listening to swaragini’s talking, when he heard screams he suspected something was wrong nd keep calling swara’s name a man who was passing by the accident spot saw the phone nd told sanky about the accident. A tear drop escaped his eyes as the stranger told them that both the girls are unconscious. He immediately sat in his car nd rushed to the place, laksh who saw him was curious about what happened thus followed him….

Credit to: shagun

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