swaragini a story of enduring love episode 5

Hey guys i know i am very late but i had my exams then i went on a long holiday nd din’t had wifi and then my 11th started i got time now i am sry nd guys ur low comments are really discouraging me guys and silent readers plzz become active if u like my ff guys it’s a request or else i am not going to continue this ff i am sry for being rude but i am writing this ff for u and if u don’t even comment or give ur views about it it becomes frustating really, or is it because it is boring? If it plz tell me i’ll stop this ff as don’t want to bore u guys..

Recap: swasan and raglak first conversation

The scene starts with laksh sitting in d class throwing paper balls here and their suddenly one ball hit ragini.
Ragini: what d hell ! who threw dat?
Laksh to himself: lucky tu tou gaya.
Laksh: i’m sry it was me but i promise it was a mistake.
Ragini: to hell with ur mistake cant u just study and stop disturbing others.
Laksh:excuse me mam whatever ur name is.. I said i am sry there is no need to be rude.
Ragini thinks that he is right but as she never says sry she just ignores and says..
Ragini: whatever just don’t disturb me now..
Laksh smilling to himself thinks she luks to cute in anger man who ever u r ur making me mad…

Screen shifts to swasan
according to their plzn sanskar goes in d class limping, the proffesor stops him and asks..
Proffesor: sanskar y r u so late?
Sanskar: sir actually i was comming to d class when i slipped on d stairs thanks to swara gadodia she helped me to go to d infirmary but cause of me she got late…
Proffesor: oo so thats why she was late. Sanskar go call her inside.
Sanskar smiles and goes out to call swara.
Sanskar: swara our plzn succeded u can come in..
Swara : oo thank god sanskar or else i would have missed my first class in designing..
Sanky and swara gives hifi and went inside smilling but limping :p

screen shifts to raglak

After sometimes d bell rings and everyone exits along with ragini..
ragini was walking when when suddenly she slipped on d wet floor she was about to fall when laksh comes from nowhere and saved ragini…..
Bg music

Chuteya na chute moose rang tera dholna
Ek tere bajjo dooga mera koi mool na
Bolna maahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
They share an intence eyelock when laksh got pushed by a person nd they both come to sences…
Laksh helps ragini standup..
Ragini on other hand was very embarressed.
Ragini: thanx laksh for saving me..
Laksh: never mind, by d way aab tou maine tumhe bacha bhi liya aab tou frnds ban sakte hai.
Ragini:(happy from inside):ok mister laksh frnds…
Screen shifts to swasan

Swara and sanky were come towards the canteen swara was talking about every thing she could think of but sanky was not paying attention,he was busy in admiring her beutifull locks,her eyes,her bushy eylashes,her smiling face, he was literaly looking at her with look full of love.
Bg music

Tere liye aaya main tou
Tere sang janna
Dholna ve tere nall
Jindri bitawan
Kadi naiyo chodana
Ishq ki dor na
Sarre chad jaye maahi tou nayiyo chodna
Bolna maahi bolna
Bolna maahi bolna
when sanky was busy in thoughts of swara,she asked him something…
Swara:sanky do u want a coffee?
Swara: sanky r u even listning?
Swara thinks something and says
Swara: sanky do you want to come with me on the terrece of college we’ll jump from there?
Swara shook sanky by his coller and asked if he is in his sences

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