swaragini a story of enduring love episode 4

Sorry guys for this much of late update but to be honest my phn was taken by my mom as i was not studying got it today only… :p

Recap: swaragini and sanlak enters d college..

Scene 1

Swara pov
My god that class was so boring and on top of that my sister was busy eying the two boys i really don’t understand the reason behind her this behavior…god help me..

Ragini pov

My god wat d hell just happend to me i can’t keep my eyes off him(laksh)..
Is this is wat they call love at first sight…..
Rags wat r u thinking u know na u and love goes in diffrent direction so how is it possible…. I don’t understand this seriously…

They were both deep in their thoughts while they were going to d canteen..When swara sees sanskar and says

Swara: rags look he is the same guy na who stole every girls heart (sarcasm dripping from her words)..
Ragini: ya shona he is the one but where is d other one..
Swara: rags now don’t tell me you i mean you fell for someone dat too on d frst day of clg…
Ragini: not like that yrr it was just out of curosity..
Swara: chall now i have too go as i have a class right now bie..
Ragini Bids bie and walks to d canteen as she was free at that time, suddenly a person taps her shoulder she turns…dat person is laksh..
Laksh: hey, hi…i am laksh maheshwari and you..
Rags was simply awestuck by him but managed to control her feelings,
Ragini: sry but i don’t talk to strangers ..
Laksh: mam you have to change ur habbit otherwise u will not be able to make any friend…
Ragini: i don’t need to mr laksh…so don’t wry bout me,now if u excuse me i have to attend a class bie..
Laksh pov

What a attitude man, but still she is diffrent yrr lucky she is definately someone you should be with., who ever you are but ur amazing….

Screen shifts to Swara’s class

When swara entered the class she was already late so d proffesor didn’t let her enter, she was standing outside with a solemn face.
When sanskar comes and see her..

Sanky’s pov

Man yrr she is so beautiful, let me talk to her.
sanskar: hey, i am sanskar nd u ?
Swara: excuse me do i even know you mr.sanskar
Sanskar: how mucj time will it take to introduce myslf..
I am sanskar my frnds call me sanky so can u,i am in ur year and have same classes as urs so u have to talk to me or else u will die of boredom…
swara: wow i am impressed sanskar or should i call u sanky…
Hi my name is swara gadodia.
Sanky: it was nice to meet u swara, now lets go in..
Swara: can’t i was late and so r u so this is punishment.
Sanskar thinks of a plan nd tells her but it is muted..
Swara: u got brains yrr sanky..but before that i want u ask u one thing
Sanky: wat ?
Swara: friends ??
Sanky: no… Bst frnds, as from now we will be each others partner in crime…

Screen shifts to ragini

She was in her class studying when a boy comes huffing and puffing he was laksh..
Laksh: sir, may i come in
Proffesor: yes lucky come and sit.
Ragini sees laksh and thinks…..
Y god y did u have to send this distraction to me like don’t you want me to studying….

precap: swasan plans and raglak fight…

Guys i am really sry i hope u forgive me….

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