swaragini a story of enduring love episode 3

Hey guys thanx u for ur comments and sry as i can’t reply to every one of u but yes i do read all of ur comments and i have decided to change the character of laksh from what i thought now laksh will also be the naughty,flirt kind of guy…sry for inconvienence..
And yes my pairs will be swasan and raglak….sry to ragsan and swalak fans as i thought that as i myself am a swasan fan i will be able to write better with swasan….
Just keep commenting,giving ur opinion and reading my ff..

Recap : the introduction of sanlak

Scene 1
gadodia mansion.

Sharmishtha is seen doing puja.after the puja ends she goes to wake up swaragini..
(In swaragini’s room)
Sumi: swara, ragini wake up it’s 9:45. U’ll get late on d first day of college.
Swara: ma plzz just 5 minutes more plzz..
Ragini: yes ma plz just give us 5 minutes more.
Sumi gets irritated. She saw a jug of water on d side table. She picks d jug and pour d water on swaragini.
Swara: maaa… Wat was that is dis a way to wake sosmeone up?
Ragini: maa u r becoming mischevious day by day.
Sumi: ye sab tum dono ki sangate ka he asar hai beta. Now get up go and get freshen up for college.
Sumi goes from d room.
Swara: rags first u go plzzzz i am very tired right now..
Ragini: ok swara i’m going..
Ragini goes to d washroom after sometime she comes out wearing a blood red off-shoulder crop shirt with mini black skirt and black high boots.she left her hair open and changed the color of highlights from blue to red
Ragini: swara now get up and go get freshen up plzz.
Swara: ok rags m going…
Swara also gets ready in sometime.she is wearing a white shorts with blue croptop. She made her hair into a french braid and is wearing white heels.
Swara and ragini both goes into d kitchen to have breakfast. When shekhar came in a drunk state.
Shekhar: what is this swara and ragini. What kind of clothes r u wearing? Is this a way to go to college.

While shekhar was speaking he lost his balance and fell as he was drunk.
Swara: baba first learn to walk and please from now onward talk to me only when u r in a sober state or else u don’t even come near me plzz.
Ragini: baba swara is right and yes to be honest u r stinking right now so plz go and freshen up.
Saying so they left the kitchen.
Swara: MA. MA. Where are u!
Ragini: ma plzz come fast we r starving.
Sumi hears them and come rushing.
Sumi: wat happened y r u shouting like dis?
Sumi : ma first of all tell ur husband that he should remain sober in d mrng atleast.
Ragini: and second we r getting late give us food fast.
Sumi: shona u know ur baba’s habbit right leave him i am least bothered. Right now i am going to give u food.
Sumi gives food to swaragini and they leave.

Scene 2

Swara was drining her car in a very rash way.
Ragini: swara plzz frive slow i don’t want to die so soon.plzz slow.
Swara: don’t worry rags u know na that I am one of the bst drivers.
ragini: swara plzz if u love ur rags plzz drive slow…
swara: yrr rags u r such a bore.
She slows down as she loves ragini more than her own life.

Scene 2
Sanlak mansion

A women is seen trying to wake sanskar and laksh up but they don’t move an inch. She is annapurna.
Ap: sanskar and laksh get up right now it’s already late for ur college plzz get up.
Laksh: ma plzz let us sleep do not disturb plzz..
Ap: ok then let me call ur dad.
sanskar: no maa plzz don’t call papa.i’m comming plzz don’t call him.
( dp is a modern father nd is frank but on matter of dicipline he is bit strict.)
Sanskar and laksh gets up.their room is full of one direction posters and M.J’s posters they have two diffrent bathrooms so they goes to get fresh at the same time.
Laksh comes out wearing a black t-shirt with dark blue denim and lether shoes.sanskar comes out after 20 minutes wearing a red T-shirt with light blue denim and black shades. Both r looking hot.
Sanskar and laksh decides to go by sanskar’s bike as they will reach faster.
Sanky is a very rash driver and dey escaped accident for about 5 times.

After 25 minutes they reach college.
They r already very late as all the classes have alreassy started, so they go to the reception to get their schedule.
Laksh: bhai we only have 1 class with each other today.
Sanskar: i am happpy atleast i will be able to do masti.
they go their first class as they entered every girls eyes were upon them except two…..
Sanskar Point of veiw
Wat.. Why r they nor even bothered to look at us. Every girls eyes r on us but they. Hugh full on attitude yrr..
Laksh POV
Wow thats great every one is staring at us execpt them they r somewhat diffrent..

those girls were nonother than swaragini.
after entring college they went to get their schedule. They had only one class together on that day nd their first class of economics they r damn gud in studies and r toppers so they like to stude but when thode two boys entered they were disturbed..
Swara POV

What yrr abhi abhi we started studying and thede guys came to disturb us.
Ragini POV
Wow man they r jandsome but not my type i mean look at them i can tell dat they must be sttention seeker…

Scene 3

Sanlak settels and begin to ralk..
Now dey are able to study.
Ragini is mesmerised on seeing laksh but is not allowing it to accept..
Swara was thinking about their future when suddenly d bells ring waking her from her dream.

Hey guys i hope u like my this episode but i want suggestions for who is to be villian if there is need of a vilian. Plz comment and keep reading

Precap : swaragini and danlak talks

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  1. We dont want villians yaar

  2. How could u yaar? I was enjoying ur ff so much but now u changed it swasan. I dont like swasan. Plz change it to ragsan

    1. Guys actually it will be both raglak swasan and swasan raglak as first swara and laksh will be together and yes there will be no villan but in a polite manner through love their pairs will change

  3. Its amazing and plz dont change the pair because i love swasan and raglak but more swasan plzzzzzz its a biggggg one request to you
    plz tell me that you dont change the pair plzzz ??????

  4. Guys actually it will be both raglak swasan and swasan raglak as first swara and laksh will be together and yes there will be no villan but in a polite manner through love their pairs will change

  5. Good yaar I was also thinking to suggest you the same but you did it by yourself.

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