swaragini a story of enduring love episode 2

Recap: swaragini intoduction

Scene 1

a black bike is seen that at a dangerous speed is coming towards a big mansion..the gates are opened in a hurry to prevent damage…
The bike enters and stops near the parking area. A boy in leather jacket and black jeans with royal blue shirt is seen removing the helmet he is our flirt sanskar..
He takes his phone and calls someone the rings goes and the other person picks d phn..
Sanskar: yrr what is dis u told me dat u will help me to get in as u know it is late maa will scold me come fast yrr plzzz…
Person:yaa sanky bro wait a minute i am just coming. Ok have patience plzz..
Saanky : just come fast.
Saying this he ends d call.. after bout 2 minutes the gate opens and a boy in black t-shirt,blue denim comes out he is looking very cute he is our laksh..
sanskar runs nd hugs him.

Sanskar: thanx bro. i am saved today just cauz of u otherwise ma would not have let me in.
Laksh: sanky by d way have u seen d time. Is it time to come home,it’s 12:30 in d night.
Sanskar: yrr lucky actually i went shopping for both of us as it is our first day at college tommorow right.
Laksh: bhai u know na dat i don’t wear the style of urs i like to be simple.
Sanskar: lucky u can not be my bro. Ur such a tightass.
Laksh: whatever bhai come in or else ma will see u here.
Sanky and lucky goes inside and in their rooms..

Precap: swaragini and sanky first meeting

Guys sry for a small episode as i have a exam tommorow i will make the nxt episode a long one promise..

And guys need a sugestion for d character of laksh should i make him innocent and bookworm like i thought or just like sanky… As i am confused plzz tell…

And yess about d pairs plzz suggest as i have not decided yet…

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