Swaragini: You stole my heart (Recap)


Swaragini are very close friends as well as Sanlak, SwaSan are brother and sister and RagLak too. Their parents are familyfriends.

Swalak are pranksters and Ragsan are angrybirds or Tom and Jerry, they are always fighting and mostly Swalak play pranks on them.

Swara donated one of her lungs to Laksh. They have secret feelings for eachother.

Soon Ragsan joined hands to make Swalak to realise their feelings for eachother, with the help of Meher and Abeer, at the other side Swalak made the same plan for Ragsan and their helpers were Twinkle and Yuvi. They all went to a date, which was planned by Ragsan and no one knew that Ragsan were dating eachother since a month, so Swalak played a prank on them, which the other couples tried to take revenge, but our Swalak are smarter then them in playing pranks, after a while everyone went home.

Swalak told their parents that they are together as well as Ragsan, the parents were shocked.

Swalak went to work for their presentation for a very big business deal, while Ragsan were having a little bit fun on the beach for a while, soon they also went home and helped Swalak. The very naughty parents went to Swara’s room to check on them, but found RagSan and SwaLak sleeping on eachothers shoulder or head, so they made a picture of it and posted it on instagramm.

So many people liked it, except for two people and some iof them even commented about the pics. Swalak and Ragsan were shocked, whithout listening Ragsan blamed Swalak for it, cause they thought it was their prank to annoy them, eventhought their parents did it,
when they came to know about it and they made it up again to Swalak and they forgave them.

The next day was a very big day for them, cause they worked hard to crack the deal with Mr. Tomson, which they did, cause he was very impressed with them about how dedicated, hardworking, intelligent they are, about them being young and succesful. Cause now he is their businesspartner, so they invited him to their successparty.

Mr. And Mrs. Tomson came to the party together, they enjoyed a lot.
Sarah came to know that SwaSan are her cousins, she was happy to get to know them, she seemed very nice to them. All of them got drunk, so they didn’t know, what happend the night before, cause everyone had an hangover. SwaLak heard an convo between Alec and Sarah, they got to know that Sarah is using Alec for money, cheating on him with his brother and his ex businesspartner, that she loves his brother and wants to divorce him.

Will Sarah be able to divorce Alec?

Who is Alec’s brother, is he good or bad?

Will SwaRagSanLak come to know the real reason of SahLec’s marriage?

If you want to read more stay tuned for the next episode.

I hope, that I won’t dissappoint you guys, but there is some drama to come about SahLec, to make the story unique in my own way.

If you guys have some ideas to make my story readable, better, unique, so dm me in TU or Wattpad. Good or bad comments are always welcome.

Thank you guys very much for liking the story so far, for the 826 reads on Wattpad, I still can’t believe it that you guys like my both stories, it gives me motivation to write more and Silentreaders do comment, I like to read your guyses comments as well.

The idea of this story came into my mind, when I was on my way to school, it was a very nice day then, so that day gave me motivation to write another story and you guyses comments on TU, motivated me even more, cause TU was the first site in which I posted the story and then I posted it in Wattpad. Now I’m finished with my bakbak.

Love you guys have an awesome day?

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