Swaragini: You stole my heart (Introduction)

Intro and Character sketch
Hi guys, I was bored, so I thought to write an intro about my new ff and the other I will continue soon.

There were four children, two of them were playing together and the other pair were shouting at eachother, cause they hated one another, their
parents had to separate them or they would have riped of eachothers head.

The other two were the opposite, they couldn’t live without eachother. One
of them had a lungs problem, so the girl donated her lungs to him, cause she said I
can live without my lungs but not withoutmy friend.

Their parents already decided to get them
married when they are older.

Character sketch

Girl1 she is beautiful, caring, sister of boy2, loves her family and hates boy1, his
family are familyfriends with her fam and girl2 is her friend.

Boy1 he is handsome, caring, friendly and loves to annoy girl1(secretly he really really likes her), loves his sis (girl2) a lot and his family as well, boy2 is his bestfriend.

Girl2 she is naughty, a little bit crazy about vanilla ice cream, friends with girl1 and boy2, sister of boy1, loves her family.

Boy2 he is charming, friendly, naughty, loves to play pranks, bestfriend of boy1, has a secret crush on girl2, loves his and hers family.

Now my question who is boy1, boy2, girl1 and girl2?

Credit to: Crazygirl


  1. Isabel


    |Registered Member

    Really nice, I don’t know who are they but I wish it is like girl 1 Swara, boy 1 Sanskar, girl 2 Ragini, boy 2 Laksh, loved this intro, eagerly waiting for more, luv u, tc..
    Keep smiling 🙂

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