Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 3


Episode 3

Swara took a spoonful of ice cream ate it and had tears in her eyes, only Laksh noticed it. “What is this bhai, you said it’s vanilla ice cream, but this is ice cream with chilli powder!” Said an angry Swara?. “I was told by Rags that it is your vanilla ice cream.” An inoncent Sanskar said. “Rags di can you please come.” Shouted an double angry Laksh. “Chill, bro I’m coming.” Ragini answered.

“What happened Lucky, why are you so angry?” A concerned Rags asked. “Did you mix chilli powder in Swaras ice cream?” “No, I didn’t it was Sanskar.” “What the hell miss angry bird it wasn’t me, why should I do that to my sister.” “Laksh, I don’t think it was Rags.” Swara said while she was remembering something.

“Lucky can you please mix chilli powder in my ice cream.” “But, why Swara you love your ice cream so much.” “Yeah, but please do it for me, cause I want to see if they blame eachother or not.” End of flashback.

Ragsan didn’t realise that Swalak were laughing like mad, cause they started fighting again and they can’t live without argueeing. And that’s the begining of a classy indian love story.

“Can you please stop fighting, you guys should get a bedroom and arguee there like married couples do.” Swalak said. “What are you guys saying, we aren’t argueeing, am I right Sanskar. “Yes, darling, you are always right.” “Sanky, you shouldn’t have said that, now my dear sis is gonna kill you.” A scared Laksh said.

After what Laksh said, Sanskar stated to run like a mad person and Ragini was running after him and trowing things at him. Swalak were enjoying it, they were happily eating popcorn, like you do in cinemas and it was like movie for them seeing Ragsan’s cat and dog fight.

Janki came in the living room and shouted: “Stop running like idiots, Rags
and Sanky.” “Mom, he called me darling.” An inoncent Rags said, while Janki started to laugh. “Jaanu, why are laughing?” Sanky asked her. “Sansku, did you really call her darling?” “Yes, I did, but you will always be my first darling.” Sanskar said. “Badtameez!” Said Shekher, while running after Sanskar like Rags did. Now four people were enjoying their popcorn and taking pictures of Sanky and Shekher.

What will happen when RP and Sujata will see the messed up house of Janki and Shekher?

Credit to: Crazygirl

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  1. Sonya

    awesome update
    it was really cute
    so swara herself mixed the chilli power lol
    could u reveal ragsan n swalak’s age dear

    1. Thanks dear I will teveal their age in the next epi

      1. Reveal*

  2. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Too much funny, lol.Loved it.Waiting for nxt.

    1. Thanks dear

  3. Lila


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  4. it’s just sooo cool

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