Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 8


Episode 8

The manager came and everyone except Ragsan,asked who planned the date. “It was Them.” The manager pointed at Ragsan. “What, they did it?” Asked the couples shocked. “Yeah, they are our special guest since a month.”

Swalak convo
“Now I know why they behaved stragely, lately.” A genious Swara said. “Yeah they are really weird infront of us they always fight with eachother like going to kill one another in that second or minute.” “Laksh, the lied to us.” “We are going to pretend like we are a couple as well as them.” “Shona I want to tell you something since ages.” “Yeah,me too.” “I love you, my heart beats only for you since so many years.” “I love you to Lucky, I really love you very much.” Ragsan heard everything and were happy for their siblings.

Mehbeer convo
“I never thought that I could tell you that, Abeer, I love you and I’m pregnant with your child.” “Wow, Meher you are pregnant, since when and how?” “I came to know about it since yesterday.” “Awesome, I’m going to father, I love you Meher.” “My dear hubby, don’t get to over excited.” “Oh, my wifey dear, how can I not be happy, it’s the happiest day of my life after our marriage.”

Twiraj convo
“Twinkle, you are the most beautiful woman it the earth and the whole universe, I love you, you are my life, I love you more than myself. Will you be my girlfriend?” “Yes, I will, I love you Yuvi.” “Yay.” “I wanted to tell you that before this date.” “Superb, we should tell the others.” “Yeah.”

Ragsan convo
“Awesome, our plan is working really well, everyone confessed their feelings for one another.” “It’s a day of happiness let’s celebrate our victory Sanky.” “Yeah, party all night my darling.” “Yes, my superstar and I love till enternity.” “Love you too my princess.” Swalak heard that and loudly shouted: “Cheaters and liars!” “What did we do.” Ragsan asked confused. “Why didn’t you tell us that you guys are together?” “We were scared of you guys and Swara has an habit to get too overexcited.” Sanky answered. “No, I don’t!” “Yes, you do!” “Can you please shut up, it’s time to celebrate.” An annoyed Ragini said.

Credit to: Crazygirl

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    Hehehe, very funny.Ragsan plan was mind blowing.Iss plan ki wajah se sabne confess kar dia.Loved it.

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