Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 6


Episode 6

Sanky’s pov
“Why do I like to annoy my miss angry bird?” “Hold on a sec did I just say say my miss angry bird.” “I just wanna kiss her so badly, but I can’t, she will kill and I know that I will always love her till my last breath.” He rested his head on the edge of the sofa and fell asleep.

Swalak’s conversation
“I can see that Ragsan really love eachother, we have to plan something to unite them.” A thoughtful Lucky said. “I have two friends who can help us, they have the same problems that Ragsan have.” Swara said. “Oh, no you mean Twinkle and Yuvi.” A scared Laksh said. “Yes.” “No, it won’t work.” “It will, trust me.” “I trust you more than myself Shona.”

Swara’s pov
“That’s the first I can see your love for me in your eyes Lucky.” “I do love you Lucky, but I can’t tell you that.” “I will love you forever Laksh, you were always in my heart, since our childhood.” She fell asleep on Laksh’s shoulder, Laksh was looking at her lovingly, suddenly the lights went of, while he kissed her cheeks.”

Lucky’s pov
“Swara, I know you love me, cause I know everything about you and I want you to confess to me at first.” “Soon after your confession, I will confess as well, but before that I want Ragsan to confess their feelings for eachother.” “I hope our big and awesome prank will be a success.” Soon after that Laksh fell asleep.”

In the morning Ragsan woke up, their head touched eachother and had a long
eyelook, Tose naina jab se mille starts to
play, vludhingly they looked away and saw that Swalak were also sleeping like them.

Ragsan’s first normal convo
“We have to unite our siblings, I can see that they love eachother.” Sanskar said awesomly?. “Yes what are we gonna do.” “I have some friends could help. “Oh, no not Meher and Abeer(from Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil).” “Do you trust me?” “For the first time yes.” “Thank you for trusting me.” “For Swalak, I can do anything.” Rags said.

Later that day Swalak woke up, they had an eyelook as well, Sanson ko jeene ka sahara mil gaya started to play, but their eyelook was broken by Ragsan, RamSujata and ShekJanki. Swalak were blushing like tomatoes?. “Mom, I think we should get Swalak married, so that they can romance in their Bedroom.” “Oh, shut up, my brother wouldn’t marry his Best friend and patner in crime, Am I right Lucky?”

What will be Laksh answer to Ragini?

Credit to: Crazygirl

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