Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 5


Episode 5

“So Raglak, you guys decide what film we are watching.” Sanskar said to divert the topic of blushing.

“We want to watch Dilwale.” Raglak said together, cause they love that film and they know Swara wanted to watch it as well. “Yay, I knew it!” Swara screamed like a little child. “Ok, stop acting like a child, you are the one of the top 10 Businesswoman of the world .” “Sorry, bhai you know how excited I get, when I watch a movie of Varun Dhawan.” “I know my little wild cat.” “Hello, can we start watching the movie, if the bhai/bhen pyaar is over.” An irritated Rags said. “Oh, my jaanu are you jealous?” “No, mr. Idiot, I’m not jealous.” Ragsan started to have a pillowfight.” “Guys, can you please, let us watch the film peacefully.” Swalak said while getting irritated of Ragsan’s fight.Eagsan stopped fighting wit the pillow.

Rags pov
“Why am I always staring at my mr. Idiot?” “What did I say to myself my mr.Idiot, this can’t be happening, I can’t fall in love with him, cause he will break my heart, but why am I happy when I arguee with him and when I don’t, I just wanna kiss him and forget the world.” Slowly she fell asleep on Sanky’s lap and Sanskar kissed her forehead, cause he thought Swalak were sleeping, but they were wide awake and their doubts got cleared, that Sanskar loves Rags.

Credit to: Crazygirl

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