Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 31: Point of view of the villains! (Last Episode)

Episode 31: Point of view of the villains! (Last Episode)

This is the last episode of this book, cause the story will be continued in Why me? Season 2 and there is a possiblity that a third season of Why me is coming or a season 2 of this story!

This episode will be similar to the chapter of A day to remember!

Sarah’s pov
“No one knows till now, that I’m a baddie!” “Hahaha!” “I want to see their shocked faces, when they will know the real me!” “I hope my plan works out, cause Sheesha is looking after the other world, so I can plan my real game for the Maheswari’s and Gadodia’s, I’m just using Sheesha for my own means!”
“Hahhaha!” “She thinks, that I’m helping her, but she doesn’t know that guy, she loves, loves me!” “Hahahah!”
End of her pov

Flashback of Sarah + first meet with MT and AT and her pov
At that time I was together with Jack, but I never loved him, I just wanted his money, but then I saw him, Mr. Alec Tomson, the step bro of Jack, so I pretended like I was falling down and Alec came and saved me, then his father came and we all started to talk. Alec and I planned to get married!
End of the flashback, the first meet and her pov

MT and AT’s scene
“I hope that Sarah comes and gets us out of this cell!” Alec said and Marc was nodding with his head postively! “Guys I’m here!” So she opened the locked cell with the keys she took from a guardian of the cell, cause she killed him. “Aww, baby I missed you!” Alec said, while he kissed her passionatly and she answered back: “I missed you too!” At first they went to the other dimension to kill two people, then thay went back to their dimension.
End of their scene

So now we are going to the other dimension to see, who they killed and these people were Tanveer and Malika.

MalVeer’s death scene and Author’s pov
MalVeer went out for a walk, but they didn’t know, that the danger was behind them. They were laughing, planning and talking, what they will do for their child. Then Sarah ran, she stabed Malika at first, then Tanveer, until both of them died holding hands, they both were lost in to eachother that they even didn’t realise that someone was behind them. Another story ended with a sad ending. Then SahLec and Marc went back to their dimension
End of their dead scene and author’s pov

So guys this is the end of this story with another sad ending!

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