Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 30: The powers!

Episode 30: The powers!

So guys this Episode will be about the powers of all characters and this one will be before our heroes and heroines were born!

Author’s pov
Ragini’s power
She has the power to shield the people, that she loves from her enemies or from anyone else. She has the powers in both dimension. She is mated with Sanskar. Her powers will get stronger, when she will turn 25 or when Sanskar is connected to her, then their powers are very strong, she feels what Sanskar feels and she knows what he thinks as well. Her power will be seen in Why Me? Season 2, so that will be very soon. She can’t die. She is played by Tejaswi Prakash Wagyankar

Sanskar’s power
He has the shieldingpower as well as Ragini. Mated with Ragini. His powers are only strong, when his heart and mind is connected to Ragini, so he knows about what Ragini thinks and feels. His powers are gonna get stronger on his 25th birthday. His power will be seen soon in Why Me as well. He can’t die. He is played by Varun Kapoor

Laksh’s power
He has the power to change places. He is mated to Swara. His powers are stronger, when he is connected to Swara, so he knows what she thinks and he feels what she feels. When he will turn 25, his powers will get more powerful. The power of Laksh will be seen in Why me soon. No one can kill him, cause he can’t die. He is played by Namish Taneja.

Swara’s power
She has the same powers as Laksh. Mated to Laksh. At her 25th birthday her power will get stronger. When she is connected to Laksh, then her powers are stronger than usual. She will never die, cause if you try to kill her, then ahe will come back to life! She is played by Helly Shah

Fizzo’s power
Her power is water, so she can controll whatever the water can do, she can controll the rain, like how powerfull it should be and on who it should fall. She is connected to SK akka Sidharth Khurana and mated to him as well. Her powers will get more powerful, when she turns 25. She will be played by Silent-writerr

SK akka Sidharth’s power
He has the same powers as Fizz. When he will be 25 his powers will get stronger. He is mated and connected to Fizzo as well. He is played by Sisharth Malhotra

Ashnoor’s power
She has the same power as FizzHarth, but she controlls the water differently then them, like she can dominate the tsunami, wherever it should create problems and on who. She is mated with Shahid akka ShK, connected to him too and when they are together they are more powerfull. She will get all her powers when she turns 25 like the rest. She is played by Nisnav

ShK akka Shahid’s power
He has the same powers as Fizzharth and Ashnoor, but he dominates the same powers as Ashnoor, so he is stronger, when his connected to her, cause he is her mate. Like the others, when he turns 25 his powers will be more stronger than now. He is played by Shahid Kapoor

Crazy akka Sam’s power
She has the power of the earth, that means that she can dominate an earthquake, she is mated and connected to AK akka Armaan Khurana, at that time she is more dangerous for her enemies. Her 25th birthday will be special for her, cause her powers will be stronger. She is played by @Amkideewani akka me

AK akka Armaan’s power
He has the same powers as his mate Sam and he is connected to her as well, so he knows everything about her, whenever he is connected to her, his powers are stronger. On his 25th birthday, his power will be more powerful. He is played by Armaan Malik?

She has got the earth power as well, but she can control the global warmth, wherever she wants to. She is connected and mated to VK akka Varun Khurana, so together they are strong. She will get more powerfull, when she will turn 25 years old. She is played by SriAastha

VK akka Varun’s power
He has the same power as Astha, cause she is his mate and they are connected to eachother as well. His powers will get stronger soon, when he turns 25 years old. He is played by Varun Dhawan

Sinzo/TiK and Jazzy/RK’s power
Their power is wind,but the wind power doesn’t have many special effects, so the two couples are respectivatly connected and mated. When they will be 25, they will be more powerful. Sinzo is played by Sinzo, TiK is played by Tiger Shroff

Jazzy is played by 123jazzyk  and RK is played by Ranbhir Kapoor

Malika’s power
She can controll the heat of the fire, that means, if someone burns a whole building down, she could make the fire to cool down. She is mated to TK and connected to him as well, both together are very dangerous. In five years, she will be more powerful. She is played by malika3105

TK akka Tanveer’s power
He had the same power as Malika, like I said they are very dangerous together. In 1-2 years he will be more powerful. He is played by Tanveer jeeju akka Malika di’s husband

Nidhi’s power
She can dominate volcanos, so she can controll, when it should errupt and where. When she is together with her mate and is connected to Imran as well, thwn they are very dangerous. In 4 years, she will have all her powers. She is played by nidz_055

He has the same powers as Nidhi, so both of them together are very dangerous. In a few years he will have all his powers. He is played by Imran Khan

Diya’s power
She has the power of light, her mate Aryan will have the same power as Diya. She is played by DiyaDC9

Fairy’s power
She has the power of happiness, the same will be with her mate Sameer. She is played by fairyFARII

Ruch’s power
She has the power of time change, like her mate Ranveer can do that too. She is played by LonelinessAbides

Halima’s power
She has the power to change the color of the oceans and her mate Abhimanyu can do that too. Played by Hxl1m4

Cutie akka Rumana’s power
She has the power ti change the worlds her mate Raj has the same power as her. Played by cuteangelzaya

Lisa’s power
She can change the moods around, her mate Aakash can do it too. She played by lisakhan625

Kia’s power
She has the power to change the weather and her mate Yuvi is able to do it too. She is played by KiaraSaleema

Chandni, Shanaya, Hina are witches, so they can do anything, they will be in this story for few days, but will be more in Why me, so their Intro will be done in Why me? Season 2. Chandni is played by Chandni, Shanaya is played by shiniyi and Hina is played by Hina_shah
End of the author’s pov


Abhimanyu Malhotra he is 18 years old, a flirt, handsome, caring towards his siblings, but for the world he is arrogant. A chemistry student in his 3rd year. Played Sidharth Gupta

Aakash Malhotra 23 years old, caring towards his brothers, the world knows him like that only, a simple man, non identical twin brother of Aryan,doesn’t believe in love, but soon he will believe in it. A businessman by proffession. Played by Arjun Bijlani

Aryan Malhotra he is 23 years old, non identical twin of Aakash, is the total opposite of Aakash, he is caring, but the world thinks the same about him like they think about Abhimanyu. He is a journalist by proffession. Played by Pearl V Puri

Sameer Malhotra 24 years old, the eldest of the brothers, he is handsome, he is the most caring man, prefers truth over lie. He is a lawyer by proffession. Played by Karan Tacker

Ranveer Malhotra 20 years old, a perfect guy for anyone, so many girls have crush on him, but he isn’t ready for commitments or a relationship with a girl. He is an actor by proffession. He is played Avan Jogia

Raj Malhotra he is the oldest of his brothers he is 24 years old like his cousin Sameer, his brothers are Ranveer and Abhimanyu, but everyone calls them the M bros, cause everyone is equally loved by their parents, their uncles and aunts. He is caring, hotheaded, so he is an angry young man. He is an policeofficer by proffession. He is played by Mahesh

Yuvi Malhotra he is 19 years old, he is cute, handsome, a flirt. He is a lawyer student in his first year. He is played Yuvraj Thakur

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