Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 29


Episode 29

The scene starts with the boys, who have got a punishement

Tanveer went to the mall to buy a make up kit, shoes, bags and a nailpolish for Malika.

Imran went to the mall too, but he had to buy a dress and it’s matching jewellery for Nidhi.

The dress for Nidhi


Now to the guys who have to do household chores for their ladies in the kitchen

The scene starts there and the convo between Ranbhir, Sidharth, Varun and Tiger
“Tiger can you please pass me the bottle of oil!” Sidharth asked him. “Yeah, sure!” Then he passed the oil to Sidharth. “Guys we have to cook great food, that the girls will accept us!” Varun said. “Yes, I have to or Jazzy won’t forgive me.” Ranbhir said. “Hahahhahaha, good luck guys in cooking for your ladies!” Shahid and Armaan said, while giving HiFi to eachother. “Why didn’t you both get punished?” Tiger asked them. “Cause I flirted with Ashnoor.” ShK answered back and AK answered: “cause I kissed the queen of my heart!” “Oho, we tried to be romantic, but what did we get?” “Punishement!” They said and HiFived again. “When will we get our food!” Jazzy, Aastha, Fizzo and Sinzo shouted. “It will be ready in few minutes!” The boys shouted. “Ok!” The girls shouted.
End of the kitchen scene

The food testing scene
At first Sinzo tasted the food, which TiK made and she was like: “the food is….” “How’s the food?” Asked an eagerly waiting Tiger. “The food is fantastic!” “Yippie!” “But, now you have to clean the kitchen!” “Ok, boss!” TiK said and went back to the kitchen.

Now it was Fizzo’s turn to taste the food, at first she made faces like it wasn’t good and Sidharth asked her: “how is it?” “It’s so tasty and now your second task is to clean the bathroom!” “Ok, mam!” SK said and then he went.

Jazzy started to taste RK’s food and then she said: “what’s that, it doesn’t taste of anything!” “I will try the food!” He said, the tried it and said it’s good Jazzy!” She ate the leftover food of his hand and said: “yes, you are right!” “What’s my next job?” “You have to wash my clothes!” After he knew about his next work he went to do it!

At last but not the least Aastha tasted the food made by VK! She started to eat the food and her eyes nearly poped out and she had tears in her eyes, cause the food was very spicy!” “Here, drink this!” VK said, while he gave her a glass of water!” “The food is amazing, but to spicy!” “I’m sorry Aastha!” “It’s ok andd your next work is to massage my head!” Then both of them went to her room
End of this scene

Meanwhile the parents were disscussing how to tell their kids about what they really are, but then the Maheswaris and Gadodias from the other dimension came to tell them about the danger, which is coming, so they need to get RagSan, SwaLak and the K bros + the masked angels married, if they want to stop the two witches! “So, how will we get them married?” RP asked them and DP replied back: “at first tell them the truth and tell them that they have to get married today itself, cause the danger is nearing, that’s why they all are getting weird dreams, except for SwaLak and RagSan!” “Yes, we will tell them!” Janki said.
End of the convo of both dimensions

The parents went down and called everyone, after a few mins everyone came and asked: “what happend?” “I need to tell you guys something very important!” Sujata said. “What?” The rest asked her except for ShekJan and RP. “So we hid something from you guys, since a long time!” “What uncle?” DiRuFaiHalCut and the K twins asked. “You guys aren’t normal humans, but you are…” RP wanted to say it but Ashnoor cut his words with saying: “that we the masked angels are werewolves!” “Yes, you are and SwaRagSanLak are too, but K bros and twins are vampires and DiRuFaiHalCut are fairies like the M bros!” Janki said and the rest except for Ashnoor shouted: “what?” “That’s the truth and some danger is coming, so in making your powers stronger you have to get married.” Said Sujata while pointing at the masked angels, the K bros, Ragsan and Swalak. “So everyone of you should get ready!” Shekher said.
End of the convo

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