Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 27: Let’s start planning!


Episode 27: Let’s start planning!

Sanskar’s pov
“Guys what will we do, cause this time our plan has to work!” My darling Ragini said. “Yes, our plan will work!” SwaLak evilly said. “So, what’s your plan!” “We won’t tell you!” Laksh said. “That’s not fair!” I said. “Bhai, everything is fair in love and in pranking others.” My naughty sis said. “Please tell us or we will make your plan flop!” Ragini and I said together. “You won’t flop it, cause we will flop all of yours plan!” They said together, while Ragini and I made eyeconvo’s with eachother and then we started to tickle them. Muted for their awesome planning.
End of his pov

Laksh’s pov
RagSan went, I waited for a few mins, then I closed the door and Swara said: “good that we only revealed half of our plan!” “Yes, cause the other half is very naughty like us, am I right!” I said. “Yeah, right!” “All will be shocked when they will see our surprise!” My cute girlfriend said, while I laughed like an idiot: “hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhajajajajahahahhahahahhahahhaha.” Then she laughed as well: “hahahhahahahahhaj.” Our parents and Ragsan came and were shocked seeing us laughing like that. “Why are you laughing like that?” They asked us. “Cause our plan for our sisters and the K bros is mindblowing.” “I thought some mental people are in our house, so we all came!” ShekJan said. “Dad, thats not fair, we and mental no way.” I said, the rest started to laugh at me and Ragini di started to pull my cheeks.
End of his pov

Everyone went out of the room and the parents went to the study room to discuss something.

ShekJan and SujRam convo
“Someday we have to tell our children about what they really are and why they won’t get older than 25 years old, like the K bros and sis, the M bros and DiRuFaiHalCut.” They heard a flowerpot falling and knew that someone overheard their convo. “We will talk later!”
End of their convo

The masked angels came and pretended like they are angry at the K bros, they came as well and were acting like devdas or Majnu’s(like men, who are crazy in love).

NiMran scene
“Nidhi, I’m sorry I really love you, I can’t stand a day without you, what can I do for you that you will forgive me!” “Will you do anything for me IK?” “Yes, anything!” “Then you have to buy a dress and it’s matching jewellery and tomorrow I will give you another task!” “Ok, mam!” “That’s like a good boy!” His brothers were laughing their heads of like SwaLak, RagSan, ShekJan, SujRam, DiEuFaiHalCut, the K twins and the rest of the masked angels
End of their scene.

MalVeer scene
“TK leave me alone!” “No, I won’t, I want to do something for me!” “So I want a new make-up kit, shoes, a purse, a bag and new nailpolish!” “What so many things!” A confused TK said. “Yes, if you have a problem then you have to buy more things for me!” “No, I will do it!” “Tomorrow, you will do other jobs for me!” “Ok?” “Yes, that’s what I wanted to hear!”
End of their scene

VaStha scene
VK was dancing with Astha
to the song called Manma emotion jaaga re

goriya re chhoriya re
tera jalwa dekha to dil huaa Milkha
baDi tez bhaage re..
manma emotion jaage re
manma emotion jaage

o beautiful girl,
when I saw your style, my heart became like Milkha,
it runs very fast..
emotions woke anew in my heart..

dil jagah se hil gaya re
tukDon mein nikla re dil ka chhilka
tune phenka khaa ke re
manma emotion jaage re
manma emotion jaage

the heart moved from its place,
the skin of the heart came out in pieces (like that of some fruit),
you ate and threw it.
emotions woke anew in my heart..

saiyaan.. mera desi typical saiyaan
peepal ki ThanDi chhaiya
mein naache ta ta thaiya
thaiya daiya daiya

my beloved, my typical desi beloved,
the cool shade of Peepal tree,
he dances in that shade,
O my god..

o mere saiyaan, saiyaan saiyaan!
saiyaan.. saiyaan..

dil ki phansi hai naiyyaa majdhaar mein
sun le vistaar mein
ho luT gaya pyaar mein
ye to bata de mere jazbaat ka
itna kam raTe kyun hai tere bazaar mein

the boat of the heart is stuck in the middle,
listen to me in detail,
I have been robbed in love.
at least tell me why the rate of my love
is so low in the market of love..

karke vaada, kyun na aayi
huaa dil ka jagrata
halka-phulka sa dhokha kha ke
manma emotion jaage re
manma emotion jaage

even after promising, why didn’t you come
the heart had an all-nighter,
after being deceived a little,
the heart was full of emotions..

tu jo mila mujhe mohalle ke moD pe
express highway ke baaju wali roaD pe
badtameez gaaDi roki seeTi maari
mujhe chheDa kiya mujhko ishaara
ashleel aaDa teDha
dekha muDa baDha bola
lakht-e-jigar mast figure
aake idhar baiTh jaa
baaju waali seaT khaali, aaja baiTh!

when I met you on the turn of the street,
on the road next to the express highway,
the ill mannered one, he whistled after stopping me..
you teased me and signalled,
shameless, obscure,
saw, turned, moved ahead, said,
O piece of my heart, awesome figure,
come here and sit,
the seat next to me is free, come sit.

saiyaan.. mera desi typical saiyyaan
peepal ki ThanDi chhaiyyan
mein naache ta ta thaiya thaiya daiya daiya

mera desi typical saiyyaan
peepal ki ThanDi chhaiyyan
mein naache ta ta thaiya
thaiya saiyan saiyan thaiya

my beloved, my typical desi beloved,
the cool shade of Peepal tree,
he dances in that shade,
O my god..

“I won’t forgive you that easilly VK, you have to do some work for me, if you do it correctly then I will be ready to accept you!” “What do I have to baby?” “Never, ever call me baby again or else I will kill you!” “Ok mam what do I have to do for you!” “You have to cook my favourite food for me!” “What, you know that I can’t cook!” “Work is work my darling VK!” “Ok, I will do it only to please my princess.”
End of their scene

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  1. Sanswa

    Ohhh manma emotion jage re….??….loved it dea…thnxx 4 including dis song…its just ✊ rock

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot dear❤️❤️❤️
      I included the song, cause VK is actually VD

  2. Silent_writer

    Superbbbbbbbbb loved it

    1. AMkideewani

      Tysm my dear Fizz❤️❤️❤️

  3. Fairy

    super doooper awesome..wohooooo sammmy u jst nailed it!!!!goreya re 😉 mindblowng update my sweetest baccha 😉 keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety..love u soo much 😉

    1. AMkideewani

      Aww, thank you very much momsy, love my cuteness?????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Asra

    osam didi….. NiMran and MalVeer scenes superbbb didi… VaStha scene amazing didi…i loved it….i read thz update am laughing didi hahaha….superbbb superbbb superbbb superbbb didi.. love u alot didi…tkcr didi…

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much my dear choti, love you too❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Jazzy

    amazing my dear am ki deewani and everyone punishment was superbb

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much my dear Jazzu jaan❤️❤️❤️???
      More punishements are coming in their way????

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