Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 22: Torturing Alec Tomson??

Thank you Fizzo for the seducing idea for Alec?

Crazy’s pov
“The black one is nice!” Nidhi, Astha, Fizoo and Malika said. “The pink is superb.” Ashnoor said. Sinzo didn’t say anything, cause she was messaging someone. “I’m wearing the black one!” I said. The other’s said: The one, we all said, except for Ashnoor.” “Yes!” “Ok, it’s very beautiful, who did present this one to you?” “I gues someone, who stole our crazy’s heart.” Sinzo said. “It was Sujata chachi!” I said

We all got ready, the others used some make-up and I just used a little bit of lipgloss, without make-up. “Sam, you look like an angel.” The others said. “You guys don’t look less, you guys like the angel princesses.” I replied, while I was blushing.

Fizzo’s heels

Sinzo’s heels

J’s heels

Nidhi’s heels

My heels

Ashnoor’s heels

Astha’s heels

Malika’s dress and heels
Just imagine the heels as black

Afterwards we went to the jail, some people were lusting over us, but they didn’t know, who we are and what we do, we will toture all of them lusting pigs.

Malika’s pov
“Excuse me sir, where is the cell of Mr. Tomson.” Nidhi asked them, one of them was looking at her legs, she saw it and punched him in the face till he was black and blue.
J was very angry and said: “If you touch us or look at us lustingly, you will see, what we can do to you idiots, who rape innocent girls, now show us the way or you will see the bad side of me and the rest!”??? Everyone looked at them, like you are deadmeat. They showed us the way and one of them said: “Alec, when you are finished having fun with them, please leave them for us.” We smirked and said: “Yeah, you will be cut in very tiny pieces and we will feed you to the dogs.”

Alec’s pov
“Oh my my, they are f**king hot.” I thought to myself. “Oh, baby you are so s*xy.” Fizoo seducingly said. “s*xy, when are you going to remove your shirt?” J asked me with an very hot voice. “You surely look hot, without your shirt.” Sinzo said, while touching my chest and rubbing it seducingly. “Baby, please rest on the bed, I will blindfold you, then the fun will beginn.” A very s*xy Malika said. “Mr. Breathtaking hot, can I bring you a glass of wine.” Crazy said.

Crazy’s pov
I mixed a medicine in the wine, that he only will tell us the truth of his doings, which hurt other people. Ashnoor gave him the glass of wine and Nidhi made him drink it. He told us the whole story, about his plan, we sent the video to Sarah and Becca, later on they came as well and started to beat Alec and the rest up with ???? and??????. They were screaming like hell. Malika kicked them in the stomach, J punched them, Fizzo and Ashnoor hit them with karate moves, I threw at them food and drinks and Sinzo made them wear dresses. They looked like very ugly princesses.

After a while the police came and were shocked, they asked us, who we are, so we said, that we are the masked angels. They all were shocked. “What the f**king hell, they are b*t*hes, who name themselfs the masked angels.” An annoyed and angry Alec said. Astha slapped him very hardly and said: “You are gonna listen very carefully mr. Whorapeseverywomen or else we will in an cell, where you won’t see the daylight, so shut the f**k up.” Alec was perplexed, no one talked to him, like this before, ge wanted to open his mouth, so Malika pinched very hardly, he was crying very much, so that J said: “Crypappu2 can’t stop crying saala?????.” Crazy said: “He will cry forever saala!” The policemen, who we tortured said: “Please madams, forgive us!” “No, we won’t forgive you, what you did is disgustingly wrong, you guys will get your punishment.” Nidhi said. “You guys are very disgusting, why did you rape innoncent women and are you out of your minds.” Fizoo said. “I would loved to cut you guyses hands.” J went to Alec with a knife and wanted to cut his hands of, but he started tie up Crazy, but she kicked him, where it hurts the most, so he was crying in pain.

We hit them, till they were unconcious, so we took them to our special cell, where we locked them up, then we went to Meheswari Mansion.

ShekJan and SujRam were shocked seeing us alive, so they asked us if we really were nieces and we said yes, so they asked us if we wanted to stay the night at theirs and we said yes again. After dinner we showed them the video, they were very angry at Alec, so we told them, that we locked him in a special cell. They were realived and happy about it.

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