Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 2


Episode 2

Ragsan were discussing, how they will tell their parents about them not fighting anymore. “Miss angry bird it won’t work, they will never believe our story.” “They will mr. Idiot.” “How do you know that?” “I know our family very well.” “Ok, we will try.”

Swalak were laughing their heads of while listening to Ragsans conversation on their mobile, cause they hacked Sanskars phone. “Shona, you are a genious, how did you hack your brothers mobile?” “I hacked it with my laptop, while he was taking his shower, so I could write to him with an unknown number.” “You are awesome Shona.” “Thanks, Lucky.” “We should unlock the door of my sisters room.” Swalak unlocked the door and pretended to be shocked about what they saw. Swalak shouted: “What the hell, you guys are hugging eachother and not ripping eachothers head off.”

Flashback: “I can hear footsteps, so we should act like we are hugging.” End of flashback.

Thei parents came and asked who was shouting like an crazy person. “It was our devils Swalak.” Ragsan said. “You guys are so mean.” “We know that you are mean miss angry bird and your brother is nice.”Swasan said. “How dare you mr. Idiot.” Raglak said. All four of them started laugh like idiots.

“I think we are in a pagelkhana.” Janki said. “What, mom are you serious?” Raglak said. “Yes, she is right.” “Mom, not you as well.” Swasan said angrily. The parents knew that Ragsan are acting like they are friends.

Swalak and Parents meeting
“We have to do something to bring Ragsan closer.” Sujata said. “We are going to do a big prank on them, cause I know Sanskar bhai likes Ragini a lot.” Swara said. “It will be the biggest prank ever, that we have done.” Said Lucky. “Mom, I’m hungry can you please get me my vanilla ice cream. A hungry Swara said. “I’m coming with your ice cream.” Said Sujata. “Shona calm down, she will be here straightaway.” “Lucky, you know how much I love my vanilla ice cream.”

Sanskar brought Swara’s ice cream and said: “For my lovely sister.” “Thanks bhai.” In the ice cream chilli powder was mixed by….

Who did mix chilli powder in Swara’s ice cream and what will be her reaction?

Credit to: Crazygirl

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  1. Mugdha

    Lol..raglak bhai behen…? and swasan too???

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    What!!! swasan and raglak are bro-sis….ROFL..Seriously dear,you nailed it.Loved it.Waiting for nxt .

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    nice epi. funny to read.

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  6. ragsan scenes are nice

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    Loved it a lot xx.

    Also do you read my Fan-Fiction called Destiny Vs Love?

    Anyways Keep smiling like always aha.

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