Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 19 SahLec divorce?

Episode 19: SahLec divorce?

SwaRagSanLak convo
“We have to stop their divorce!” Ragini said. “But how?” A confused Sanky asked. “We have to make Sarah realise, what she did isn’t good and that she isn’t only hurting Alec, but also her dignity and her soul by selling her body to some bunch of idiots.” An very angry Swara answered back, which not only shocked RagSanLak, SujRam, ShekJan also SahLec, who heard Swara screaming, so Sarah screamed back at Swara: “I never ever loved Alec, but I love his brother Jack.” “Wtfh are you kidding me, first you marry one brother, with the other one, you are having an affair, sleeping with him and cheating on your husband, only for the sake of this shitty money, which you won’t take with you, in your grave!” “Have some shame on you woman, our dignity is our husband’s pride, but you won’t understand it.” “I bet this Jack is just using you.” A nearly exploding Swara said, her words gave a tight slap to Sarah and Sarah ran out of the house to her lover Jack.

But she was shocked about, what she saw and heard: “Babe, why are you still having this fake affair, with that stupid witch Sarah.” “Cause, she thinks that I love her, but my darling, I only love her and your body, I’m just using her like I’m using you, because I wanted her body so desprately like yours and you know that I can have every girl that I want in my bed, for tonight you are the girl I want in it. Jack said, while he was kissing the neck of that very stupid cow, she didn’t know what he said and that he is a player, cause he drugged her up, that she isn’t in her senses and what happend next you guys can imagine.

Sarah was very heartbroken, cause the guy she loved only wanted an one night stand with her, cause he wanted his needs, dessires and his lust over her body to be satisefied. She ran back to her family, who were shocked to see her crying very much.

Sarah’s pov
“Swara, you are right he was just using me!” I apologetically said. “How, do you know that?” A concerned Swara asked me. “Cause I heard him talking to some orher woman and doing the same to her like he did to me.” I said normally. “So he is a player!” A shocked Alec said, cause he didn’t know about his younger brother’s doings. “We have to do something, that he confesses, that he’s using so many women.” A revengeful Sarah said. “Yes, we have to change him or he will regret what he did in the future.” A thoughtful Alec said. “Jeeju, you didn’t know about your brother?” A very confused Sanky asked. “I’m very shocked to hear, that about my bro and I’m ashamed to call him that.”

Jack’s pov
“You guys really think that I’m a player, yes I am, but it happend after my so called brother got married to the love of my life.” “Yes you guys heard it right.” “Yes I loved her then, I love her even now and I will always love her.” “He made me, what I am now, I hate him.” I said to myself, until someone broke my selftalk. “Babe, come back to bed, we still have an unfinished business to do.” This stupid chudhail said, while trying to seduce me. “We are already finished, now get ur ass up, get out and do not contact me anymore.” “But you liked what you saw.” “No, I didn’t, I never will like it and now get the hell out from here.” “Yes, I will go, but if my boss hears, what you did, he will rape, the girl you always loved or did he already touch her, without her consent.” My angerlevel reached that hight, that I just kicked her out of the house and threw her clothes at her. She stared at me like, I won’t be alive that long, cause of her or her so called boss, but I recorded everything and sent it to the woman, I love to make it clear to her that, I only love her and I hope she believes me.”

Sarah’s pov
An unknown number send me a video. I watched the video, it shocked me and Swara as well. It was clearly seen that Jack only loves me and he became a player after my marriage with Alec, but I don’t think, that its Alec’s fault.” “He loves you very much.” “But I think, that destiny chose Alec for you, but it is your decision and choice, who is the right partner for you!” An very thoughtful Swara said. “Yeah, I need to sleep over it, in a few days, I will personally tell you my decision.” I said to her. “Choose wisely!” That was her last words, before she left. I really love Shona a lot, I used to be like her, but after I got married everything changed in my life!

Flashback still Sarah’s pov
A day after marriage, I was sleeping till someone……

I know I cut on the interessting part, but next epi will continue with the flasback.

Who is the boss of that woman?

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