Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 18


Episode 18: Partytime

The houses were very beautyfully decorated for the party, one house was decorated by Ragsan and the other by Swalak.

Mr and Mrs. Tomson(both are a few years older than SwaRagSanLak) were awestruck by the beauty of both houses.

Meheswari Mansion was decorated by Ragsan pic

Gadodia Mansion was decorated by Swalak pic

Mrs. Sarah Tomson was looking mindblowing in an indian dress

Swara’s gown was perfectly complimenting her

Ragini looked like an actress in her gown

Every guy was staring at SwaSahRag, which made SanLakAl(Al for Alec Tomson) mad and jealous, but they controlled it and then they asked their betterhalfs, if they would like to have a dance with them the girls resp. Said yes!

First to dance were SahLec, they slowly danced on the song: Bol do na zaara

Then Ragsan danced sensually on: Bolna

And at last but not at least Swalak danced very romantically on: Sab Tera

After they finished everyone was clapping very loudly, even their parents, before they made the announcement of getting Swalak and Ragsan married in few months and Sarah as well as Swasan were shocked, but happy, when they came to know that they are cousins, Sarah is the daughter of Sujata’s sister.

SwaSah convo
“Welcome to our family!” “Thanks you too Shona.” “So, how did you meet Jeeju?” Swara asked, cause she was interessted. “We met a year ago in New York and it was love at first sight for me.” “We used to always collide with eachother, fight with eachother and play pranks on one another.” Sarah aswered the question. “Wow, you guys are a combo SwaRagSanLak.” “Why?” Sarah asked unsurelly. “Cause RagSan always fight with one another and Lucky and me always play pranks.” “That’s incrediably,mindblowingly, amazingly crazy my dear sis!” “Yes, we all are unique, in our own way.” “Congrats, you are getting engaged in two weeks, we have shop a lot with Ragini bhabhi.” “That will be fun us three girls going in a shoppingspree.” “If you guys, go to the shoppingmall, we guys are dead.” SanLakAl said together.

They got a killer look back from the girls, which they knew, that the girls are angry at them, so they started to sing, dance and playing the guitar and other instruments.
SwaSahRag tried to stay angry, but they couldn’t, cause their boys are very good musicians.

The guests were enjoying the party a lot.

Every businesspartner and employee were congratulating them for their marriage, wished them an happy married life, which is a blissful, full of Love, togetherness and with ups and downs. SwaRagSanLak were very touched by the words, that they didn’t know, how to say thank you, then they together said: “Thank you very much, we wish you the same and an happy life with your loved ones and we all are a big family, love you guys!” “Love you too!” Everyone else answered back. “Let’s Party!” SahLec said.

They partied like wild annimals and went to sleep at 7:00 am. All three couples had an hangover.

SahLec scene
We woke up and Sarah asked me: “What heppend and why don’t we have clothes on?” “We had an hot consumation of our marriage, my darling wife.” “What, but how, we don’t even love eachother.” That, what she said hurted Alec a lot, cause he loves her unconditionally without any expectations that she will love him someday, but she always cheated on him with his own brother or ex business partner, hoping that she someday realises about his feelings about her. “Sarah always uses me for her own needs, cause my brother wasn’t here she drugged me that she had her one night stand, for tonight and I fell for her trap.” Alec thought for himself

SwaLak scene
“I think we slept with eachother.” Swara said. “No we didn’t we just kissed eachother wildly like RagSan, but SahLec have slept qwitheachother.” “Let’s go listen to their convo.” We went and listened something that shocked us.” “Why did you cheat on in the first place, if you don’t love me?” An hurt Alec asked Sarah. “Cause I love your brother, I only married you for your money, nothing else and I will always betray, I hate you Mr. Alec Tomson and I want to Divorce you.” Angrily Sarah answered back, but she didn’t know that SwaLak were listening to their conversation. Swalak went away.

SwaRagSanLak convo
“What, she is just using Jeeju?” “Yeah, she is.” SwaLak answered together, while they showed them the recording.”

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