Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 17


Episode 17: Special epi

Swalak were really upset with their brother and sister repectivetly Swara was angry on her bro Sanky and Laksh was angry on his sis Ragini, but our angry birds knew how to cool down our Swalak, if Swara cools down, then Laksh will imediatly stay cool like his crazy Soulmate.

Ragsan convo
“Jaan, I have to get more ice cream or Shona will stay angry with us for the rest of our lives.” Sanky said to Rags while kissing her cheeks. “I will wait in the kitchen for you.” Ragini answered back. Sanky went and came back really quickly. Then both went up to Swalak.

SwaRagSanLak convo
Swalak were sitting like statues with?face and weren’t even looking at RagSan. Sangini want their pranksters back, who would laugh a lot, making jokes, their naughtiness and eat Popcorns or ice cream whenever they would fight.
“My dear princess Shona, will you forgive us, for our mistake, I can’t see you in pain or when you are angry, because of us, we bought a present for you to tell you that we are sorry and it comes from the bottom of our hearts!” Sanskar said, while speaking for himself and his miss. Angry bird. “Hey and what about me, you bought a present for Shona and what did you bring for me?” A complaining Lucky asked. “Your present is Shona’s smile.” Ragini answered back. Swalak forgave their siblings. The whole conversation was heard by the parents, they came in, said sorry to all of them and said: “We want you guys to get married soon.” “Ok, but after cracking the deal of tomorrow with Mr. Tomson.” After that they all went to sleep, cause tomorrow is an important day.

The next day
They got ready for the big day, took some snacks with them, made the meetingroom ready and prepared their speach for the presentation, slowely the time came for the arrival of Mr. Tomson and their presentation. The receptionist called SwaRagSanLak that Mr. Tomson arrived.

All of them went to welcome him, then they went up, started the presentation, Mr. Tomson was very impressed and said: “From now on we are Partners.” “We would like to invite you to our party, there will be some special annoncement. Laksh said. “I surely will come with my wife to your party.” “Awesome.” SwaRag said together. Mr. Tomson went to his hotel, to tell his wife that they’re going to a party of his businesspartners, so they should get ready soon.


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