Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 16


Episode 16

The parents checked their insta every hour, they already got over 20’000’000 likes(2 dislikes)* and over hundred comments like. “Cuteness overloaded.” “Hot and hapening couple, from friendship to love(Swalak) or from Tom and Jerry to love(Ragsan).

*the people who disliked it, were 2 women, who were crushing on Sanlak resp. Sanskar and Laksh, but Sanlak only had their eyes for their Ladies.

Swalak scene

Swara woke up at first, checked her whatsapp, where all employees of both companies asked, if she and Laksh are together and about Ragsan. “Laksh wake up all of our workers know about us and them!” “But how Shona?” “Could be that our parents posted it somewhere about it.” Swara was blabering and Lucky looked towards her with love(and an imaginary song started to play).

2x Tu ne mera dil ko churaya bina kisi matlab ki, tu hi meri dhadkan ho aur meri Jaan bhi.

Jaan, tu hi meri inspiration ho

Tere bina main kuch bi nahi hoon, main sirf tere liye meri Zindagi jee raha hoon aur tere liye marrunga bhi.

2x You stole my heart without any means, you are my heartbeat and my soul as well.

My dear you are my inspiration

Without you I’m nothing, I live my life only for you and only will die for you(I’m sorry guys, cause I’m not any songwriter, so the song will be not as awesome, like songs from Armaan Malik).

“Hello, Lucky are you listening to me?”

Ragsan were laughing their heads of seeing how much Lucky is in love with his Shona. “Why are guys laghing, you won’t laugh any more when you see this.” An annoyed Laksh said.

Picture of Swalak same front pic

Picture of Ragsan imagine them hugging

Ragsan’s face expression changed from laughing to angry birds face, cause they thought it was some prank of Swalak, so they started shouting at them, suddenly their parents came and said that it was their fault, so they shouldn’t shout at Swalak like that.

Swalak went away, cause they were upset with Ragsan and their parents.

Ragsan convo

“We shouldn’t have gotten angry at them, it wasn’t even their fault.” Sanskar said while they were going to Swalak to say sorry.

This song suits the situation♥

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  6. Superb superb and soo sorry for late reply. I really love your ff it was marvellous. Wow. ND update soon.

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