Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 13


Episode 13

“They look like a newly wedded couple.” Twiraj answered Mehbeer, while shocking Ragsan even more. “I’m going home, I’m not feeling well.” “I’m coming with you Shona.” “Oho, you started allready with Shona, Hona.” Sanskar teased Laksh. “We’re going, bye!” “Bye, have fun guys.”

Swalak’s convo
“Our friends are so annoying!” “Calm down, Lucky!” “I’m sorry, Swara.” “It’s allright, I love you mi amor=my love.” “Love you to my princess.” “We have to tell our parents about us and the rest.” “Yeah, we can talk to them now, cause we are here.”

Parents and Swalak meeting number 2
“You guys seem very happy!” Janki said while she was looking at them. “Yes, we are, cause we are dating since today, Mehbeer confessed their feelings as well and Meher is pregnant, Twiraj are also together and the last but not least Ragsan are dating since a month.” Swalak said together. “Sanskar and Ragini are what?” The parents were shocked and Swalak again. “Yes, they are dating, but please pretend like you guys don’t know anything about us dating and as well as Ragsan are.” “And when they tell you guys that, you will act like you are surprised.” Swalak told their parents according to their plan for their prank.

Ragsan’s convo
“Somethings fishy, I think that Swalak told our parents about us.” Sanky said, cause he very well knows his BFF and sis. “No, I don’t think so my darling, cause Swara wasn’t well, you could see that she was very pale.” Ragini dissagreed to Sanskar. “Yeah, you are right.”
“I know, mr. Idiot.” “Miss angry bird you are wrong.”

“Now, they started again.” Twiraj said to Mehbeer.

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