Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 12

Episode 12

“Why are you guys laughing like that, we thought you guys fell asleep.” “You guys wanted to get us drunk, but you guys failed like always.” Swalak said together. “How did you guys know about our plan.” The rest asked them.

“Shona the ice cream smells like alcohol is in it.” “Yes, Lucky it’s in it, I heard the girls talking about it.” “We could change the ice cream and act like we are drunk.” End of flashback.

Ragsan said together: “You guys should concentrate more about our company then playing pranks on everyone all the time.” “Yes, master jis.” Swalak answered back. Twiraj and Mehbeer were laughing like hell with Swalak, Ragsan were making angry faces at them, all knew that they have to run, cause a very big volcano is going to errupt.

Swalak scene
Laksh was holding Swara’s hand asked her may I dance with you before our angry birds come. “Yes, you may.” Swalak were dacing pasionatly on Main hoon hero tera(Armaan Malik version, cause it’s my fav. Version). In the end of the dance they kissed eachother very passionatly.

Ragsan were shocked, but happy seeing their siblings love towards eachother. They hugged eachother until Mehbeer interupted them and Swalak as well, Swalak were emberassed, but the others teased them till both were red like tomatoes. “Aww, our Swalak look like tomatoes or Roses, what do you think Twiraj?” Mehbeer asked them.” “They look like….”

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