Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 11

Episode 11

“Why am I thinking about you? Why did you steal my heart? Why Am I crazy about you? Why do you still affect me? Why do I smile, when I see you? Why do I always look at your pic everyday?” “Why do I have a special name for you?” Guys who’s pov is this?

Ragsan’s pov
“We all were running after them, but when they stopped we pretended like we weren’t angry on them at all.” Mind talk between Ragsan: “Now, they will fall in our trap.” “Yahhhaahh.” “We can laugh at their faces when they’ll lose the first time in their lives.”

Swalak’s convo
“Laksh, Daal me kuch kaala hai!”
“Yeah, Shona I think they are taking their revenge on us.” “We can play the same game, as them.” “And even better then them.” Swara completed Laksh sentence.

All couple’s convo
“Lucky and Shona, we have a special surprise for you guys.” Mehbeer and Twiraj shouted together. “What’s our surprise?” Swalak pretended like they were excited for the surprise. Everyone thought that they are falling in their trap, but they didn’t know that Swalak were more intelligent then them in playing pranks. The girls took Swara with them and the boys took Lucky.

Swalak started to eat the vanilla ice cream, which the girls gave her and the boys gave him, slowly they were drunk and they told them that the prank they made was to say thank you to Ragsan for making them accept their hidden feelings for eachother.
The other started to hit their heads with their hands, when suddenly they heard Swalak laughing their heads of.

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